Ghosts & hauntings

Some people have had that experience of feeling someone or something is there with them, but nothing and no one is around. You may have felt or heard something out of place when all seemed to be right. Was there someone or something there that shouldn’t have been possible? Our world is far more involved and complex, full of mystery and wonder than you suspect!

Have a place local to you or you have experienced a ghostly haunting? Send it in and it will be posted here in the ghost experience accounts section below. Check back here for new tales of hauntings and more.

Ghosts experience accounts

  • Early 2015, I was working in a small rural hospital. The hospital had a wing for regular patients and a wing for prisoners, who would be brought in from the prison that was located in the town. The hospital prison wing would only be opened and used if there were 5 or more prisoners admitted. […]
  • It's been awhile since I've shared anymore of my paranormal experiences, and have been meaning to write about another one of them. This is one that had happened to me when I was a child, so I don't remember a lot of details from it, but do remember the ones that I could never forget, […]
  • I was driving my side-car motor bike heading back home after a far trip far south. I rested in a camping field, seldom will I camp overnight, but that night I had to camp overnight since the engine of my motor bike was over heated. I got some sweet corn from the owner of the […]
  • After my older brother left around 2006, I transferred rooms to where his room became my room. For the first few months, it was nice having a larger room. Then one night, I awoke to the sensation of someone standing on my bed. I could feel a shifting weight to my lower left, next to […]
  • I had heard many stories about ghosts and haunting but this was the first paranormal experience of mine. The year was 2012. I used to live in Kharagpur, West Bengal with my husband and son. We had a government allotted bungalow. Let me give a detailed account of the bungalow as it is an importan…
  • I debated adding this, but I can't seem to stop thinking about it so… Just to catch you guys up real quick. The area I live in is one of the oldest in my country. The city I live just over the bridge from dates back to the late 1600s. The history of the region […]
  • This event happened this past Sunday I think (9-11-22) around mid-morning. I work part time at a local grocery store and I have only been here currently for 4 months. I was doing my normal routine at work, which comprises of mainly working with produce. I was walking towards the backroom o…
  • Man in a White Car There are times when all of us have passed through a gauntlet of trial and tribulation. We have become discouraged, broken-hearted, or not only disappointed in life but have peered beyond the precipice of despair to slip and fall into its depths… I am fortunate to have ha…
  • This happened in 2016 when I was in Kolkata. We (me, my husband and son) used to live in an apartment on the second floor of an old building near Hoogly river. Actually it was a government allotted place to my husband. It was a normal day for us. At night we went to sleep […]
  • This story is connected to my previous experience in the flat that I mentioned. I came back home after living there for 2 weeks and saw some things. Here are the experiences- 1. It was 1st day of my stay and I noticed that all the inner lock mechanism of my bedroom door was broken […]

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Hauntings & Haunted Locations

  • I once stayed in the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. In the middle of the night, I woke and saw a dark figure moving around the foot of my bed and coming up the gap between the twin beds. I hit the light, and there was a full figure of a man in a ’60s sports blazer with blood all over his face. I yelled ‘Go […]
  • Shaun submitted some comments about his hotel in real time….. He doesn’t tell us where he is staying but…. 20th September and I am staying in room 130. I was woken up during the night with the TV turning on by its self with the volume full on. I switched it off and again, later on, it did the same again. To be honest, I’m a […]
  • I lived in a lovely flat, on the coast of UK. I never had any problems with paranormal things there. But one night I woke up (which isn’t odd, I wake up most nights, instantly being very awake) so I needed to use the bathroom, which was across the square landing (that was totally empty) I did what I needed to, opened the bathroom door and […]
  • The post Is This Satan Hiding in Plain View in A Czech Church? appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
  • When I was aged around 13/14 I was very cruel to some defenceless creatures with a then childhood friend of mine. This cruelty actually caught the attention of Lucifer-the devil himself. I was in bed awake when I heard three taps mocking the holy trinity at my upstairs bedroom window. And there was Lucifer the devil himself staring through the window at me with curious interest […]
  • I used to live in a big Victorian era home, that was chopped into 4 apartments. There was a tenant living in the apartment right next to mine. She was a single mother with 3 kids. She was also addicted to drugs. After they moved in, I started waking up to the hat man shadow. He would be staring at me and usually went back to […]
  • I’ve had so many things of a paranormal nature happen to me over the years starting when I was a very little girl up until last year when I turned 60 years old. I don’t know if I’m sensitive to these things, whatever they are, or I’ve just lived in places where the activity was already there and I am tuned into it. The weirdest thing […]
  • I’ve only had two odd experiences (hat man shadow is one but that’s for another time) and this. This story is sad, but a little sweet too. I used to pride myself on being a hard ass skeptic but this changed me. I live alone. One day I was tidying up. I felt a small hand grip mine. I looked down and there was a little […]
  • Listen to my recent interview on The Paranormal Podcast with @THEJimHarold The post Liminal People appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
  • My 9 year old son and I were standing on a fishing dock at Lake Desoto inside hot springs village, Arkansas last Friday and we paused fishing to spot some bats with my light. In real time, I heard the “ha”, felt the breeze on my right ear and beard and then saw the volleyball size smoke/fog ring with a distinct trail. After watching the video […]
  • When James Wan’s The Conjuring released in 2013, it was met with a degree of fanfare and critical acclaim the likes of which a horror franchise hadn’t yet witnessed in the modern era. The widespread success of the first installment alone is thought to have single-handedly resurrected a number of other popular slasher and horror films for movie-goers to delight in. But despite such attempts, The Conjuring would always have one thing that […]
  • Slowly by surely, for the first time in documented history, the onus of responsibility to either prove or disprove the existence of the supernatural is changing course in favor of those open-minded members of our world daring enough to say that there is existence beyond our mortal realm. And while this progress is certainly reason for celebration amongst those in the paranormal community, it is also cause for concern. Like most facets of […]
  • The American northeast, being as secluded and relatively uninhabited as it is, has left its paranormal community with quite the burden to bear. Without many industrialists, they’ve witnessed the demise and decimation of countless historically haunted structures that otherwise may have had new life to them. They’ve grown increasingly small in number as the modern era pulls the region’s residents to the bustling hubs of the east and west coasts. And, perhaps the […]
  • The land on which the remnants of the Cresson Sanitarium now lay abandoned was once the property of Andrew Carnegie, one of the greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists to ever come out of the United States. Carnegie had planned on using this parcel of land to build a wondrous mansion for his aging mother. However, as…
  • As October begins to wind down, the spookiest time of the year is slowly ramping up, culminating in a festive and terrifying Halloween night. People are running around in creative costumes and the television seems to be playing a different scary movie on every channel. With a night as scary as Halloween, it’s only natural…
  • Floating off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina is an old World War II battleship that has been a site for paranormal activity since the early days of its service. Sitting at just over 728 feet long, this monster of a war ship is now a popular museum for visitors from all over the world.…
  • Sitting atop a bluff overlooking the Delaware River in New Jersey lies a ghoulish looking mansion. Peeling paint and wallpaper, damaged fireplaces, as well as creepy empty rooms are all that remain of this home and its rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. Stepping foot onto the grounds causes the hairs on the…
  • Across the nation, many of us are on lockdown due to COVID-19. But while most of us enjoy our Internet connections, comfortable homes, and maybe indulge in a little bit too much junk food, the residents on lockdown at Mid-Orange Correctional Facility did not have that luxury. The inmates locked within its walls were as…
  • There is something incredibly eerie about historical war sites. Standing at a location where thousands of soldiers fought and died can unsettle you to the bone. Knowing of reported ghost sightings in that area? That is just downright terrifying. Welcome to Gettysburg, a vicious three day battle fought during the height of the American civil…
  • If it’s not obvious to you by now, there’s something about penitentiaries that the team at Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by. We can’t seem to stop visiting these places and experiencing all of their paranormal activity for ourselves. The West Virginia Penitentiary is no different, and it’s one that we do love being able…

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