Ghosts, entities and real life hauntings

I’m a native upstate NY’er. All my life I’ve heard stories of certain places that had active ghost or paranormal situations. Other places I came to learn about later on were confirmed that those locations had verified activity and very rich history to support the claims. Here is a video of some of the locations from south of my area in NY state.

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Enjoy this video!

What Happened When We Visited a Haunted House in New York

From the Inside Edition youtube channel:

The latest cryptozoological and monster hunting news

For all of the Crypto fans out there, here’s a very good episode of the latest Cryptids from CFZ.


The latest episode of our monthly webTV show from the CFZ and CFZtv, bringing you the latest cryptozoological, and monster hunting news from around the world.

This episode brings you:

CFZ in spring
India expedition bone test results
British big cats test results
Conservation lake at Walland Farm
Sea eagle mystery
Fixing the lawn
Building a catfish
A fantastic freak show (warning: possibly not suitable for youngsters)
Repairing a sea monster
Corinna looks at out of place birds
New and Rediscovered: New albatross
New and Rediscovered: New fish
New and Rediscovered: New frog

Paranormal radio

If you’re like me, you most likely have a radio station streaming while you’re working on the PC or browsing the web. Here’s a very cool site for online radio stations streaming, on demand or otherwise. The signup is free and it lets you save your presets for easy bookmarking of your fav stations.

The paranormal selection is not too bad, but could use a few more selections. The link goes to the paranormal selections, but definitly check out the rest of the site for jazz, world music, metal and a lot more.

The link:


An interesting idea indeed

Since I try to approach any paranormal story, documentary etc., with skepticism…and not just blindly believe anything and everything, I wanted to post this link to a pretty interesting documentary I found at a site (which you’ll enjoy browsing through the rest as well). I’m sure you have all heard of the name David Icke. Watch this and draw your own conclusions as to how valid this really is.

Click on the link and watch the doc. and again, keep an open mind at the same time. I am not promoting this documentary or ideas or claims in any way. This is a documentary with information that has both captured my interest and may well do so for you.

The link: David Icke – Was he right?

End of days for humanity?

While I’m not going to start stocking up on dried foods and water just yet, just because I think the world’s coming to and end not long from now…but you can watch the video below and see for yourselves. Sure, we are in a turbulent time right now in history. But since when has humankind not ever been in a turbulent time? Face it, humans have the propensity for aggression. We have always in one form or another, warred after what we have wanted to posses. So therefore, the entire idea that some prophets had just used a little fore-thought and had foreseen some bleak ending due to our own aggressive tendancies, is not too far fetched.