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  • More than 50 years ago the first spacewalk nearly ended in tragedy, the story behind the historical moment which changed the way we look at space is fascinating and here we have the details. During the so-called space-race between the USSR and the United States, the competition was fierce and both the USSR and the […]
  • British astrophysicist thinks that advanced technological extraterrestrial civilizations might have turned into machines or… Cyber-aliens According to renowned British astrophysicist Sir Martin Rees, scientists that are searching the cosmos for alien life should not only focus on finding organic life, but they should also look for possible signs generated by machines since it is very […]
  • This “Artificial Satellite” has caused mayor media interest since the late 50′s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be an Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight satellite has gripped the interest of millions worldwide. If you find our article about the Black Knight satellite too […]
  • The excitement of knowing the future has been a fascination of several thousands of people for over thousands of decades. However, when we hear or read about the current situations in which has been predicted years before it happened, suddenly we get scared. Several theorists and space enthusiasts over 90 years ago has predicted extremely […]
  • The Australian region of Gippsland in Victoria these days looks like the scenery for a horror movie: everything around is shrouded in huge masses of cobwebs. This often happens all over the planet, but the phenomenon always causes vivid reactions on social networks due to its frightening beauty. Scientists are asked not to use insecticides […]
  • We’ve been asking ourselves “Are we alone?” for millennia. Greek philosopher Anaximander (circa 610–circa 546 B.C.) is credited with starting the discussion about “cosmic plurality”—the idea of multiple or even an infinite number of planets exists with extraterrestrial life. This philosophical-turned-scientific question is still fashionable—but it’s time to stop asking it. The answer has always […]
  • U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett said he believed a series of UFO sightings were not Russian technology but rather developments that originated “out of our galaxy.” Vladimir Putin Russia is not responsible for the UFO herds reported by US Navy pilots, according to lawmakers. Burchett is having a hard time believing that the Russians are involved. […]
  • Virtually everyone who lives in Huntingdon County is directly or indirectly familiar with the legend of John Armstrong, who is more commonly remembered as Captain Jack– the trader and pioneer settler who, along with two companions, was murdered by three Delaware Indians near Mount Union in 1744. The story of Captain Jack Armstrong played such […]
  • Scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson and NSA leaker Edward Snowden discussed the potential of alien life and the Fermi paradox on the astrophysicist’s StarTalk podcast. The Fermi paradox essentially wonders why if the universe is infinitely large why we haven’t made contact with other intelligent life forms. Snowden brought up an excellent point that we may […]
  • Ancient paintings from Val Camonica, Italy are believed to depict forgotten deities; ancient astronaut proponents claim these pictures resemble modern day astronauts despite being painted ca. 10,000 BC. According to certain authors, intelligent extraterrestrial beings called ancient astronauts or ancient aliens have visited Earth, and this contact is connected with the origins or development of […]


  • A sweet house sitting gig turns sinister, UFO sightings and much more strangeness on this week’s Campfire. -RITUAL- You deserve to know what’s in your multivitamin. That’s why Ritual […]
  • A toddler delivers an eerie message, a red eyed creature looks into a listener’s window, a UFO experience, and much more strangeness on this edition of Campfire! –HelloFresh– Jim […]
  • A listener is punched by a ghost, a law enforcement officer has the creepiest traffic stop of all time plus much more strangeness on Jim Harold’s Campfire! -MADE IN- […]
  • A Campsite UFO, a guardian angel, shadow person, another UFO sighting and that’s just SOME of the stories we feature on this all-new Campfire! -MANLY BANDS- Get the best […]
  • Enjoy this episode of some of our favorite cryptid Campfire stories! -EARNEST- It’s time to break out of the student debt cycle. Earnest can help you by refinancing your […]
  • We asked you to tell us your favorite stories, and you did. They are featured on this 500th episode that clocks in at over two hours and thirty minutes. […]
  • A young woman and her friend confront a demon car like something out of the movies! This and much more strangeness on this all-new edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire! […]
  • Very strange dreams headline this jam packed edition of Campfire. Enjoy! -EARNEST- It’s time to break out of the student debt cycle. Earnest can help you by refinancing your […]
  • A haunted church, a skinwalker and phantom croutons! All this and more strangeness on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire. Thanks to all of our great storytellers! Enjoy and […]
  • We meet a ghost named Bob, a doppleganger from a different point of view and much more strangeness on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire! –HelloFresh– Jim Harold’s Campfire […]

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  • 4 different real-life encounters with mermaids or underwater humanoids in Florida and Malaysia. Mermaid sightings off of Florida and throughout the Caribbean have been reported for centuries.I recently received the following accounts:"In 1999 I was snorkeling in Coco Beach. I was bumped by what I thought was a shark. I turned to see what looked […]
  • UFORCOP and Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Butch Witkowski forwarded the following information to me. Butch received this email on Thursday June 17, 2021:My name is Kerry Mann Jr. I live in Montello WI. I do video and photography. While trying to get a time-lapse of the Milky Way I spotted a UFO. I was able […]
  • Two young boys are camping in the Oregon high desert near the Warm Springs Reservation, when they are confronted by an upright white-eyed antlered entity that exits the river.I recently came across this bizarre encounter:"I grew up in Central Oregon, and there's a reservation called Warm Springs about two or so hours from where I […]
  • A man recalls he and his family's personal encounters with Sasquatch. I'm not sure of the location, but I believe these incident occurred in the U.S. South.I recently received the following account:“I saw Sasquatch on two occasions and in two different colors. The first one was sitting with his or her back to me on […]
  • A boy, who disappears in a California State Park, is later found in good shape after being missing for 2 weeks. The boy says he was taken by the 'Fuzzy Man,' but was later released.The following account was recently forwarded to me:"My friend, who has been with the search & rescue service in northern California […]
  • A US Midwest woman is outside hanging laundry when she encounters a 'human-face dog, possibly a Jinmenken-like cryptid. She was overwhelmed and became nauseous.The following account was posted on my Phantoms & Monsters social media:"This is an absolutely true account. I will never, ever tell anyone about it using my real name because I know […]
  • Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation were terse after Wednesday morning's classified FBI/Navy UFO/UAP briefing. Juliegrace Brufke and Aaron Feis report the main concern was safety and security interests of US military personnel and the country itself. Full Committee Chair Democrat Adam Schiff said he learned some new things, and Chair of the Subcommittee Democrat Andre Carson predicted an eventual public hearing on the report’s content. Democrat Representative Mike Quigley played down the potential excitement angle but noted the major policy […]
  • Bigfoot encounters and evidence of Bigfoot activity lend themselves to additional experiences of high strangeness–stranger than an enormous unclassified hairy biped crossing your path. Stan Gordon touches on some of the harder to explain anomalies that Bigfoot brings with him wherever he shows up. Then we go From Folklore to Footprints: Ivan Sanderson and Bigfoot at Bluff Creek. The Scottish zoologist proposed that in modern times there existed five types of hominids as yet undiscovered, which included Bigfoot and […]
  • Nick Redfern lists the various U.K. departments with UFO-related interests and tells stories about some of the British citizens whose activities or experiences caused them to be investigated by these groups. Nick continues this theme in UFOs: When "The Man" Comes Knocking on Your Door, and related but telephonic botherings are covered in From UFOs to Weird Phone Calls: High-Strangeness. Nick elaborates on these harassments with On the Road: A Look at the Mysterious Black Cars the M.I.B. Drive. […]
  • Remote viewing is a controversial subject. Some think it's government disinformation aimed at getting our adversaries to think we have super powers. But based on personal experience, we know it works. So does Paul Smith, who as a junior officer in the US Army in 1983, was asked to become a psychic spy. Here, with interviewer Jimmy Akin, he discusses some secret intelligence jobs he was involved in, the nature of Remote Viewing, and what happened with Project Star […]
  • In an astounding display of poor judgement, a woman in Singapore went for a run at night through a park believed to be inhabited by vampires. She came upon another soul with equally lousy decision making skills, sitting alone on a bench and staring off into the distance. So she stopped and snapped a photo of what she now claims is a ghost. The only thing more astounding than this claim is how she escaped becoming a ghost herself. […]
  • John Keel siteminder Doug Skinner offers the first half of a Keel story about a relatively-ill known UFO "flap." The strange experience of the anonymous witness here reminds us of the 1961 Joe Simonton Eagle River, Wisconsin, CEIII. For instance, compare Simonton's claim of the short ufonauts he met–their gaze “seemed to do something to you"–with the short creatures in this account which "seemed to look through you." Virginia, 1965: Hoax or Horror? (2) is full of, as Doug […]
  • While Nick Redfern gives a nod to the now famous US Navy videos, his topic is "gun-camera" footage from Great Britain's Royal Air Force. And though some say they've seen it, efforts to locate the stuff have come up empty. For perspective on the current sensation, Nick takes us back to 1947 and offers UFOs and the U.S. Government: The Origins and the Air Force. His article then conducts us through time and other pre-AATIP military UFO programs, some […]
  • CNN reports that a Wednesday morning classified UFO briefing of House Intelligence Committee members is expected from the Navy and FBI. This article also gives more insight into the background behind the current, reluctant Pentagon responses to pressure on the subject. It features candid remarks from former Deputy Defense Secretary David Norquist, and predicts "UFO-ologists" won't love the resultant UAPTF report, now due in under 10 days. Luis Elizondo figures here and in Tom Rogan's Ex-government Chief for UFO […]
  • There's something about time travel–impossible to prove and endlessly strange–that draws us in and leaves us wanting more. Today we have three reports, starting with this report of a monk in London who believes he's experienced time travel on the London tube–and that some passengers may have become lost in time, perhaps forever. Sound crazy? Nick Redfern takes a hypothetical look at the constraints a time traveller might face, given the necessity of not blowing their own existence to […]
  • "The first humans to discover Antarctica weren't seafaring Westerners but rather Polynesians, who found the coldest continent 1,300 years ago, a new study suggests." Thus Laura Geggel summarizes the import of a New Zealand study that utilized Maori oral histories and helps further rectify a still-largely Western European narrative for south Pacific exploration. Clare Watson posts a memorable title for an important advance in understanding with Unique Gut Bug Study Untangles Early Human Migration From Siberia Into The Americas. […]
  • Could this be real or a prank? A video from Jharkhand in eastern India showing an alien walking along the side of a road has gone viral. The 30 second clip filmed in the city of Hazaribagh on Saturday night was shared on social media and shows the alien figure walking down the Chadwa bridge … The post A video of an alien walking along […]
  • In footage released this week, a local family based in England, UK shared footage of five UFOs hovering in the skies during daylight. At one point of the video, you can clearly see that these UFOs were donut-shaped which is one of the more common shapes associated with UFOs, due their hole in the middle. … The post Bizarre donut-shaped UFOs sighted in England appeared […]
  • I’m not hosting this competition just sharing. Nick Groff, host of Paranormal Lockdown and formerly of Ghost Adventures is giving you a chance to join him on an investigation at the famous Hinsdale House in an all expenses paid trip and dinner plus cash. If you want to be in with a chance to win … The post Competition: A chance to go ghost hunting […]
  • US NAVY personnel have shared another UFO sighting, ahead of next months report from the Pentagon into “unidentified aerial phenomena”. Crew from the USS Omaha captured footage of a “spherical” object dropping into the ocean while deployed off the coast of San Diego. The video, taken on July 15, 2019, was leaked to investigative filmmaker … The post US Navy films a UFO splashing down […]
  • Argos Paranormal is proud to announce that the season three premiere of their multi-award-winning TV series, The Witching Hour, will begin airing on select public access TV stations throughout the United States starting on Sunday, May 16th. In the first three episodes of the upcoming final season, investigators of Argos Paranormal along with local paranormal investigators in the … The post One of the United States’ most haunted […]
  • The Rendlesham Forest incident is probably the most famous UFO encounter to ever take place in Britain. Now an alleged witness has claimed that he was also in the forest on the same night, took pictures of the UFO and has been sitting on them for 40 years and has now decided to share them.  … The post First photo’s released of the UFO at […]
  • The third and final season of The Witching Hour will begin airing on select TV stations and digital platforms this spring. Argos Paranormal is proud to announce that their multi-award-winning TV series will be returning for a final season this spring. “Producing The Witching Hour for the last three years has been a truly unique and thrilling experience.  Not only has … The post The Final Season of The Witching Hour […]
  • An amazing picture of what looks like the ghost of an elderly person as been shared on ‘The Paranormal Society of Northeast GA‘ Facebook page. The picture is a still image taken from a baby cam that was set up by a grandmother to keep an eye on their 2 year old granddaughter and 7 … The post Ghost caught on camera standing near child’s […]
  • Paranormal investigator John Cartwright (known as CJ) reached out to me recently to share some very interesting photos taken during an investigation at the Newsham Asylum in Liverpool, UK. Two years ago CJ and his team spent the night at Newsham Asylum for a ghost hunt. During the ghost hunt they snapped several photos and … The post Was it a Ghost or Demon at […]
  • This is quite fascinating. DJ Festipaul Sanders was making a self made documentary based on historic buildings that surround Coventry, UK, when he captures what looks like a ghost lady standing outside of an old building. During the filming Paul pans the camera around and sees a lady standing next the building and jokingly comments … The post Ghost lady caught on camera while filming […]