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“The fate of the paranormal is to become the normal as our horizons of understanding expand.”

~ Michael Shermer

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  • The House of Representatives plans to investigate claims that the US government is harboring UFOs after a whistleblower former intelligence official said the US has possession of “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles, reports James Comer, the Republican chair of the House oversight committee, said the committee would hold a hearing into claims by […]
  • A family in Las Vegas claims to have seen two alien beings after something crashed in their backyard on the night of April 30, 2023. The incident was reported to the 911 emergency service and the police arrived at the scene shortly after. According to the 911 call transcript, the caller said that he and […]
  • A video that purportedly shows a chupacabra roaming the countryside of Bolivia has gone viral on social media. The footage was captured by a drone that was flying over a rural area near the city of Oruro, reports The video has sparked a lot of debate among viewers, who have offered various explanations for […]
  • Life on Earth owes its existence to photosynthesis – a process which is 2.3 billion years old. This immensely fascinating (and still not fully understood) reaction enables plants and other organisms to harvest sunlight, water and carbon dioxide while converting them into oxygen and energy in the form of sugar. Photosynthesis is such an integral […]
  • Crop circles are patterns created by flattening crops, usually cereals, in large-scale geometric shapes. They are often found in fields in southern England, where they have attracted a lot of attention and speculation. Some people believe that crop circles are messages from extraterrestrial intelligence, while others think that they are hoaxes made by human pranksters. […]
  • A woman and her grandfather from Powell River, Canada, were checking a camera in the woods and saw photos of strange half-naked women who appeared to be eating the raw flesh of a dead deer. In the woods near the home of 36-year-old Corinea Stanhope, a so-called hunting camera is installed, which photographs animals passing […]
  • A man from Guyana claims that he saw a monster kill his pet dog in front of his eyes, reports The incident occurred in Guyana’s bordering area to Venezuela. The dog owner Stephen Dunbar Amsterdam referred to the attack as a “bizarre” and “distressing experience”. While speaking to local media channels, Amsterdam said he […]
  • A former DJ who was famous for his charming voice was found dead in his rented room, which had a history of two previous deaths, reports He left behind a diary and wall writings that revealed his torment from ghosts and illnesses. Neighbours did not notice his death until a foul smell alerted the […]
  • Dragons are mythical creatures that appear in legends and folklore around the world. They are often depicted as large, reptilian beasts with wings, horns, claws, and fiery breath. But why do so many different cultures have stories about dragons, even though they never existed in reality? One possible explanation is that ancient people misinterpreted the […]
  • A new panel of experts convened by NASA to study the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) held its first public meeting on May 31, 2023. The panel, chaired by astrophysicist David Spergel and including former astronaut Scott Kelly, aims to examine the available data on UAPs and advance the […]
  •   Greely Tribune, Greeley, Colorado, November 2, 1980.   “Immediately we were irritated because we had just turned bulls out right now for our breeding season. To find one dead was very strange.” – Lance Mills, co-owner with father Rod Mills, of cattle ranch in Saint Johns, Washington, about 50 miles southwest of Spokane, describing […]
  • “Then in two or three more seconds, the two vertical lines of flashing lights turned into white flames. It looked like the flames were contained inside two rectangular shaped 3-dimensional frames about 50 yards wide and about 150 yards tall.” – Steve Allen, Glen Rose, Texas   Click here to subscribe and get instant access […]
  • “I know that flashing symbols is a method of getting information from E. T. to E. T., or E. T. to human. It’s a fast way of transmitting a tremendous amount of data, in a short time and retaining it.” – Jim Sparks, Author and Abductee   Click here to subscribe and get instant access […]
  • Updated February 22, 2008, about Angelia Joiner:  As of Tuesday, February 19, 2008, Angelia has been hired by KCUB-FM 98.5 radio in Stephenville. She emailed to me, “Still in the planning stages, but will be early morning. Probably won't begin on air until next week (February 25-29). I just started Tuesday. One segment will be […]
  • UPDATE:  January 19, 2008, David Caron Videotape of Changing Light Shapes:   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot Password
  • “The police officer said this huge thing in the sky turns toward the east, but it is no longer horizontal. It’s vertical. And he says it is traveling at a low rate of speed and he cannot believe it was able to stay in the air after it turned vertical.” – Lee Roy Gaitan, Constable, Erath […]
  • “Each cone-shaped indention is a device that creates an electrical vortex (sometime called a plasma or ion vortex), and like a tornado with multiple vortexes, they all the add up to cause one big vortex around the craft.” – Earthfiles Viewer   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click […]
  • “I don’t know how you can make a piece of metal that large with no bolts, rivets, seams or welds. I’ve never seen anything like this.” – Ricky Sorrells, Metal Welder and Machinist, Dublin, Texas Updated with computer graphic illustration below on January 24, 2008 Reposted April 30, 2023 – January 18, 2008  Dublin, Texas […]
  • “I do understand that at one point there was a faction of Greys at Dulce that left Dulce, and those are the Dropas of Tibet and China.” – Anthony F. Sanchez, author, UFO Highway   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. […]
  • “We are also talking about an AI, artificial intelligence system, that was given to us by Greys — just one of their gifts to us.” – Anthony F. Sanchez, Computer Engineer and Author UFO Highway   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription […]


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  • The original literary review of Bram Stoker’s 'Dracula' in 'The Bristol, England, Times And Mirror' on 8 June 1897 was not overwhelming. But the classic novel's public response was positive.The Bristol, England, Times And Mirror – 8 June 1897We must confess at the outset that we prefer to avoid novels cast in diary form. But […]
  • A nature lover’s wildlife camera captured the disturbing moment when a pair of near-naked women held a supposed 'carcass-eating ritual' near her home after sundown.Corinea Stanhope found a dead deer at the bottom of her garden in Powell River, British Columbia while riding her horse when she decided to set up a trail cam to […]
  •  The Peak of the Great UFO Flap of 1973 – Part III of IIIBy Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second PlanetFinal Countdown: Rockets to VenusCosmic Ray's Excellent Venus AdventureThe Vast […]
  • An Oregon logger discusses his encounters with Bigfoot while working in Mount Hood National Forest. He describes its uncanny ability to show up silently while being curious."I was on our property in the Mount Hood National Forest in western Oregon. I was making a new access road for equipment to get through and had been […]
  • A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin.David Charles Grusch, 36, a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan, is a veteran of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and […]
  • A Guyana man reported that his dog was killed by a “monster” during the evening of Saturday, June 3, 2023. The resident, Stephen Dunbar Amsterdam, said that the mysterious creature bit and ravaged his dog to death while he stood there helplessly.The incident occurred in Guyana’s bordering area to Venezuela. The dog owner referred to […]
  • A former ranger at Sequoia National Park describes his encounter with a Bigfoot. His jeep was attacked and damaged. He was later terminated by his supervisor for telling the truth."Hi. My name is Arthur, and I'm a Californian, I used to work as a ranger at Sequoia National Park from 1994 to 1997. before I […]
  • This incident occurred in 2014 in Boston, MA. I was never asked to help this family, though I did offer some advice. I never heard back from the woman, so I have no idea if this was ever resolved."Let's start off with my granddaughter, "A," who is a toddler with "sensitive" abilities. I understand if […]
  • Here are several black-eyed kid encounters & sightings that I have accumulated over time. If you ever had a similar incident or were told of an unexplained event, please feel free to contact me.“It was November 2012 when I was working at a small gas station in northeast Louisiana. We were the only small shop […]
  • A group of college friends is hiking in the Trinity Alps of Northern California. That night, they encounter a pack of Bigfoot that has surrounded their campsite, seemingly attempting to scare the hikers away."My encounter happened in July of 1996 in the Trinity Mountains of northern California. My roommates and I are up for summer […]
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  • Just a short post for this one. This video was posted on TikTok by _almicdaniel. While returning from a fishing trip he heard a woman screaming for help inside a restroom building but when he went to investigate there was no one to be seen. Screams of “please help me” are heard and the screams … The post Man hears woman screaming for help but […]
  • In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, where mist-laden mountains cast their imposing shadows, lies the enigmatic Ben Macdhui, the second-highest peak in the Cairngorms. Amidst its rugged beauty, it holds a chilling legend that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, …the tale of the Big Grey Man! Deeply entrenched in Scottish folklore, the legend … The post The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui […]
  • Nestled within the vast and untamed wilderness of Alaska lies a region of perplexing mysteries, where countless aircraft, ships, and people have vanished without a trace. Known as the Alaskan Triangle, this remote area has captured the imaginations of adventurers and conspiracy theorists alike. Enveloped in an eerie ambiance of legends and unexplained phenomena, the … The post Secrets of the Alaska Triangle appeared first […]
  • London, a city steeped in rich history and tales of the supernatural, holds hidden secrets that will send shivers down your spine. For the brave and curious, a journey into the realm of the paranormal awaits. If you are visiting London then why not step into the eerie atmosphere of the city’s haunted streets and buildings, … The post London’s Haunting Secrets: Terrifying Ghost Tours appeared […]
  • Radar footage of a hot pursuit between two fighter jets and a mile-wide fleet of UFOs has been revealed to the public. The incident occurred 15 years ago in a remote town in Texas, where up to 300 locals reported witnessing the jaw-dropping chase of up to 12 mystery craft flying in unison. Initially, the … The post Two fighter jets chased a fleet UFO’s […]
  • From the hills of New Hampshire to the forests of Arizona, from the streets of Manhattan to the depths of Pascagoula. Mysterious and captivating, the concept of alien abductions has intrigued and perplexed people around the world for decades. Despite the scepticism of some, there are those who maintain that their encounters with extraterrestrial beings … The post Taken: The Most Famous Alien Abduction Cases […]
  • Paranormal Hunter is an interactive adventure that allows players to become a ghost hunter, seeking out and confronting all manner of paranormal entities. The game is due to be released on PC, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch as well as VR support for the Quest 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality. … The post Paranormal Hunter – a Co-Op Ghost Hunting […]
  • Beware travellers to Ireland for it is not just a land of lush green hills and friendly locals. Deep within its misty forests and ancient castles, there lurk malevolent spirits and ghostly apparitions, waiting to haunt the unsuspecting souls who dare to venture into their realm. Brace yourselves as we explore the most chillingly haunted … The post Haunted places in Ireland that you should […]
  • When I was a child I remember reading a book on unexplained mysteries. There was a chapter on spontaneous human combustion and for some reason it etched in my mind. I was fascinated but it creeped me out. The phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) has remained a mystery for centuries, captivating the minds of … The post Famous cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion appeared […]
  • The Church Inn, nestled in the heart of Swinton, Greater Manchester, UK, is steeped in a history of ghostly activity. Built in the early 1600’s, the pub has seen its fair share of eerie happenings, including a ghostly attack in the 1980’s that left two men injured. But for husband and wife Michael and Steph … The post A ghost child is capture on CCTV […]

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