You can report your encounters in complete anonymity.

– If you would like me to be able to contact you about your encounter, you can provide me with contact details.
– Any information you provide will always be treated with the strictest confidence and security.

Contributors Wanted!
Writers may regularly submit their work on a variety of subjects to gain exposure for themselves as experts in their fields (UFO’s, ghosts, cryptids etc.). No defamatory, obscene, or malicious material may be submitted. Please include a sample of your work copied-and-pasted in your email. Or, point to a link on the Internet with a sample of your work.
Your articles will include your own by-line, biography, and photograph if you wish.

You retain the copyright for your articles and you may publish your articles with anyone else if you wish.

Your articles will be accompanied by a bio-box that can include a link to your website (if you have one) and email address for feedback about your articles.

You can write articles that include links to your favorite websites or refer readers to specified websites for further information.

To get started, contact the webmaster. Thanks!

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