Ghosts & hauntings

Some people have had that experience of feeling someone or something is there with them, but nothing and no one is around. You may have felt or heard something out of place when all seemed to be right. Was there someone or something there that shouldn’t have been possible? Our world is far more involved and complex, full of mystery and wonder than you suspect!

Have a place local to you or you have experienced a ghostly haunting? Send it in and it will be posted here in the ghost experience accounts section below. Check back here for new tales of hauntings and more.

Ghosts experience accounts

  • 'What just happened?' these were the words I articulated when I happened to experience a moment of blissful air passing by, having chills all over my body. To start with, I go to college and as a student, I go to tuition after school most of the days of the week which sometimes causes me […]
  • I'm sorry if I don't express myself well in English. I've been noticing a presence for months. On Halloween I noticed how a presence entered my room and turned into a pole, exaggerated chills and then a sensation of heat throughout my body, like if I had fire around me but without pain. I…
  • In the late 1980s, our locality had a thin, but very brave watchman. He and his brother would watch the security of our houses at night. They both were honest to the core and bravest of the brave. Everyone in the locality loved them, especially that watchman. Although there were no such things a…
  • There is a neighborhood called Peaceful Valley not far from downtown Spokane, Washington. It is indeed a valley, in the lowest part of the city downstream from the famous "Falls" of the Spokane river. It was established in the late 1800's as an area of modest, small affordable houses built primarily…
  • My aunt on my father's side has resided in her current house for nearly the past thirty five years. The house is settled within a comfortable suburban neighbourhood just outside a highly commercialized area of Kingston, Ontario. Throughout most of the duration of her residency, all seemed peaceful a…
  • I wasn't going to write about this, but can't NOT, as I would love your input. This happened just last night at 3am almost exactly. My bedroom is just down a very short hall from the front foyer of our suburban home, which is in a very quiet subdivision in an ATL suburb. There are […]
  • Hey everyone. This incident happened to my family. Not sure if we can call it paranormal. It was in year 1987 at Yadgir in Karnataka. While I was part of the incident I was too young to remember. My mother narrated the incidents when I was older. The temple of Lord Malhari (an incarnation of […]
  • To start with, the following experience was in 2020. It was around 5pm and I was doing my homework. I was having difficulties in doing some of them, I asked my cousin to help me, which she did, and I still didn't understand, which made me super melancholy (I don't like asking for help and […]
  • I am Dimitry, and I would like to share my story with you. When I was 3 or 4 and sitting between my uncles on a sofa, there were 30 people at a party in the basement, and I saw through a small window that an axe was chopping wood in my garden. There was […]
  • This story is a short one from my past. A personal encounter that has stuck with me throughout the years and I recently talked about during my last Christmas trip to see my family. It's amazing what comes up when we sit around and talk about the past, with my family, inevitably ghost stories always […]

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Hauntings & Haunted Locations

  • My mom grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood and in the house she grew up in there where TOOONS of things that happened.  The very first night she slept at the house, she woke up with a horrible stomach ache and after a trip to the bathroom, she laid down back to sleep, she saw a black and white face with an evil smile starring […]
  • I might’ve been 4 or 5 years old when I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night while I was sleeping next to my mom. I usually wake up when I had nightmares as a kid. Oddly enough, I don’t remember having a nightmare that night—I literally just woke up for no reason, or so I thought. Now pretty much awake, I stared at […]
  • It was late at night and I was laying down to try and sleep. I had LED lights up on my wall that I was facing. — I need to add that I had my LED lights taped to the wall because they were always falling. So I do know what them just falling looks like.  I was watching the LED lights when out of nowhere […]
  • This happened when I was 11. I was staying at my dads house during the summer. It was about 4:30am so everyone else in the house was asleep. I needed to use the bathroom but the bathroom was at the end of a really scary dark hall so I didn’t want to. I eventually got up though and as I was using the bathroom someone suddenly […]
  • We (my fiancé, and our 7 year old daughter) stayed in Rydges Hobart in Jan 2004.  It was our first night in Tasmania, and we had absolutely no idea that there were stories of Rydges being haunted. The morning after our first nights stay, our daughter came into our room, and I asked how she slept and she said ‘great’. She then went on to say […]
  • Four years ago I was 22. I do a lot of various sports and used to switch from training for each one at different times so I was 275 and bulking to power lift at the time. The day was warm and largely uneventful. I was off work and had spent the day doing several work outs and eating in order to get in form. But […]
  • There is a place near my village that I am too afraid to visit at night. They say Old Monastery Pool is haunted and that this is the story which proves it. Just after the Second World War and with rationing still firmly in place, trading any extra food you grew or caught was near necessity. A youth in my tiny Nottinghamshire village known only as Young […]
  • One of my first ghost experience was when I was about 9-11 years old. A relative of ours has passed away, after she passed, her family had given me a dresser of hers, (she kept her stuff in immaculate condition). Well, when I was sleeping, I saw her standing at the foot of my bed. The next morning, I told my mom, she didn’t say too […]
  • We don’t usually publish fiction here but I will make an exception this once for this story by Mike Ricket and originally published here. By Mike Rickett Anthony Slim has always had a liking for local museums. They are usually quirky and full of curiosities that you would not find in the big city museums. He is wandering around a small museum in just three rooms […]
  • I grew up in an area that used to be a Pottawatomie Sioux and French fur trading village. This history is relevant. Outside of town, just down the road from my grandma’s house, was a clearing in the woods, on top of a hill, right near a spring. When I was a kid, my dad chose to situate a single-story ranch-style prefab house in that clearing, […]
  • When James Wan’s The Conjuring released in 2013, it was met with a degree of fanfare and critical acclaim the likes of which a horror franchise hadn’t yet witnessed in the modern era. The widespread success of the first installment alone is thought to have single-handedly resurrected a number of other popular slasher and horror films for movie-goers to delight in. But despite such attempts, The Conjuring would always have one thing that […]
  • Slowly by surely, for the first time in documented history, the onus of responsibility to either prove or disprove the existence of the supernatural is changing course in favor of those open-minded members of our world daring enough to say that there is existence beyond our mortal realm. And while this progress is certainly reason for celebration amongst those in the paranormal community, it is also cause for concern. Like most facets of […]
  • The American northeast, being as secluded and relatively uninhabited as it is, has left its paranormal community with quite the burden to bear. Without many industrialists, they’ve witnessed the demise and decimation of countless historically haunted structures that otherwise may have had new life to them. They’ve grown increasingly small in number as the modern era pulls the region’s residents to the bustling hubs of the east and west coasts. And, perhaps the […]
  • The land on which the remnants of the Cresson Sanitarium now lay abandoned was once the property of Andrew Carnegie, one of the greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists to ever come out of the United States. Carnegie had planned on using this parcel of land to build a wondrous mansion for his aging mother. However, as…
  • As October begins to wind down, the spookiest time of the year is slowly ramping up, culminating in a festive and terrifying Halloween night. People are running around in creative costumes and the television seems to be playing a different scary movie on every channel. With a night as scary as Halloween, it’s only natural…
  • Floating off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina is an old World War II battleship that has been a site for paranormal activity since the early days of its service. Sitting at just over 728 feet long, this monster of a war ship is now a popular museum for visitors from all over the world.…
  • Sitting atop a bluff overlooking the Delaware River in New Jersey lies a ghoulish looking mansion. Peeling paint and wallpaper, damaged fireplaces, as well as creepy empty rooms are all that remain of this home and its rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. Stepping foot onto the grounds causes the hairs on the…
  • Across the nation, many of us are on lockdown due to COVID-19. But while most of us enjoy our Internet connections, comfortable homes, and maybe indulge in a little bit too much junk food, the residents on lockdown at Mid-Orange Correctional Facility did not have that luxury. The inmates locked within its walls were as…
  • There is something incredibly eerie about historical war sites. Standing at a location where thousands of soldiers fought and died can unsettle you to the bone. Knowing of reported ghost sightings in that area? That is just downright terrifying. Welcome to Gettysburg, a vicious three day battle fought during the height of the American civil…
  • If it’s not obvious to you by now, there’s something about penitentiaries that the team at Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by. We can’t seem to stop visiting these places and experiencing all of their paranormal activity for ourselves. The West Virginia Penitentiary is no different, and it’s one that we do love being able…

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