Ghosts & hauntings

Some people have had that experience of feeling someone or something is there with them, but nothing and no one is around. You may have felt or heard something out of place when all seemed to be right. Was there someone or something there that shouldn’t have been possible? Our world is far more involved and complex, full of mystery and wonder than you suspect!

Have a place local to you or you have experienced a ghostly haunting? Send it in and it will be posted here in the ghost experience accounts section below. Check back here for new tales of hauntings and more.

Ghosts experience accounts

  • I've just joined this site and have really enjoyed reading some of the stories posted, so thought I would share one of my own. We moved into our current house in 2017 and right from the start we knew we weren't alone. At first we would hear footsteps, or catch a glimpse of something out […]
  • First thing's first, I would like to give a little personal background about myself. I'm a 15 year old girl, Muslim and a Pakistani. This is a real life experience that happened to me. It was night time, the time for me to go to bed. After brushing my hair and giving my reflection a […]
  • My husband Alan and I bought an old house outside of Murfreesboro, TN. We had to beg, borrow and nearly steal enough money to buy the property and hire the contractors to get the house habitable. We knew nothing of the history of the house, other than the fact it hadn't been lived in since […]
  • So I am back hello once again everybody. This is in kind of the same vein as my last story, as you can tell by the title, but this one is about my other grandma, my mom's mom. She died when my mom was 20 of ovarian cancer, so I never met her. So let's […]
  • I am avid reader to this website. First of all forgive my English grammar. I am from Chennai, Tamilnadu. I have had this experience for a very long time. I had a hallucination of some being pressing my right or left hand. And I am unable to move them at a particular time. And if […]
  • This is my 1st time writing a story on YGS. I will come to my story without wasting any time. I live in Bangalore, a metropolitan city in South India with my mom, granny and youngest uncle and aunt. My dad left me when I was a baby and my grandpa expired in 2019 due […]
  • In 1954, I was a 10 years old tomboy who likes to play rough games with boys and never afraid of anything. I lived in a small countryside town on the west side of the island on Kauai which is Kekaha-"ThePlace". My house was on the beachfront. I have many childhood playmates from next door […]
  • Atbara Street, Eindhoven, Cape Town. 15 September 2018 @ 00.05am My partner and I used to live with his daddy and 5 other siblings. Now this is an Rdp house (Reconstruction and Development Programme) which has only 1 room bathroom and lounge. They built on an extra 3 rooms. So the 2 younger sibl…
  • In the year 2000, I encountered Chicken skin experiences. I was a Secretary in the Employee Health Department at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. One day I had to retrieve a former employee record which is in storage on Tower 6th floor of the main hospital. The records are stored in boxes. U…
  • It has been along time since there has been any incidents in my home. Since my last entry many years ago things have been really quiet. It's almost like everything just stopped. Since my last entry there has been many changes in my life. Marriage, job, new family members, dogs… Something happened …

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Hauntings & Haunted Locations

  • Right after high school, my family and I moved around a bit. My father was a mortician and had gotten laid off. Ironic, huh? You’d think working with dead people would mean job security, but that hadn’t proven to be the case, seeing as my dad, being a passive guy, tended to get laid off more often than I’d have liked. Anyways, he finally landed a […]
  • This last weekend I was out dowsing Earth energy lines in and around Brno. A number of very strange things happened to me – synchronicities, coincidences and so on. I made an impromptu video about it. But the strangest thing was that I saw some very weird people and I want to see if you may have met these people on the edge of reality as […]
  • My name’s unique Olga, I’m from Port Harcourt, Nigeria and I have a really, really weird story to tell… It kinda was a paranormal sighting. Two actually… differ times of my lives. The first one I was around 12 or 11 years old. It was around midnight and I stood up to watch my regular TV. But I noticed something on my wall…It was a shadow…of […]
  • One month before my eighth birthday my twin brother was hit and killed by a car. It was a horribly traumatic time for my family. Years later ,I realized it also led to my first known paranormal experience. The day of the funeral is a blur mixed with very detailed memories. Watching my little black patent leather shoes landing on each step of the stool someone […]
  • A couple of months ago, my friend’s cousin (a single mother) bought a new cell phone. After a long day of work, she came home, placed her phone on the counter, and went watch to TV; her son came to her and asked if he could play with her new phone. She told him not to call anyone or mess with text messages, and he agreed. […]
  • I have been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 13 years. During this time, I have been to numerous locations where the activity was either low, high, or off the charts. On November 16th of 2016, I was asked by the owner of the defunct theme park, “Dogpatch USA” to investigate the parks former Administration Bldg as he had experienced voices, freezing cold wind in […]
  • I have lived it the same house since 1996, and it was built in 1987. Fast forward to 2006. Myself, my husband and our to kids lived a regular family life. No strange activity in our house, until the eventful day. It was evening and I was with my daughter in the kitchen, we turned off the lights and made our way to the staircase to […]
  • The post Talking Black Eyed Kids on California Haunts Radio appeared first on My Haunted Life Too.
  • In 2012, we moved across town into an older ranch-style home and the first night before we are moved in, my brother, slept there alone and told me the next day there was someone walking in the attic! At this time, I am in my thirties and trying to get back on my feet. I move home with my unemployed mom and noticed the walking noises […]
  • (Part 1 is here) Months later everything started to die down a bit. I was sitting at home by myself and I heard the bathroom water kick on and my hair stood on end as I knew my family wasn’t home, so I stood up and had to tell myself you have to find out why? I went in, turned off the water and left the […]
  • The land on which the remnants of the Cresson Sanitarium now lay abandoned was once the property of Andrew Carnegie, one of the greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists to ever come out of the United States. Carnegie had planned on using this parcel of land to build a wondrous mansion for his aging mother. However, as…
  • As October begins to wind down, the spookiest time of the year is slowly ramping up, culminating in a festive and terrifying Halloween night. People are running around in creative costumes and the television seems to be playing a different scary movie on every channel. With a night as scary as Halloween, it’s only natural…
  • Floating off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina is an old World War II battleship that has been a site for paranormal activity since the early days of its service. Sitting at just over 728 feet long, this monster of a war ship is now a popular museum for visitors from all over the world.…
  • Sitting atop a bluff overlooking the Delaware River in New Jersey lies a ghoulish looking mansion. Peeling paint and wallpaper, damaged fireplaces, as well as creepy empty rooms are all that remain of this home and its rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. Stepping foot onto the grounds causes the hairs on the…
  • Across the nation, many of us are on lockdown due to COVID-19. But while most of us enjoy our Internet connections, comfortable homes, and maybe indulge in a little bit too much junk food, the residents on lockdown at Mid-Orange Correctional Facility did not have that luxury. The inmates locked within its walls were as…
  • There is something incredibly eerie about historical war sites. Standing at a location where thousands of soldiers fought and died can unsettle you to the bone. Knowing of reported ghost sightings in that area? That is just downright terrifying. Welcome to Gettysburg, a vicious three day battle fought during the height of the American civil…
  • If it’s not obvious to you by now, there’s something about penitentiaries that the team at Ghost Hunts USA is intrigued by. We can’t seem to stop visiting these places and experiencing all of their paranormal activity for ourselves. The West Virginia Penitentiary is no different, and it’s one that we do love being able…
  • The Missouri State Penitentiary isn’t for the faint of heart! There have been several notable inmates, including the assassin of MLK and a deranged serial killer who hanged himself in his cell. Here are 13 chilling facts about the prison’s dark history. 1.The Missouri State Penitentiary was one of the oldest operating prisons in the…
  • In the Old West days, the Montana Territory was a lawless place full of vigilante justice. That’s why, in 1867, the Montana Territory Prison was first built. Within just a month after it opened, the prison was overcrowded… and it continued to be overcrowded for the next 100+ years, despite having more towers and cellblocks…
  • The holiday season is about enjoying time with friends, family, and loved ones. Unfortunately, not all our friends, family, and loved ones are still with us. There is, however, still a way to communicate with the non-living. Whether you want to wish someone a very happy holiday or ask a pressing question that remains unanswered,…

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