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“The fate of the paranormal is to become the normal as our horizons of understanding expand.”

~ Michael Shermer

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  • Modern studies repeatedly suggest that a significant proportion of people in the Western world now believe in reincarnation. Although this phenomenon can be traced back to various esoteric movements that flourished from the second half of the 19th century, it gained significant ground with the explosion of popular interest in Eastern spiritual approaches in the […]
  • The Second World War spawned its fair share of mysteries, strange incidents, and bizarre happenings. The Battle of Los Angeles, which remains one of the strangest events of WWII and is still a mystery to this day. The event took place during the night between February 24-25, 1942. Never fully explained, these events remain shrouded […]
  • Early in the morning of June 5, 1960 four teenagers (Maila Irmeli Björklund (15), Anja Tuulikki Mäki(15) and their eighteen-year-old boyfriends, Seppo Antero Boisman and Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson) had been camping on the lake’s shores near the town of Espoo. Sometime between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (EET) during the early morning hours of Sunday, […]
  • In the struggle against Nazi Germany, the Allies pursued any idea that seemed like it would give them an edge over their enemy, no matter how ludicrous it might have seemed. Of particular interest was any plan that would eliminate Adolf Hitler. Allied planners believed—rightly so—that killing or incapacitating Hitler would be a blow that […]
  • There’s still too much suspicion raised when it comes to various deaths of UFO investigators. It is to frequent and they are too many. And this has been going on since 1947. And still does. It’s all from death by gunshot to the head. Death by probable poisoning. Death by alleged suicides, Death by strangulation. […]
  • The first reference to Kitezh comes in an anonymous late 18th century book known as the Kitezh Chronicle which was thought to have originated among the Old Believers of Russia. In the early 13th century, Grand Prince of Vladimir, Georgy II, first built the town of Maly Kitezh (Little Kitezh) on the Volga River (today’s […]
  • In Kenya, a woman was detained after stabbing three men and then sucking their blood, local police said. A woman named Margaret Wambui Wangari armed with a kitchen knife had an argument with a man believed to be her boyfriend. Then two other men tried to drag the suspect with a knife away. Everything happened […]
  • Russia is believed to have knowledge of extraterrestrial beings for over 40 years, and retried high rank officials have been trying to expose this secret, but to no avail. The media seemingly managed to intervene each and every time, thus preventing them from spreading the desired information on a serious manner, or even discredit or […]
  • For many years after her death, the ghost of an eccentric, scrawny widow named Cassie Foster was seen haunting the westernmost stretch of White Deer Valley near Elimsport. Supposedly, she was unable to rest in peace because she was buried in the wrong grave. The earliest accounts of posthumous Cassie Foster sightings are from 1902, […]
  • A woman was collecting shellfish for dinner on the coast of Yorkshire in England and accidentally discovered a dinosaur footprint, which is about 175 million years old, reports the Daily Mail. Archaeologist Marie Woods was shocked when she found a fossil about one meter (3.2 ft) in size near the water. Experts studied photographs from […]
  • “I was in disbelief … I've never seen anything like it. I don't like to see any animals suffer. I was just really disturbed.” — Kimberly Hayman, who discovered them, a resident of Dominion, Nova Scotia “The carcasses have a distinct similarity to them.  … The cause remains unknown.” — Anna Hall, Ph.D., Marine Mammal Zoologist […]
  •   “These were the first measurements ever performed beneath the ice front of Thwaites glacier. Global sea level is affected by how much ice there is on land, and the biggest uncertainty in the forecasts is the future evolution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.” — Anna Wahlin,  Ph.D., Professor of Oceanography, Sweden’s University of […]
  • “Felt it on Martha’s Vineyard! A rumbling, then a jolt. A second rumbling a few minutes later.” — Whitney Daily, Twitter, April 2, 2021   April 2, 2021   Boston, Massachusetts – The U. S. Geological Survey says that it received more than 100 public reports of houses and ground shaking along with a first boom […]
  • “The tall Red-Haired beings said we humans have to transform. The hope is that we would find universal light. That was the whole purpose of this damn (genetic) experiment!” – Brian Scott, Arizona abductee   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing […]
  • “One of the tallest Blonds came a little closer to us and his forehead lit up and started flashing lights.” – Felipe Branco, Campo Grande, Brazil   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: Username or E-mail Password […]
  • “Si, we know about the red-haired, tall extraterrestres.” – Peruvian policemen near Pillpinto, Peru, south of Cuzco   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot Password
  • “Are we a former colony that our owners lost all rights to and are trying to make a case against us to prove to a council or world representatives that we as a human race are not fit to govern ourselves?” – Michigan Abductee Ken Rose   Click here to subscribe and get instant access […]
  • “Humans don't know what the teams look like in this wager between the Talls and Controllers. Humans don't know that both sides can appear as Tall Blonds or that either side can work through body containers of any kind.” “The Tall Beings thought that primate intelligence was so low and wanted to evolve it to an intelligent, thinking, […]
  • “Half of them (Blonds) thought they should just leave the Earth to us (humans) – that we had earned the right to live. But a small group (of Blonds) thought that we shouldn't live – that we were created, so we should be destroyed.” – “Tyler Jones,” abducted by tall Blonds, Gadsden, Alabama   Click here […]
  • “My brother said the Blond man showed him it  was reptilians (doing mutilations).” – “Tyler Jones,” Gadsden, Alabama   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot Password


  • We meet a ghost named Bob, a doppleganger from a different point of view and much more strangeness on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire! –HelloFresh– Jim Harold’s Campfire […]
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  • Strange premonitions and predictions plus much more on this week’s Campfire! -CALM- We’re so happy to partner with Calm. Calm is the app designed to help you ease stress […]
  • A woman and her friend encounter a demon in the sheets! That and so much more frightening strangeness with a touch of heart warming stories on this week’s Campfire! […]
  • A noisy sprit makes his displeasure known and much more strangeness on this edition of Campfire. -CALM- We’re so happy to partner with Calm. Calm is the app designed […]
  • An angry spirit is summoned by a Ouija board, plus much more strangeness on Jim Harold’s Campfire! –SHUDDER– You need to get Shudder, a fantastic video streaming service! Get […]

Paranormal weirdness

  • An English child encounters a small red-colored humanoid in a fetal position under a wooden chair at home. When his parents investigate, the being disappears. 48 years later, the memory is still vivid.The following account was posted in the MUFON CMS:It was June 24, 1973 and I was about 10 years old. We lived at […]
  • 2 U.S. Army soldiers were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas when they encountered unexplained activity while guarding artillery late one night. What do you think it was?Recently came across this strange account:"This event took place about 1992. I was just a young man and in the military. I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas at […]
  • A woman and her brother where out driving late at night in Virginia Beach, VA when a extremely tall upright canine in a hood and cape bounded across the road in font of them.The following account was recently forwarded to me:"10 or so years ago I was driving with my brother in Virginia Beach, VA. […]
  • 5 various Insectoid humanoid encounter and sighting reports offered by Albert S. Rosales & several other sources. Strange and very interesting accounts.Several Insectoid humanoid reports provided by various sources:Location. Suwannee, GeorgiaDate: June 15 2007 Time: 02:00 a.m.A six year old girl told her mother that she had had a nightmare during the night. She told […]
  • 5 strange and disturbing Reptilian humanoid reports accumulated over the years by Albert S. Rosales, other outside sources and through my own research.The following reports are from Albert S. Rosales and other sources:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – January 1999 – late nightEva Trent had fallen asleep when she awoke to a buzzing sound. Opening her […]
  • 5 friends were in the car, just sitting and talking when the pair in the front 'sense' a white being circling the SUV. Later a tall horse-headed humanoid rush towards them from behind. Strange account.I recently came across the following account:"Looking for an explanation as to what this may have been. About 2 years ago, […]
  • Oftentimes, clusters of anomalous illnesses are chalked up as a case of mere hysteria, but Suzanne O'Sullivan notes such dismissals often miss the cause behind these mysterious maladies. Often these curious symptoms are a symptom of a deeper sort of distress in the patient, and Suzanne proffers another method of treatment for these poor souls. What exactly goes on in the minds of those with "sleeping sickness"? Dreams probably, but most likely nightmares exacerbating their condition. Michelle Carr looks […]
  • New York state was just part of a nationwide burgeoning of UFO reports in 2020, say John Del Signore and Jake Dobkin. The two produce interactive visuals and the fact that "With the Covid thing, more people are looking up," per New York state MUFON Assistant Director Chris DePerno. Sarah Maslin Nir's New York Times piece They Are Not Alone: U.F.O. Reports Surged in the Pandemic complements the statistical displays with more focus on the human-interest background to the […]
  • There's a certain comfort in hauntings, if we can silence our chattering teeth and knocking knees long enough to think about it. Typically centered around locations where something dreadful happened, (Esoterx urges us to look at place names for hints eg Leap Castle, which was not a location where children played happily in the surrounding fields), real estate choices of spooks tend to be almost predictable and orderly. But truth be told, we have almost certainly imposed that order […]
  • As the search for energy efficiency grows ever more desperate, a group of Georgia boffins suggest that 5G might be "adapted to charge or power small devices embedded in cars, homes, workplaces and factories." It's only at the theoretical stage, but if developed might ultimately provide us greedy humans with "a wireless power grid." One to watch, perhaps. And staying with theoretical, but tantalizing possibilities, we find the EmDrive Propulsion Inventor Defiant in Face of Failed Tests. "Told ya […]
  • Nick Redfern continues doling out evidence for a very disturbing "Roswell" alternative to what is, of course, the staggeringly paradigm-shifting notion of an extraterrestrial crash landing. This one's from Tim Cooper and may not have the cache of other accounts, but it's worth taking into account. Particularly when you pair it with Kathy Kasten's information about The Roswell Controversy of 1947 and a "Deformed Man". This also concerns "top secret, human experimentation." And then there's When a UFO Whistleblower […]
  • Charles Q. Choi says James Benford wants you to know about SETA (not SETI), and perhaps be introduced to "lurkers." Benford contends the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Artifacts may be a cheaper and more productive tack than listening for out-of-this world signals. And maybe there's already 'Oumuamua-like interstellar "probes" stashed somewhere within our own solar system. While we're at it, have we really thought out just Whom or What we may be contacting/contacted by/or finding their discarded soda bottles? Emily […]
  • Viewers of the television program Good Morning Britain were recently treated to a bit of mystery and mayhem when a live broadcast inadvertently recorded in the background what was variously described as an alien big cat, a wolf or wolfman, or a dog.  Whatever it was, the news crew had the good sense to be uneasy, although their search of the surrounding area makes us question their sanity. We're neither veterinarians nor are we zoologists, but if the creature […]
  • On the lighter side of ufology, Tim Binnall reports on this strange event in a New Jersey state forest. Art installation, youthful creation, just plain "nothing else to do"–we may never know the answer to this mystery. We're not even certain what kind of soup had previously been involved. Duncan Phenix and George Knapp team up to inform us that the E.T. Highway Has Welcomed Earthlings for 25 Years. In conjunction with the appearance of the 1996 blockbuster movie […]
  • Regardless of your stance on the recently deceased Prince Philip, problematic and entitled upper class twit or honorable royal, there's one thing folks often forget about him—the man was enamored with saucers. Almost as much as the redoubtable Red Pill Junkie who illustrates Phil's ardor and puzzles over its omission from The Crown. Note that RPJ namechecks Ward Kimball, animator and MUFON member, who was known as one of Disney's "Nine Old Men." What does that have to do […]
  • What's being described as "the second most important archaeological discovery since the tomb of Tutankhamen" and "the largest city ever found in Egypt" was discovered by a home-grown Egyptian expedition after years of failure by foreign efforts. Nevine El-Aref covers the story of the overall find, some individual surprises, and the possibility of further remarkable news. Exceptional, too, is the paper described by Greg Taylor in The Shining Ones: Did the Egyptian Pyramids Produce Reflections That Illuminated Other Sacred […]
  • The third and final season of The Witching Hour will begin airing on select TV stations and digital platforms this spring. Argos Paranormal is proud to announce that their multi-award-winning TV series will be returning for a final season this spring. "Producing The Witching Hour for the last three years has been a truly unique and thrilling experience.  Not only has … The post The Final Season of The Witching Hour […]
  • An amazing picture of what looks like the ghost of an elderly person as been shared on 'The Paranormal Society of Northeast GA' Facebook page. The picture is a still image taken from a baby cam that was set up by a grandmother to keep an eye on their 2 year old granddaughter and 7 … The post Ghost caught on camera standing near child’s […]
  • Paranormal investigator John Cartwright (known as CJ) reached out to me recently to share some very interesting photos taken during an investigation at the Newsham Asylum in Liverpool, UK. Two years ago CJ and his team spent the night at Newsham Asylum for a ghost hunt. During the ghost hunt they snapped several photos and … The post Was it a Ghost or Demon at […]
  • This is quite fascinating. DJ Festipaul Sanders was making a self made documentary based on historic buildings that surround Coventry, UK, when he captures what looks like a ghost lady standing outside of an old building. During the filming Paul pans the camera around and sees a lady standing next the building and jokingly comments … The post Ghost lady caught on camera while filming […]
  • Dark Matter TV welcomes Cryptids to the dark side as a visual podcast.  If you haven't heard of Cryptids, it is a seven part audio sci-fi mystery available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.  I wrote a little review of the podcast back in 2019. You can read the review here … The post Sci-Fi Mystery Podcast, Cryptids, Joins Forces with […]
  • Is stress overtaking your life? Do you feel as if you need time to let loose and forget all your problems? As if you need to wander into a completely different world? Then a good movie is what you need! It can get boring sitting around the whole day, and a good movie can do … The post 6 Paranormal Movies You must Watch in […]
  • I haven't been posting much lately but looking to get back to posting regular again. This story caught my attention. I'm not sure what to believe with bigfoot. I have been watching Expedition Bigfoot recently which I find quite enjoyable. If you haven't seen it I would recommend watching it. A man who ventured to … The post Little Bigfoot played with camper’s car appeared […]
  • Recently I was given the opportunity to read a new paranormal horror book by author Bryan Hutchinson call The Wee-Jees The story is a true account of Bryan’s paranormal experiences from the time he lived in Germany as a child during the late 1970’s. The story is told the through eyes of a young Bryan … The post The Wee-Jees – a true horrifying tale […]
  • You most likely have already heard or read about this story recently but I though I would still share. The former head of Israel’s space security program has made an astonishing claim about the existence of aliens. According to Professor Haim Eshed, extra-terrestrial intelligence very much exists but only the United States and Israel have … The post Former Israeli space security chief says aliens […]
  • A Paranormal investigator believes to have caught evidence of ghostly activity at a Dorset church. Jeff Higgins, 52, part of New Forest Paranormal Investigators, was visiting Knowlton Church in Cranborne on Saturday November 21 when he and his son Stephen caught what they believe to be a ghost on camera at around 10.30pm. They were using a … The post Ghost hunter believes he caught a ghost […]