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Paranormal Definitions | The Atlantic Paranormal Society

The Original Ghost Hunters. TAPS is the most visited Paranormal site in the world. 40+ Million annual visitors. Home to the stars of the hit shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation.

If you have ever wondered what is what in the paranormal world, click below for a very good source of paranormal definitions and more!

Source: Paranormal Definitions | The Atlantic Paranormal Society

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain – WHITLEY STRIEBER’S UNKNOWN COUNTRY

It might seem like an unlikely team-up, but an astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon did indeed collaborate in a study examining the commonalities between one of the largest structures known to science—the vast web of galaxies that stretch across the universe, and the microscopic network made up of the brain’s neurons—to discover if there are any similarities beyond the striking visual resemblance shared between the two phenomena…

Source: As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain – WHITLEY STRIEBER’S UNKNOWN COUNTRY

Utah monolith: Has the mysterious metal object disappeared? – BBC News

A mysterious metal monolith discovered last week in the desert in the US state of Utah has disappeared, officials say.Utah’s Bureau of Land Management said it had seen credible reports the object had been removed “by an unknown party”.Social media images apparently from the site show a pile of rocks and a small piece of metal left behind.The discovery of the 12ft (3.7m) high object sparked a national guessing game as to how it got there, and saw dozens of people pay a visit in recent days.The strange metal object was first spotted on 18 November by a helicopter crew counting big horn sheep from the air, in a remote south-eastern area of Utah.News of its discovery and speculation over its origins quickly went viral on social media, with many observers presuming it was an art installation left by a sculptor.As yet no-one has claimed responsibility for installing the structure.Internet sleuths got there, but the monolith’s origins are still a mystery….

Source: Utah monolith: Has the mysterious metal object disappeared? – BBC News

New Sky Catalog Reveals Most Likely Sites for Alien Technology | Mind Matters

We’ve been looking at reasons why we don’t see extraterrestrials, even though many scientists are sure they must exist.One enterprising research group has now assembled Exotica, a catalog of strange phenomena in space, which might help us search more efficiently. If extraterrestrials exist and are technologically advanced, they would leave a “technosignature,” which might at first only be seen as astrange phenomenon in space:Breakthrough Listen, the initiative to find signs of intelligent life in the universe, today released an innovative catalog of “Exotica”—a diverse list of objects of potential interest to astronomers searching for technosignatures (indicators of technology developed by extraterrestrial intelligence). The catalog is a collection of over 700 distinct targets intended to include “one of everything” in the observed universe—ranging from comets to galaxies, from mundane objects to the most rare and violent celestial phenomena.JANET WOOTTEN, BREAKTHROUGH INTIATIVES, “BREAKTHROUGH LISTEN RELEASES CATALOG OF “EXOTICA” – OBJECTS OF INTEREST AS “TECHNOSIGNATURES”” AT PHYS.ORG (JUNE 23, 2020)One focus of the catalog is objects in space with extreme properties, “hottest planet, stars with unusually high or low metal content, the most distant quasar and fastest-spinning pulsar, and the densest galaxy.”Sure, something like that could be a random effect. But maybe not. For example, if you encountered an abandoned house out in the country, you might be surprised by a lack of mice. A random effect? Maybe. But what if you learn that a colony of cats lives in the basement? One thing’s for sure. You could only find out the most likely reason why mice don’t live there by investigating the basement.A second focus is “enigmatic targets whose behavior is currently not satisfactorily explained.” For example, there is Tabby’s Star, pictured above in infrared and ultraviolet, whose behavior is so strange that NASA offers nine possible explanations, including an “alien technosignature” (evidence of advanced alien activity). Why this star?:Tabby’s star, a yellow-white dwarf star located around 1,280 light-years away, was discovered in 2015, and since then it’s been a real head-scratcher. Its dimming is completely random. The depth of the dimming varies, too – it’s dimmed by up to 22 percent, and last year was caught dimming by just 5 percent.This behaviour pretty much rules out planets; when an exoplanet passes between a star and Earth as it orbits, it will dim the star by a tiny amount – 1 percent or less – at regular intervals….

Source: New Sky Catalog Reveals Most Likely Sites for Alien Technology | Mind Matters

An Image of Bigfoot?

An image from a trail cam in Alberta, of what appears to be a Bigfoot kicking back and relaxing, facing away from the camera and leaning of his/her left arm. If it isn’t a hoax, or a mis-identification, it would be one of the clearest pics of a Bigfoot since the Patterson-Gimlin footage. 

So after looking at this picture for quite a while, I started wondering if it could be a bear? The only problem is, I can’t quite put the physical shape of a bear through the contortions it would take to make the shape seen in the pic.


Sasquatch: The hairy people of the woods!

Recent Bigfoot Sightings & Reports In 2020

Bigfoot sighting on dashcam in Alberta, Canada

Image: Sonny Vator/YouTube

An oilfield worker driving near Nordegg, Alberta, Canada captured a “tall dark figure” on his dashcam in mid March. The figure, which he believes may have been Bigfoot, can be seen standing inside a line of trees. Returning to the area the next day to investigate, the witness allegedly discovered footprints and hair in the snow, as well as a spot near the trees where something large had been lying or sitting down.

Another Bigfoot scream in Ohio

Following a previously recorded howl in January (also in Ohio, see below), this video contains audio of what the uploader describes simply as “strange scary noises.”

According to the witness, Preston Riley, the footage was captured on February 9 at 2:43. He’d heard noises outside his home and went to investigate. “I couldn’t understand what I was hearing,” he wrote, “Because I’ve never heard anything like this before near the woods at my house.”

Bigfoot prints in Manitoba Wetlands

A man was picking sweet grass in Manitoba, Canada when he discovered possible Sasquatch tracks. In the beginning of his video, he takes measurements of both his own and his brother’s shoe prints, then compares those to the potential creature prints (which are compared at about the 2:30 mark). The prints appear to measure roughly 14-15 inches long, 7 inches wide. “They’re not four-legged,” the man said.

Photo of Bigfoot carrying a deer

Lon Strickler of Phantoms & Monsters received a very strange photo from a witness in Valley County, Idaho. The image, while low quality, is said to be of a possible Bigfoot carrying what may be a deer carcass.

According to the witness’s report, he’d been out hunting with a business partner when they heard screaming, which they thought may have been a “deer in distress.” Looking to see what it was, they saw what they thought was “another hunter.” However, the individual’s strange size and gait made them question that possibility. The witness then used a pair of binoculars, revealing what may have indeed been a Bigfoot stomping through the forest, carrying a deer over its shoulders.

Sasquatch screams in eastern Kentucky

A man was hiking near his home when he heard what may have been a Bigfoot howl, though he remains skeptical. The incident was captured on video, and the scream can be heard at about 1:29.

Follow-up on Washington State sightings

Image: WSDOT East/Twitter

In late January, I shared news regarding an official Washington State Department of Transportation Twitter account, and an alleged Bigfoot sighting they tweeted just off Sherman Pass/SR 20. While most (including myself) were skeptical of the claim, the situation was even more dubious than originally believed. As it turns out, the “Bigfoot” was in fact a cardboard cutout. As WSDOT East shared on February 26, “Rumor has it someone placed a 3/4″ wood cutout of Bigfoot on the tree. However, if you look now, the cutout is now gone.”

More Bigfoot sightings near Sherman Pass

While the above Washington State report turned out to be a hoax, it prompted a man named Gary to come forward with his own stories. He claims he experienced multiple Bigfoot sightings in that very area, where he used to work building logging roads.

He told his tale to KHQ, recounting that he and his crew used to hear “otherworldly screaming” and the sounds of “stick pounding.” He also claims to have directly encountered a female Bigfoot, estimating that she stood at least 9-feet-tall, and was completely black.

Bigfoot Sightings:

He and a friend were sitting on his front porch when SJ noticed movement in the direction of the pharmacy on Hillside Rd. He was looking towards the turnoff from Klamath River Highway.

He picked up his binocular and witnessed a large black Bigfoot standing on the side of the pharmacy. It then ducked back in the pine trees.

He mentioned what he saw to his friend, who then looked in the same direction. The friend then noticed a Bigfoot running through the adjacent field towards the Klamath River.

This is not the first time that these witnesses have seen a Bigfoot in this area, which is well-known for Bigfoot activity. But the fact that this Bigfoot was out in the open withing Happy Camp during daylight was a bit surprising.

I’ve been wondering if the Covid-19 lockdown, and less people out and about as a result, may be causing these creatures and other cryptids to be more willing to venture out during the daylight. Lon


‘VM’ called me in referenced to a recent sighting and continued vocalizations and other sounds around his family owned campground in Erie County, New York. He has asked if we could send investigators to the location.

He had recently seen a 7 1/2 foot Bigfoot with dark reddish brown hair while walking to his mailbox along the road in front of the campground. This was during the afternoon hours. The Bigfoot literally stepped out of the surrounding woods and crossed the road in 3 strides.

His brother, who is an avid hunter, recently stumbled across a possible nest or sleeping area that had recently been used.

Nessie Spotted on Sonar Again? | Coast to Coast AM

For the second time in less than a month, a boat cruising along Loch Ness picked up a curious anomaly on sonar that some suspect could be the site’s legendary monster. As with the first case, which occurred back on September 30th, the potential underwater sighting was reportedly logged by Ronald Mackenzie of Cruise Loch Ness during a tour of the location on October 11th. In this instance, the sizeable anomaly was situated at a depth of approximately 600 feet and clearly stood out on the sonar return as something out of the ordinary…

Source: Nessie Spotted on Sonar Again? | Coast to Coast AM

Ancient Egyptian temple reveals previously unknown star constellations | Live Science

The restoration of a soot-filled ancient Egyptian temple has revealed the previously unknown names of ancient Egyptian constellations, according to experts in Germany and Egypt.The restoration has also uncovered the gorgeous original colors the ancient Egyptians painted the 2,000-year-old temple…

Source: Ancient Egyptian temple reveals previously unknown star constellations | Live Science

Archaeologists unearthed 160 sarcophagi in an Egyptian city of the dead. They opened one that was sealed for more than 2,500 years. | West Haven Observer

Archaeologists examine a mummy inside a newly discovered coffin on November 14, 2020 in Saqqara, Egypt. Kyodo News via GettyArchaeologists have found 160 sarcophagi in an ancient city of the dead beneath Saqqara, Egypt since September.The wooden coffins were perfectly sealed. They’d remained undisturbed for 2,500 years….

Source: Archaeologists unearthed 160 sarcophagi in an Egyptian city of the dead. They opened one that was sealed for more than 2,500 years. | West Haven Observer

Hauntings, demons, ghosts & more!

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Is This a Video of a Thylacine? – The Paranormal Site

A video that was shot in 2008 seems to have captured a Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine in Western Victoria. It is sure to please those interested in cryptozoology.Neil Waters, who heads the group Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia believes the video to be authentic. He states, “This thylacine here was a lot bigger and broader than the fox,” he said…

Source: Is This a Video of a Thylacine? – The Paranormal Site

UFO Filmed in Texas ~ The Crypto Crew

UFO Filmed in Texas This is a very interesting capture out of Texas. On 10/22/20 the witness was driving and had to stop at a stop light, that is  when they noticed the object. The witness described the object as a “metal sphere”. The object was moving “right under the clouds in a fast steady direction”, according to the witness.I will have to say I find the video pretty impressive. At the end the object appears to be traveling at a very…

Source: UFO Filmed in Texas ~ The Crypto Crew