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“The fate of the paranormal is to become the normal as our horizons of understanding expand.”

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  • In 1975, two 7-year old boys had a face to face encounter with a pair of “fanged” humanoids, which would haunt them for the rest of their lives. Sometime before 7 PM, on the evening of February 23, 1975, two grade-school boys, Masato Kawano and Katsuhiro Yamahata, were roller skating near the Hinode Housing Estate […]
  • As quickly as NASA publishes unbelievably detailed photographs of the Martian surface, people back home find odd and unusual objects within those photos. Of course, NASA always discounts the newfound anomalous objects as “natural rock formations”. Matters were clouded in early 2014 when observant researchers found “before and after” photos proving that NASA occasionally “cleans […]
  • Singer-songwriter Brocarde, 38, from Oxfordshire, went on This Morning and says she’s in love with a ghost named Eduardo and that their ‘relationship’ is ‘very emotionally driven’ She says the spirit, a Victorian soldier who died prematurely at 35 after falling down a well, introduced himself and has been visited her regularly ever since. “I […]
  • Secret email between astronaut Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta leaked on Wikileaks. Extraterrestrial intelligence and space-war is the protagonist in the communication, which was send on August 18, 2015. The sixth man on the moon wrote in the second paragraph: “Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy […]
  • By Olav Phillips Many years ago I was introduced to the amazing videos of Ed Grimsley, who at the time was discussing the idea that UFOs were engaging in some level of extra-atmospheric combat. At the time I dismissed the idea, thinking if a alien ship had come all this way that alien ship would […]
  • It turned out that organic molecules are present in the cosmic clouds of gas and dust, from which planets are formed, reports Scientists have found that the cloud of particles from which the planet is then formed is already methanol – an organic molecule necessary for the formation of life. Moreover, these molecules are […]
  • Last Saturday, a religious procession took place through the streets of the city of Seville in Spain, and one of the local residents decided to take some pictures of this event that day. “On Saturday I left at 7 am to find a place. When they passed me, I took pictures with my smartphone. Then […]
  • American astrophysicist Avi Loeb got the public eye by publishing an article in Scientific American with the bold hypothesis: What if our universe was created in a laboratory? Avi Loeb is definitely an extraordinary person. The head of the Institute of Theory and Computing of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, a member of the US […]
  • The Georgian astrophysicist said that the world’s largest Chinese radio telescope, FAST, can detect alien robots heading towards Earth in advance. Professor Zaza Osmanov, associate professor of physics at the Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia, recently released an article in which he calculated whether China’s new 500-meter Spherical Telescope (FAST) could detect extraterrestrial devices – […]
  • The Gulf of Mexico hides under its waters the Chikshulub crater, which is 200 kilometers wide. It is the site of the fall of the asteroid, which caused the destruction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago Rock specialists in different parts of the world find a very thin layer of clay, which is 66 […]


  • He bought what might be the most haunted house in England! Bil Bungay joins us with Barry Dodds to talk about the home and their new paranormal movie based on the Parapod podcast investigation of the haunting! Next up is researcher […]
  • We talk about scientific proof of the afterlife with our guest Mark Anthony. In part two, Peter Muise joins us to talk about historic Massachusetts witches! You can find Mark and Peter’s books at Amazon: The Afterlife Frequency: The Scientific Proof […]
  • Marc Klein joins us to talk about the afterlife and his new novel, The In Between. Marc is not only a novelist but a legendary Hollywood screenwriter…he wrote Serendipity! We talk about his book and the supernatural. In part two, we […]
  • Former New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal joins us to talk about his writing on UFOs, alien abduction and Dr. John Mack. Along with Leslie Kean, in 2017, Ralph wrote a bombshell article for the Times that broken open the US government’s AATIP program. It […]
  • Good buddy and prolific podcaster/writer Micah Hanks joins to talk about what UFOs actually are, his thoughts on the government and the phenomena plus much more on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast! You can find Micah’s articles at and […]
  • He’s investigated haunted locations across the US, Rich Newman talks to us about his travels, his philosophy on the paranormal, and his new book! You can find it at Amazon: Passport to the Paranormal: Your Guide to Haunted Spots in America […]
  • Do we live many lives, not just one? Podcaster Simon Bown has dedicated a big part of his life investigating this mystery. He is the host of The Past Lives Podcast which you can find HERE. Thanks for a great discussion, […]
  • Hollywood movies are chock full of occult symbolism says our guest Robert W. Sullivan IV. We talk about The Lego Movie, Twin Peaks, and more! You can find all of his Cinema Symbolism books HERE at Amazon! Thanks Robert! -PARABOX- ParaBox […]
  • Black Eyed Kids are the subject of today’s podcast. In this special to The Paranormal Podcast feed for this week ONLY we are replacing our usual show with the first episode of our new podcast, Unpleasant Dreams. The Paranormal Podcast will be back […]
  • Kat and Dan Eckhart are seance hosts, mediums and occultists. We talk to them about their fascinating world of metaphysical journeys.  You can find their website at Thanks Dan and Kat! -MADE IN- Made In produces professional-quality cookware and knives for […]
  • A demon who appeared in childhood returns in a most unexpected place, a man in need finds money in random places just when he needs it most, and much […]
  • Terrifying toy clowns and an amazing headscratcher are just some of the great spooky stories on tonight’s Campfire! –NATIVE– Don’t stink! Native deodorant is my deodorant of choice…it is […]
  • Multiple callers encounter very strange shadows, a sighting of a possible Wendigo, and much more on this Campfire! Keep up with all of the new spooky podcasts and everything […]
  • A haunted Century Home, a haunted parsonage and multiple gargoyle sightings! This and more on this week’s edition of Campfire! During this spooky season, please tell a friend TODAY […]
  • A most haunted house plus much more spooky situations on this edition of Campfire! Enjoy! -SHUDDER- You need to get Shudder, a fantastic video streaming service! Get started streaming […]
  • A man has a ghastly experience that would make anyone swear off of sleeping on the couch plus much more strangeness on this edition of Campfire! –NATIVE– Don’t stink! […]
  • A woman sees a terrifying vision and you won’t believe what happens next! This and more on this week’s Campfire! –HelloFresh– Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by […]
  • A phone call that what not what it seemed, premonitions of death and much more on this all-new Campfire! -EARNEST- It’s time to break out of the student debt […]
  • Imagine seeing a shadow person while you’re in the shower. Yikes! Our caller didn’t have to imagine. Also, we get an all-new report of a saloon that is a […]
  • A young child keeps seeing a mysterious man with green eyes, a young man has an encounter that sounds like a Twilight Zone episode…this and much more on a […]

Paranormal weirdness

  • A northeastern Pennsylvania man recalls his encounter, as a young teen, with an upright canine while exploring with friends. Somewhat dramatic, but the witness assured me it really did occur.I recently received the following account:"I live in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania that is surrounded by farms and endless forests. As a kid I […]
  • 1990 and 1993 – La Minerve, Quebec, Canada. Jonathan describes two experiences he had involving a Bigfoot-like creature in the woods around La Minerve, Quebec.Event 1 – 1990: When Jonathan was six years old, he claims that he was staying at his parent's cabin. It was him, his father, Robert, his mother, and their two […]
  • A Oklahoma man was riding his bike in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area when rocks are beginning to be thrown at him. He sees a 'man' covered in and assumes it's a Bigfoot.I recently came across the following account:"About 15 years ago, I lived in Sulphur, Oklahoma. My playground? The Chickasaw National Recreation Area. I […]
  • Bigfoot Spotted In Small FarmtownYALE, Mich. (UPI) – Cindy Barone says it is not the torn down fences or the barn doors that have been ripped off at the hinges, nor is it the high-pitched screaming her family often hear at night. "It's the unknown that scares us," she said, "If I knew what it […]
  • A group a National Guardsman are stationed near Ketchikan, Alaska. They are soon confronted by an 'unholy-sized' wolf that has been stalking the camp. The paw prints were said to be the size of pie plates.The following account was recently forwarded to me:"It was the winter of 1997 I believe. I was living in Ketchikan, […]
  •  God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges – Part XIIIBy Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second PlanetFinal Countdown: Rockets to VenusCosmic Ray's Excellent Venus AdventureThe […]
  • Last Tuesday's press conference featuring four former USAF missileers gets Mystery Wire's attention and hopefully that of its primary Congressional targets. George Knapp and Duncan Phenix present the conference in toto, focus upon Robert Jacobs' experiences, and pay homage to the yeoman work of Robert Hastings. Hasting's book UFOs & Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites comprehensively covers the history of such encounters. Paul Seaburn notes the Jacobs story in USAF Officer Claims He Filmed Flying Saucer Shooting […]
  • This pair of possible Bigfoot accounts are both a little underwhelming but also a little bit fun. This first is a clip from 2012, recorded at night with a FLIR camera. The image is definitely Bigfoot-like, but with little context to go on we're left to conclude either anything or nothing at all. This next post is a bit odd in that the author seems a little angry and committed to discrediting himself before he reveals a word of his […]
  • "[P]resent author/TV producer/screenwriter/UFO investigator" Bryce Zabel has challenged "astrophysicist, planetary scientist, and science communicator" debunker Neil deGrasse Tyson to a debate. That's the headliner to a romp through current ufological themes by Zabel and Paracasters Gene Steinberg and co-host Collins. Zabel discusses his "On the Trail of the Saucers" blog, and has a possibly surprising "take" on MJ-12 as well as "Disclosure." A week prior Dr. Irena Scott with Tim Swartz featured the author of Beyond Pascagoula: The Rest […]
  • The news of an additional sensory setup at Skinwalker Ranch sounds like a developmental win-win for both the participating company and Brandon Fugal's investigative team. Speaking of imagery of weird things, Eurasia Review reports that Iran Media Publishes UFO-Like Object Aboard US Aircraft Carrier, Speculates It's A TR-3 Black Manta. The shadow cast by the "Manta" looks odd and commenters say the footage is fake. Of the Mysterious 'Flying White Circles' Recorded over New Jersey on October 11th, most […]
  • This is the sad story of an adult adoptee who went in search of her biological family and instead discovered she was the subject of a missing person cold case. She has little memory of her life prior to being adopted, nor does she have the AIDS her foster home claimed she was being treated for. It's no surprise her former foster home had been investigated a number of times for neglect and fraud. Next up is a more […]
  • These three installments conclude John Keel's very strange 1967 "private" summary about the Android Invasion of Earth. First is a listing of major "facts" about the Androids and their program, plus focus upon an odd communication system between their bases. In The Answer (11) Keel deals with the top of the Android "Organizational Chart," tentatively suggesting what's behind the Androids and their operations. And in The Answer (12) we learn about "The Ten Men" and Android "Methods of Infiltration." […]
  • Well, in a word, "No," according to a new study attacking this "widely accepted theory of Native American origins." Dental comparisons combined with recent genetic work negate that origins theory in favor of Siberia. A dramatic new discovery of the Oldest Footprints of Pre-humans Identified in Crete indicates that six million years ago "the human foot had begun to develop." That from the University of Tubingen, which led an international study of footprints adding almost two and a half […]
  • The ocean world is an endless source of surprises, both magnificent and strange. The human world is also filled with surprises, many of them startling examples of breathtakingly poor judgement. These two worlds came together in 1911 when Harry Houdini decided to stage an escape from the embalmed carcass of a 500-year-old sea turtle. Luckily Houdini survived the formaldehyde fumes, thereby postponing his demise for a more spectacular exit at a future date. More recently, Deep Sea Creature Surprises […]
  • Three snapshots of the UFO mystery. Micah Hanks steps back from the UFO headlines to provide perspective upon just What may be and has been going on in our skies for some time. Mysterious Universe colleague Nick Redfern closes his recent focus upon one, in fact The UFO case, with UFOs. Roswell. Secret Documents. Aliens Involved? Not a Single One in Sight. And the Entertainers-and-UFOs trend continues, as Paul Seaburn reports Kesha's Ghost Sex and UFO Encounter Lead to […]
  • Nick Redfern keeps demonstrating how multifarious is the Roswell Story. Nick enlists the questionable testimony of one Timothy Cooper, coming from Cooper's "'pre-documents' era." Nick thinks it shows "the Roswell affair is becoming more and more a top secret experiment, and much less a crashed UFO from another world." From witness information we come to another relevant category concerning Roswell: "Records Which Should Never Have Been Destroyed". Nick plays up the Air Force "response" to the then-General Accounting Office's […]
  • Bond is a ex-racer greyhound, now turned ghostly detection dog His name may be Bond, but a dog version of the international spy he is certainly not. However, the five-year-old greyhound does have an unusual job- he’s a ghost detector, using his heightened senses to sniff out any spooky activity. He even has his own … The post Spooky Doo – A Paranormal investigation dog […]
  • Night vision binoculars spotted an alleged UFO hovering above a man’s house in Azpeitia, Spain. The mysterious object appeared to move incredibly fast towards the ground. A weird video shows an alleged UFO hovering in the sky before dropping very fast towards Earth – with conspiracy theorists calling it “legit”. In the clip, recorded on October 8 … The post A strange orb UFO suddenly drops from […]
  • PARAFlixx paranormal+ Announces Its Debut As The World’s First & Only Universal Streaming Service Devoted to All Things Paranormal And Then Some. Millions of people worldwide are fascinated by all things paranormal, ranging from ghosts and the spirit world through the possibility of UFOs and alien life forms, vampires and beyond. Until now, they’ve had … The post PARAFlixx – A new home for all […]
  • If you are looking for something new to read, something weird and terrifying, then check out this new book from author Lee Brickley. Ghosts of Cannock Chase: Terrifying reports of paranormal activity from the UK’s most haunted town. The book is out now just in time for the Halloween season. Cannock Chase is home to … The post Ghosts of Cannock Chase appeared first on […]
  • Zak Bagans and his crew return to Goldfield, Nevada, in ‘Ghost Adventures: Goldfield Hotel,’ streaming Oct. 1 on discovery+. The two-hour special will show the GAC’s final attempt to unmask a vengeful presence that only grows stronger and more menacing by the day. Bagans teases in the trailer, ‘This hotel scares the hell out of … The post Ghost Adventures return to the Goldfield Hotel […]
  • There is a a new scary looking alien abduction horror game called “They are Here: Alien Abduction Horror” due for release in early 2022 and you can try the free-to-play demo right now over on Steam. The game is a first person horror story which follows a journalist who witnessed an alien abduction at the … The post They Are Here. An alien abduction horror […]
  • If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to then I would recommend checking out Homespun Haints. Homespun Haints is a podcast that celebrates the oral tradition of storytelling as an art form – with ghosts. Co-hosted by Becky Kilimnik and Diana Doty. In each episode they interview a different guest who has … The post Homespun Haints – A podcast of real […]
  • A retired United States Intelligence official has conducted a news conference in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washing D.C. to say that she has met aliens at a secret base in the United States. Angelia Lynn Schultz explained that she had been in contact with aliens at their base in the Mojave Desert. She … The post An Intelligence Official says she met with […]
  • In an exclusive interview with ZWT Jameson a witness has exposed a potential First Contact event linked to NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity. Anna, an archivist who worked on various dig sites in the North Peten region of Guatemala, spoke under the condition of anonymity and claims that she and her colleague, an archaeologist known only … The post Hacked NASA Mars rover beamed alien signal […]
  • Sorry that it’s been well over a month since I last posted. I felt like I just needed to step back from a lot of things lately and just to reset. I think your mind needs that once in a while, but I’m back and I have a good few emails to catch up on, … The post Bright Green UFO spotted by passengers and […]