Masterful fakes or convincing evidence?

Keep in mind that the video below is full of supposably unedited footage of various incidents at peoples houses of poltergiest activity and demonic activity. There’s several pieces of footage that will show objects moving by themselves, caught on camera when noone was around. I will definitly say one thing: if these incidents were real, then all I can is, “wow!”. But, as with some of these supposed haunting cases…there are people out there that will go to great lengths to fake these type of cases just to gain fame.

Watch carefully from the minute points in this vid of 3:10 to 3:49 of this little girl at the table. Again, I’m not claiming this was real, watch carefully and draw your own conclusion here. One perticulary strange segment starts at time frame 5:31 to 7:18 and really does make you wonder about the validity of this one. Once again, watch it through and see for yourself. And keep in mind that this type of activity is very real too.

Ghosts and spirits and demons caught on video attacking people:

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