Ghosts & hauntings

Some people have had that experience of feeling someone or something is there with them, but nothing and no one is around. You may have felt or heard something out of place when all seemed to be right. Was there someone or something there that shouldn’t have been possible? Our world is far more involved and complex, full of mystery and wonder than you suspect!

Have a place local to you or you have experienced a ghostly haunting? Send it in and it will be posted here in the ghost experience accounts section below. Check back here for new tales of hauntings and more.

Ghosts experience accounts

  • 2011: Fatehabad Road: Agra: UP, India My third and last incident! Right or maybe I was wrong! After few harrowing experiences with the "Paranormal", I was tired by this time. I thought my internship time in Agra would be amazing. I would be away from that spooky hostel of mine. No! But I wouldn't g…
  • I have some concerns about some encounters I've had, so I'm posting here to maybe get suggestions? Let me tell you a little about me. I am a recently turned 16, but have been having things happen to me since I was about 5. I was raised religious, but I'm not all that religious anymore. […]
  • So, I have been making DIY Ouija boards for the past few years, to see if they do work and what would happen pretty much. A recent experience I had was a spirit that was passing by and I was trying to see if I could get them to talk through the ouija board I […]
  • Early in the year I woke to my son saying MOM in a urgent tone. His room is far enough away so I can only hear if he is inside or by my door. When I got up to see what was wrong, he wasn't there. Checked his room and he was asleep. Mentioned this […]
  • In July'2011, I had to move to Agra in Uttar Pradesh for my semester internship for five months. After going through some unnerving incidents in the previous year, which I already mentioned in my previous story, I had moved on. It started with this one small incident in the hotel itself where I …
  • This will be a quick and bizarre one. For better imagination of the situation, think of a rectangle, the living room is located at the West end while the extended outside kitchen is located on the East end of the house. One night last year, my family and I decided to karaoke after dinner. I […]
  • I had never been one of those people who believed in ghosts and spirits. I remain a skeptic. But I will be impartial that whatever weird and creepy incidences had happened with me, they were indeed precise. For all one knows my imagination merely encouraged the invisible entity which was around me a…
  • I have always felt the presence of spirits, they often come to me as a dream like vision while I'm awake but almost asleep. In my youth I got flashes of scary gory horrifying imagery then I would feel a presence. I learned to communicate with mental imagery and found if I allowed the spirits […]
  • This is the 1st time I'm sharing my story here. Someone helped me find this site and after some contemplation, I have decided to type this story here. The 2 incidents that I'm going to share took place some time ago now. I also have to let you know that I'm not the biggest believer […]
  • It was 11:00PM and I was home alone. A grown man, who has had several paranormal encounters, I don't scare easy. It's a normal occurrence for household items to disappear and later reappear. It's also normal for lights to flicker around me, regardless of where I go. I'm living in a home wher…

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Hauntings & Haunted Locations

  • In 2012, we moved across town into an older ranch-style home and the first night before we are moved in, my brother, slept there alone and told me the next day there was someone walking in the attic! At this time, I am in my thirties and trying to get back on my feet. I move home with my unemployed mom and noticed the walking noises […]
  • (Part 1 is here) Months later everything started to die down a bit. I was sitting at home by myself and I heard the bathroom water kick on and my hair stood on end as I knew my family wasn’t home, so I stood up and had to tell myself you have to find out why? I went in, turned off the water and left the […]
  • My paranormal experiences have been strange but scary and started at a young age, I was twelve years old when my first experience happened and it to this day continues now that I am thirty-six years old. The first night this happened, we were returning home from Mcdonalds and it was the first night I felt normal as my dad passed in front of me earlier […]
  • Around 2002, my husband and I were shopping for a house on Long Island in New York. One was over 100-years old. The broker unlocked the front door and we went in. It had two floors, but we could already tell the house wasn’t for us upon entering the first floor. We agreed to go upstairs and see the whole house, but we were only in […]
  • About five years ago I lived downtown in a major city in the US. I’ve always been a night person, so I would often find myself bored after my roommate, who was decidedly not a night person, went to sleep. To pass the time, I used to go for long walks and spend the time thinking. I spent four years like that, walking alone at night, […]
  • This was in South-Eastern Kentucky back most likely in the 1930s. People in the hills of Kentucky didn’t have modern conveniences like the rest of the nation had as there weren’t many roads for cars so everybody mainly walked or rode horses to get where they were going. This is how he told it:- When he was younger he would tie one on and ride home […]
  • I had a paper route when I was younger and delivered it to a lady named Margie. She was very old and lived alone, so I’d take the paper inside and check on her. One day, I went in and she was asleep on the bed, so I put the paper on the table and left. The next day, she was asleep again, and the other […]
  • I had moved to a new city and had found an apartment overlooking a nice street. That there was a graveyard right behind the house was something I figured much later. Anyway, this was a first-floor house with huge windows in the bedroom. The air was fresh and minty so I left the windows open at night. Right beneath my window, the guard of the building […]
  • Let me be the first to say this is going to be a long post. I wrote it as a means to, I suppose cope with all that was happening at the time, and while it is the high-lights of the insanity that happened. I think that I was genuinely being hunted or… haunted by something evil. Even worse, I wasn’t alone in witnessing this thing’s […]
  • A new audiobook will soon be available featuring many of the best stories from this website. Narrated by Darren Marlar of Weird Darkness, The Scary Best of My Haunted Life Too will soon be available in audiobook form to join the kindle and paperback versions. Darren is doing a scary preview of the book for his Patreon fans and has also released one of the stories […]
  • As October begins to wind down, the spookiest time of the year is slowly ramping up, culminating in a festive and terrifying Halloween night. People are running around in creative costumes and the television seems to be playing a different… The post 13 Spooky Halloween Facts and Stories Guaranteed to Send Shivers down Your Spine appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • Floating off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina is an old World War II battleship that has been a site for paranormal activity since the early days of its service. Sitting at just over 728 feet long, this monster of… The post The USS North Carolina Gives New Meaning to the Phrase “Ghost Ship appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • Sitting atop a bluff overlooking the Delaware River in New Jersey lies a ghoulish looking mansion. Peeling paint and wallpaper, damaged fireplaces, as well as creepy empty rooms are all that remain of this home and its rich history dating… The post What Would You Do for Haunted Ice-Cream? appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • Across the nation, many of us are on lockdown due to COVID-19. But while most of us enjoy our Internet connections, comfortable homes, and maybe indulge in a little bit too much junk food, the residents on lockdown at Mid-Orange… The post Go On Lockdown at the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • There is something incredibly eerie about historical war sites. Standing at a location where thousands of soldiers fought and died can unsettle you to the bone. Knowing of reported ghost sightings in that area? That is just downright terrifying. Welcome… The post Explore Gettysburg: The Haunted Battlefield Some Soldiers Never Left appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • If it’s not obvious to you by now, there’s something about penitentiaries that the team at Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by. We can’t seem to stop visiting these places and experiencing all of their paranormal activity for ourselves. The… The post West Virginia Penitentiary is not for the faint of heart! appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • The Missouri State Penitentiary isn’t for the faint of heart! There have been several notable inmates, including the assassin of MLK and a deranged serial killer who hanged himself in his cell. Here are 13 chilling facts about the prison’s… The post 13 Facts About the Missouri State Penitentiary appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • In the Old West days, the Montana Territory was a lawless place full of vigilante justice. That’s why, in 1867, the Montana Territory Prison was first built. Within just a month after it opened, the prison was overcrowded… and it… The post What’s in the Old Montana State Prison? appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • The holiday season is about enjoying time with friends, family, and loved ones. Unfortunately, not all our friends, family, and loved ones are still with us. There is, however, still a way to communicate with the non-living. Whether you want… The post 3 Ways to Communicate With Your Deceased Loved Ones This Holiday Season appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .
  • Like this:Like Loading… The post A Paranormal Investigation: The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, New York appeared first on Ghost Hunts USA | Ghost Hunting Events .

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