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New readers account just added

An interesting new readers account has been submitted and posted over at the True Stories page. Thank you Greg D for the submission. Anyone else with any encounters etc., you want to share, submit your accounts and I will post them ASAP. Thank you!

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NY State ghost hunting organization

For the serious ghost hunters among us, here is a well recommended organization to check out: Shadow Chasers

The Shadow Chasers Paranormal Investigations & Research Organization were founded at the University of Potsdam in 2002 as a study in anthrolpological field research. As a result, the team are CITI certified social sciences researchers following the professional protocols of in-field psychology and anthropology researchers.

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Meeting of like-minded people

Jennifer, it was really awesome to hear about some of your experiences the other day on the return trip! I want to have you go ahead when you’re ready and click on the ‘Report an experience’ link on the main page, and submit your details of what’s taken place with you.

Looking forwards to it! Until next time, take care.

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Fact or faked?

If you’ve never had an actual experience with an entity, then watching these videos may just want you to start asking questions as to what else is out there in this world. Death has always been around us. No, not the grim reaper, but death due to illness etc. Where does one go after our time is up? Watch and enjoy, then ask the questions.



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Resurrection time for mere mortals

Death and  life are intertwined. Like Lazarus, people have been documented to arise from being clinically dead. I am very interested to know…what have these people experienced on the other side? This an interesting story found at mysteriousuniverse.org.


In a Rare Case of the Lazarus Syndrome, a Woman is Declared Dead Twice

That biblical passage comes from the story of Lazarus, who was brought back to life after being declared dead and buried four days before. Lazarus thus lent his name to any circumstance involving a person being brought back to life after being declared dead by a doctor or another person who knows the signs of death. While it’s popular in movie plots and novels, the so-called Lazarus Syndrome is extremely rare – only 37 cases have been verified worldwide since 1982.

Make that 38.

The Raising of Lazarus

“The patient was certified dead at 10.30pm in GMSH.”

Dr. Dasari Harish, head of the forensic medicine department at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH)-32, told the Times of India that the case was discussed at a recent conference. Doctors at the Government Multispecialty Hospital (GMSH)-16 in Chandigarh (a city and a union territory in northern India) declared a 45-year-old female patient dead due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – an inflammatory lung condition that obstructs breathing. Dr. Harish says the doctors followed proper protocols when determining the time of death at 10.30 pm and placed what they thought was a corpse in an ambulance three hours later to be transported to the home of her relatives for the funeral. However, “signs of vitality were noticed by the relatives while transporting her body,” said Harish.


“They immediately unpacked her and brought to our hospital at 5:58 am. We were not even informed that she had already been declared dead by the previous hospital. After resuscitation and treatment, she was declared dead at 7:30 am in GMCH.”

As Dr. Harish pointed out, the woman had been declared officially dead by other doctors following proper protocols. Yes, doctors have been known to close ranks when controversy occurs, but the Lazarus Syndrome muddies the saline solution here. According to a US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health report, the Lazarus syndrome or Lazarus heart or ‘autoresuscitation after failed cardiopulmonary resuscitation’, is the “the unassisted return of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest.” There is some thought that the heart could be stopped by pressure built up during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the heart may start beating again after the pressure is relieved. According to the Emergency Medicine Journal, it may also occur due to high doses or adrenaline (epinephrine) or the recreational ingestion of high doses of heroin and ecstasy. It doesn’t appear that any of these were the case with the poor woman in India. So, what caused this 38th case of the Lazarus Syndrome?

“We found it evidently as the first case of Lazarus phenomena from India. There are no certain reasons, but it is believed that some lifesaving drugs giving for resuscitation have a prolonged effect and perhaps rarely some patients can again come back to life and die again within 2-3 hours.”

Needless to say, that ambulance will have plenty of lawyers chasing it from now on.

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When a red flag pops up even in the paranormal world

Any of us in the paranormal world of be it study, active study out in the field etc., that encounter person(s) that “throw of a bad vibe”, we need to listen to our inner voice of reason. In my encounters, I had the time to interview an individual on spiritual encounters both good and bad, that this person had repeatedly experienced. The interview then lead into very dark paths of conversation about those experiences.

The path had strewn into the demonic and satanic realms. I had become aware that I may have been being targeted for an attack by an entity that was very dark and hungry. How did I become aware? It was my inner voice of reason that went from a whisper to an outright shout that I needed to step back and away very quickly!

I had been given information about contacting that individual for more information. That right away had told me a physical point was trying to be established to allow this attack to start to take place. The information was discarded, I then felt a pressure being lifted off and away from me. The moral to this story is please be very aware of your environment around you, take the precautions to protect yourself and people in your group if you’re out in the field for research and fact finding outings etc.

Have you had experiences like this with other people? I would like to know. I will NOT publish your real name. But please do use the Report an experience form to share your experience(s) about this.


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Ghosts, entities and real life hauntings

I’m a native upstate NY’er. All my life I’ve heard stories of certain places that had active ghost or paranormal situations. Other places I came to learn about later on were confirmed that those locations had verified activity and very rich history to support the claims. Here is a video of some of the locations from south of my area in NY state.

Enjoy and as always, click on the Report an experience link found at the top middle of this page to submit your paranormal experiences to be included in the True stories area.


Enjoy this video!

What Happened When We Visited a Haunted House in New York

From the Inside Edition youtube channel:

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Human life, reality and the new people we meet in our journy

A person I met today, a very intelligent, aware and enlightened women had brought up a very good point as well as the subject for today (And if you’re reading this post….thank you for a very good conversation and the chance to exchange ideas and get to know an “old soul”!) A little brief history of today…the subject of the paranormal had been brought up, she expressed her intensities about it as did I. The subject of alien civilizations and humans was introduced. Food for thought…could our human existence have been a “seeding” project for a much more advanced, truly alien faction or civilization and we are now, as in a few hundred to a thousand people per decade, year, month etc., becoming aware of this thought and the questions and are now starting come to terms that there may very well be our creators, and not what traditional religion(s) teach us?

Please do read this article in its entirety. The link to the full article from Scientific American Blog can be found below after the posted article:

Advanced Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God

Our first encounter with E.T. technology could be as baffling to us as a smartphone would have been to a Neandertal

Despite the impression one gets from textbooks, our current knowledge of the universe represents a small island in a vast ocean of ignorance. The scientific enterprise is all about expanding the landmass of this island. And it is fun to engage in the activity of gaining knowledge; knowing everything in advance would have been much more boring. Still, it would be shocking to learn all at once of the discoveries of an alien civilization that been doing scientific and technological exploration for billions of years, in contrast to our mere few centuries. The eminent science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke codified this idea in the third of his three laws : “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Put another way, members of such a civilization would appear to us as a pretty good approximation to God.

Meeting a piece of advanced technological equipment developed by an extraterrestrial intelligence might resemble an imaginary encounter of ancient cave people with a modern cell phone. At first, they would interpret it as a shiny rock, not recognizing it as a communication device. The same thing might have happened in reaction to the first detection of an interstellar visitor to the solar system, ‘Oumuamua, which showed six peculiar properties but was nevertheless interpreted as a rock by mainstream astronomers.

Because it would likely be relatively small, most advanced equipment could only be recognized in the darkness of space when it comes close enough to our nearest lamppost, the sun. We can search for technological “keys” under this lamppost, but most of them will stay unnoticed if they pass far away. More fundamentally, one may wonder whether we are able to recognize technologies that were not already developed by us. After all, these technologies might feature subtle purposes—like the cell phone communication signals that a cave person would miss.

Is there something we might be missing already here and now? When looking around us, the most mysterious phenomenon we encounter routinely is the sophistication of complex life. Some scientists wondered whether life itself was seeded on Earth by an alien civilization in a process called “directed panspermia.” One can imagine a probe that brought the seeds of life in the form of microbes or instead a 3-D printer that produced these seeds out of the raw materials on Earth based on a prescribed blueprint. The universal left-handedness (chirality) of all life-forms on Earth without exception can be interpreted as stemming from a single panspermia event, be it natural (through a rock arriving from space) or artificial in origin . Even in this context, our imagination of what aliens might do will improve once we are able to produce synthetic life in the laboratory.

The number of targeted probes that are needed to seed life artificially in the habitable zone of a planetary systems is far smaller than the number of natural rocks that serve the same purpose on random trajectories. The advantage of 3-D printing of life from raw materials on a target planet is that natural DNA samples live a finite lifetime and may eventually disintegrate in a few million years, whereas artificial machinery can be constructed to last much longer…

Read the full article here


Our world is filled with questions. We sometimes do find the answers. We seek life answers, then are presented with more questions than answers to those life questions we ask.

Is our journey through this life a “training” exercise? Revelations (if we allow it to happen) that we have to accept that death is merely the next step into a much bigger, grander process of our being as individuals that during and even after, impart so very much on small and even larger levels that we sometimes fail to see our every interaction, literally, DOES have impacting effects on those around us!

Simple scenario: your kindness to a stranger to help them out in public say with helping them with a supporting word or even a simple “hello, how are you today”, sensing that that person is undergoing something stressing or traumatic (although you truly don’t know this individual)…all because your genuine nature came into play without the thought of “what can I get in return”. And of course, there are millions of other examples, this one being a simple way to illustrate a point.

What are your thoughts on this theory, idea or revelation of an age old need to know the answer to this type of question?



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A vanishing plane and politicians

Vanishings are sometimes not sensational, sometimes however there are those cases that defy any logical explanation at all. As is this next case…

On October 16th, 1972, Alaska Democratic Congressman Nick Begich, 40, his aide Russell Brown, 37, and Louisiana Congressman Hale Boggs, 58, were preparing to head to Juneau, Alaska, in order to attend an election rally for Begich and address a fund‐raising dinner during a campaign trip through the state. In Anchorage at 9 AM that day, the three politicians boarded a Pan Alaska Airways twin-engine Cessna 310 plane, tail number N1812H, manned by seasoned bush pilot Don Jonz. The plan was for them to fly over the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet to Yakutat and then go from there straight to Juneau, on what was to be a 3-and-a-half-hour flight covering around 550 miles. Things seemed very smooth at first, the weather was reasonably calm, they had more than enough fuel, and they were in good hands as Jonz was a former military pilot with over 17,000 hours of flight time and vast experience flying for Pan Alaska Airways, yet they would never arrive at their destination. This would launch one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in Alaska’s history, and indeed one of the best of all time, a mystery to this day.

When the plane failed to arrive on schedule there was immediately launched the most massive search and rescue operation the country had ever seen. The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and Civil Air Patrol all worked in tandem with every resource at their disposal to comb a vast swath of sea, glaciers, mountains, and forest, with over 40 military aircraft using state of the art detection equipment and recruiting around 100 private planes to aid in the efforts. In addition, 400 private salmon fishing boats joined in the sea search of the remote area. Although the weather got worse that day and forced them to suspend operations, the search itself would stretch on for a full 39 days, scouring every inch of the backwater areas over which the missing plane had flown, over a search grid of 325,000 square miles, yet not a single scrap or piece of wreckage could be found and there was no sign at all of what had happened to it. There was at two points hits from an emergency locator beacon somewhere in the wilds, but the source could not be found and it was unclear if this was from the missing plane or not. It was as if the plane had just flown off the face of the earth.

Hale Boggs

In this era before GPS and cell phones there were only a very few clues as to what had happened after that plane had taken off, and there had been no radio contact indicative of anything wrong. It was considered odd that the plane had failed to make a routine check in with the Coast Guard station along their route from Anchorage and Juneau, which was standard procedure, and it was speculated that the plane’s radio had perhaps somehow become inoperable. Oddly, there was chatter at the time from some ham radio operators in Northern California that they had received transmissions from the downed plane that claimed that there were survivors, but this led nowhere as it could not be confirmed and the location of the alleged mysterious transmissions remained an enigma.

Another weird lead came when the Coast Guard received an anonymous call in the wake of the crash from a man who claimed that he had used advanced experimental electronic equipment to locate the actual crash site. After giving detailed coordinates, the Coast Guard deemed him a credible source and pursued it. The man was heavily interviewed by authorities and his information was considered reliable, but it is unknown whether they actually followed up on it or whether it led anywhere, and it seems the whole thing was just sort of swept under the carpet. This is all very odd, but it isn’t even the oddest of the clues that surrounded the vanishing.

Just months before the doomed flight, Alaska had passed a state law that required all small commercial aircraft to have an Emergency Locator Transmitter, which would have sent out a distress signal in the event of a crash or emergency. Not only was no concrete signal from this type of transmitter received, but there would turn out to be some mysterious clues surrounding it. When authorities investigated whether the plane had even had a transmitter or not as required by law, they found that the one that should have been aboard N1812H had been left behind at the Fairbanks residence of pilot Jon Jonz. This was particularly weird not only because he was a professional pilot and should have remembered something like that, but witnesses would later insist that they had in fact seen Jonz carrying a transmitter on board, but that it had been a different color. Why would he have had a transmitter of the wrong color and left the proper one back at his apartment? No one really knows.

Read the full story here

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A shout out

My apologies for the lack of updates. Working and juggling life takes a lot out of a person! A shout out to Eric from Camden, NY. Eric is also a “Paranormalite” and a very intelligent person whom I had the time to meet due to the nature of my job and discuss things of a paranormal nature and get to share views etc., with in many other things.

To Eric and everyone who lands here at The Paranormal Effect, your experiences with the paranormal can be posted right here in the true stories section, so send them on in.

More updates are on the way, so stay tuned!


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Is the Sasquatch species simply a primate or ?

For any of you just finding this post and are not sure what Sasquatch is or is not, here is some information from Wikipedia for some brief background on this unknown species as well as an informative and over-all good documentary about the Kentucky spottsville sightings and interactions.

From Wikipedia:


According to David Daegling, the legends predate the name “bigfoot”.[10] They differ in their details both regionally and between families in the same community.[10]

Ecologist Robert Pyle says that most cultures have accounts of human-like giants in their folk history, expressing a need for “some larger-than-life creature.”[11] Each language had its own name for the creatures featured in the local version of such legends. Many names meant something along the lines of “wild man” or “hairy man”, although other names described common actions that it was said to perform, such as eating clams or shaking trees.[12] Chief Mischelle of the Nlaka’pamux at Lytton, British Columbia told such a story to Charles Hill-Tout in 1898; he named the creature by a Salishan variant meaning “the benign-faced-one”.[citation needed]

Members of the Lummi tell tales about Ts’emekwes, the local version of Bigfoot. The stories are similar to each other in the general descriptions of Ts’emekwes, but details differed among various family accounts concerning the creatures’ diet and activities.[13] Some regional versions tell of more threatening creatures. The stiyaha or kwi-kwiyai were a nocturnal race. Children were warned against saying the names, lest the monsters hear and come to carry off a person, sometimes to be killed.[14] In 1847 Paul Kane reported stories by the Indians about skoocooms, a race of cannibalistic wildmen living on the peak of Mount St. Helens in southern Washington state.[8]

Less-menacing versions have also been recorded, such as one in 1840 by Elkanah Walker, a Protestant missionary who recorded stories of giants among the Indians living near Spokane, Washington. The Indians said that these giants lived on and around the peaks of nearby mountains and stole salmon from the fishermen’s nets.[15]

In the 1920s, Indian Agent J. W. Burns compiled local stories and published them in a series of Canadian newspaper articles. They were accounts told to him by the Sts’Ailes people of Chehalis and others. The Sts’Ailes and other regional tribes maintained that the Sasquatch were real. They were offended by people telling them that the figures were legendary. According to Sts’Ailes accounts, the Sasquatch preferred to avoid white men and spoke the Lillooet language of the people at Port Douglas, British Columbia at the head of Harrison Lake. These accounts were published again in 1940.[16][17] Burns borrowed the term Sasquatch from the Halkomelem sásq’ets (IPA: [ˈsæsqʼəts])[18] and used it in his articles to describe a hypothetical single type of creature portrayed in the local stories.[8][12][19]


Fossil jaw of the extinct primate Gigantopithecus blacki

Bigfoot proponents Grover Krantz and Geoffrey H. Bourne believed that Bigfoot could be a relict population of Gigantopithecus. All Gigantopithecus fossils were found in Asia, but according to Bourne, many species of animals migrated across the Bering land bridge and he suggested that Gigantopithecus might have done so, as well.[53] Gigantopithecus fossils have not been found in the Americas. The only recovered fossils are of mandibles and teeth, leaving uncertainty about Gigantopithecus’s locomotion. Krantz has argued that Gigantopithecus blacki could have been bipedal, based on his extrapolation of the shape of its mandible. However, the relevant part of the mandible is not present in any fossils.[54] An alternative view is that Gigantopithecus was quadrupedal; its enormous mass would have made it difficult for it to adopt a bipedal gait.[citation needed]

Matt Cartmill criticizes the Gigantopithecus hypothesis:

The trouble with this account is that Gigantopithecus was not a hominin and maybe not even a crown group hominoid; yet the physical evidence implies that Bigfoot is an upright biped with buttocks and a long, stout, permanently adducted hallux. These are hominin autapomorphies, not found in other mammals or other bipeds. It seems unlikely that Gigantopithecus would have evolved these uniquely hominin traits in parallel.[55]

Bernard G. Campbell writes: “That Gigantopithecus is in fact extinct has been questioned by those who believe it survives as the Yeti of the Himalayas and the Sasquatch of the north-west American coast. But the evidence for these creatures is not convincing.”[56]

Extinct hominines

Primatologist John R. Napier and anthropologist Gordon Strasenburg have suggested a species of Paranthropus as a possible candidate for Bigfoot’s identity, such as Paranthropus robustus, with its gorilla-like crested skull and bipedal gait[57] —despite the fact that fossils of Paranthropus are found only in Africa.[citation needed]

Michael Rugg of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum presented a comparison between human, Gigantopithecus, and Meganthropus skulls (reconstructions made by Grover Krantz) in episodes 131 and 132 of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show.[58] He favorably compares a modern tooth suspected of coming from a Bigfoot to the Meganthropus fossil teeth, noting the worn enamel on the occlusal surface.[citation needed] The Meganthropus fossils originated from Asia, and the tooth was found near Santa Cruz, California.[citation needed]

Some suggest NeanderthalHomo erectus, or Homo heidelbergensis to be the creature, but no remains of any of those species have been found in the Americas.[59]

Scientific view


In 2013, ZooBank, the non-governmental organization that is generally accepted by zoologists to assign species names, approved the registration request for the species name Homo sapiens cognatus to be used for the reputed hominid more familiarly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.[60]

The request was made by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum,[61][62] D.V.M., Moody Scholar and lead scientist of The Sasquatch Genome Project following publication of “Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies,” Ketchum, M. S., et al, in the DeNovo: Journal of Science, 13 Feb 2013.[63] The article examined 111 samples of blood, tissue, hair, and other specimens “characterized and hypothesized” to have been “obtained from elusive hominins in North America commonly referred to as Sasquatch.” Zoobank is an adjunct to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). The Sasquatch Genome Project is a collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of scientists from independent, public, and academic laboratories.[citation needed]

This is only the first official step in scientific recognition of the species. A follow-up step would be to secure the recognition and inclusion of a DNA sample from Homo sapiens cognatus by GenBank, a DNA repository whose catalogue, though incomplete, is well recognized by the scientific community.[citation needed] GenBank provides standardized accepted procedures for the collection and analysis of DNA samples.[citation needed]

According to a statement by an ICZN associate scientist, “ZooBank and the ICZN do not review evidence for the legitimacy of organisms to which names are applied – that is outside our mandate, and is really the job of the relevant taxonomic/biological community (in this case, primatologists) to do that. When H. s. cognatus was first registered, needless to say we received a lot of inquiry about it. We scrutinized the original description and registration of this name as best as we could, and as far as we can determine, all the requirements for establishing the new name were fulfilled. Thus, at the moment, we have no grounds to reject the scientific name. This says NOTHING about the legitimacy of the taxon concept – it’s just about whether the name was established according to the rules.”[citation needed] The evidence advanced supporting the existence of such a large, ape-like creature has often been attributed to hoaxes or delusion rather than to sightings of a genuine creature.[6] In a 1996 USA Today article, Washington State zoologist John Crane said, “There is no such thing as Bigfoot. No data other than material that’s clearly been fabricated has ever been presented.”[11] In addition, scientists cite the fact that Bigfoot is alleged to live in regions unusual for a large, nonhuman primate, i.e., temperate latitudes in the northern hemisphere; all recognized apes are found in the tropics of Africa and Asia.[citation needed]

However, primatologist Jane Goodall told National Public Radio, “Well now you will be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they [referring to Bigfoots] exist.”[64] Dmitri Bayanov, Chairman of the Smolin Seminar on Questions of Hominology at the Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia, stated, “All researchers versed in this science do know that Bigfoot is a mammal, not myth, because of the females’ conspicuous mammae. All know that Bigfoot is a primate because of the dermal ridges on its soles, a diagnostic characteristic of primates. All hominologists, respectful of logic and the current classification of primates, know that Bigfoot is a non-sapiens hominid because of its nonhuman way of life and bipedalism. … I think that one of the great scientific results of the 20th century was the discovery of relict hominids (homins, for short), popularly known as Abominable Snowman, Yeti, Yeren, Almas, Almasty, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, etc. Actually, it was a re-discovery by hominologists of what had been known to western naturalists from antiquity to the middle of the 18th century, when wild bipedal primates were classified by Carl Linnaeus as Homo troglodytes (i.e., caveman) or Homo sylvestris (i.e., woodman, forestman). As for eastern scholars and rural population in many parts of the world, they have always been aware of wild hairy bipeds, known under diverse popular names.”[65]

Yet many other mainstream scientists do not consider the subject of Bigfoot to be a fertile area for credible science[66] and there have been a limited number of formal scientific studies of Bigfoot.

For the entire Wikipedia entry, go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigfoot

The Spottsville Monster: Kentucky’s Bigfoot:

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Crytpid(s) of Wallowa Lake

A post by Nick Redfern I recommend reading:

The Weird Wonder of Wallowa Lake

As Cryptid Wiki note: “The Wallowa Lake Monster, also known as Wally, is a lake monster alleged to inhabit Wallowa Lake, Oregon. It is described as being roughly between 8 and 20 feet long and hump-shaped. A local legend among the Nez Perce tribe states that when the Nez Perce and Blackfeet were at war, the daughter of the Nez Perce chief fell in love with the son of the Blackfoot chief. One night, the couple took a canoe from the Nez Perce camp and rowed out on the lake. Eventually, the rival tribes realized what was happening and set out after them. The monster then came up out of the lake and attacked them, killing them all. To this day, the Nez Perce do not venture out on the lake.”

Wally (also referred to as Big Wally) is hardly the name I would pick for a marauding monster of the deep, to say the least! The fact is, though, that there have been a few genuinely intriguing reports from Wallowa Lake suggesting that something lives in its depths. That the reports date back to the 19th century strongly suggest we’re looking at far more than just one creature. On November 5, 1885, the Wallowa Chieftain newspaper ran an article on its resident monster, which has been given the distinctly non-monstrous name of “Big Wally.” It is said to dwell in Wallowa Lake, Oregon, an approximately fifty-one square-mile body of water with a depth of around 300 feet. The article states:

“A prospector, who refuses to give his name to the public, was coming down from the south end of the lake on last Friday evening in a skiff shortly after dusk, when about midway of the lake he saw an animal about fifty yards to the right of the boat, rear its head and neck up out of the water ten or twelve feet, but on seeing him it immediately dived. He ceased rowing and gazed around in astonishment, for the strange apparition which he had just seen, when it raised about the same distance to the left, this lime giving a low bellow something like that of a cow. It also brought its body to the surface, which the prospector avers was one hundred feet in length. The monster glided along in sight for several hundred yards. It was too dark to see the animal distinctly, but it seemed to have a large, flat head, something like that of a hippopotamus, and its neck, which was about ten feet in length, was as large around as a man’s body.

“Now this story may have been coined in the imagination of the narrator, but he was very earnest in his recital. However, it is a known fact that there is a tradition among the Indians that the lake has a big sea cow in it, which on one occasion, many years ago, came up one evening and swallowed a young warrior and his dusky bride as they were gliding over the surface of the lake in a canoe. And to this day an Indian of the tribes who formerly frequented its shores cannot be induced to go upon its waters. The lake has been sounded to the depth of 270 feet, and it is a bare probability that some monster does inhabit its unexplored depths.”

Wallowa Lake

It’s unlikely that this was a hoax – on, or by, the newspaper – as other reports have since surfaced. In 1978, a couple by the name of Bryant saw Big Wally on not just one occasion but two! On the first occasion, they saw three hump-like protrusions break the surface of the lake, albeit briefly. Some months later, the Bryant’s watched an approximately twenty-foot-long, snake-like animal circle a certain portion of the lake for several minutes. Three years later, Bert Repplinger and Joe Babic were amazed by the brief sight of a three-foot-long head and neck that broke the surface of Lake Wallowa. While the number of sightings of Big Wally is scarcely anywhere near the likes of some of its far more famous cousins, the fact that occasional reports continue to surface is a fairly good indication that the lake is home to something unusual. Exactly what it may be, however, remains unknown.

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For fifty years, world-renowned transpersonal psychologist Charles Tart conducted scientific experiments at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University and the University of California, Davis, to explore the nature of paranormal phenomena. In The End of Materialism, Tart presents his findings and explains how the scientific and spiritual worlds can be reconciled.

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Area 51: The Revealing Truth of UFOs, Secret Aircraft, Cover-Ups & Conspiracies

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  • Rural Georgia Cemetery Suddenly Manifests Before Witnesses
    A young woman in rural Georgia and her fiance agree to go along with her parents in search of a creepy cemetery. They eventually encounter an entity of a little girl with black eyes, in a cemetery that had suddenly manifested before them. The following account was sent to me several years ago. I don't believe that I had previously posted it:"My fia […]
  • Couple Encounters Bigfoot on the Loma Prieta Grade Trail
    A Silicon Valley resident and his girlfriend are hiking on the Loma Prieta Grade Trail in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park in the summer of 2019 when they encounter a Bigfoot.I recently came across the following account:"I’m a Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) native and have frequented the adjacent Santa Cruz Mountains all my life. This incide […]
  • Skinwalker Accounts From The Navajo Rez
    3 separate accounts of encounters with Skinwalkers on the Dine Navajo reservation in New Mexico and Arizona. One account of running alongside a car, a shapeshifting coyote and an old 'witch' who cursed the jail.I recently came across the following accounts:"I dated a Navajo guy for 3.5 years when I was in college. We would go back to the rez p […]
  • Horrifying Deadly Cryptid Encounter (Possible Wendigo) in Central Montana
    A horrifying account of an encounter with an unknown cryptid, possibly a Wendigo, at a Girl Scout camp in central Montana. The result was the death of a counselor and a terrible maiming of one of the girls.I recently received the following account:"This occurred in 2008. I was 10 years old and a Girl Scout in central Montana. They did a cool thing every […]
  • Was A Shunka Warak’in Seen Near Laredo, Texas?
    3 young men observed a hyena-like cryptid near Laredo, Texas in the early 1980s. Over the years, one of the witnesses firmly believes that this creature was a relict Ringdocus or Shunka Warak’in.I recently received the following account:"When I was about 17, my brother, a friend, and I were hunting in the wilderness behind our subdivision, just south of […]
  • Multiple Bigfoot Encounters in North Alabama
    A reader in north Alabama describes his encounters with several different Bigfoot over his lifetime. Apparently, he has more incidents to tell me. I look forward to it.I recently received the following account:"Hey Lon. I have lived in north Alabama my entire life. My family told me their stories when I was a child. I am 52 now and have had some of the […]

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  • Wisconsin Boy Encounters ‘Bigfoot’
    A Milwaukee student says he saw a creature he believes to be a Bigfoot. The 17-year-old, who provided a full name but was kept anonymous as per the standard code of journalism ethics regarding disclosure of the identity of a minor,  told Cryptozoology News he was walking on a trail he goes to once a […] The post Wisconsin Boy Encounters ‘Bigfoot’ appeared fi […]
  • Recent Bigfoot Sighting in Alabama
    The following unedited report–except for the person’s name and exact location of the sighting– was sent to Cryptozoology News by a 33-year-old Dollar General employee out of a city in Autauga and Elmore counties, Alabama, on February 3, 2020. The date of the sighting is December 7, 2019 at approximately 5:30 p.m.. If you would […] The post Recent Bigfoot Sig […]
  • North Carolina Couple Sees Bigfoot
    Two people in North Carolina say they came upon a “huge Bigfoot”. Denise Galindo told the BFRO that she and her husband were driving in Swain County at dusk when they saw the unidentified primate a few days ago. “There was a very strange looking, what I thought was an odd looking man, and as […] The post North Carolina Couple Sees Bigfoot appeared first on C […]
  • Pterodactyl Sighting in Florida
    A woman in Florida says she and her family saw a big-sized bird she believed to be a pterosaur. The 42-year-old woman, a registered nurse who provided a full name and contact information but asked to remain anonymous, says she and her family where in their backyard in Apopka when the unidentified creature showed up […] The post Pterodactyl Sighting in Florid […]
  • A Cry for Help: Let’s Save Australian Wildlife
    This won’t be the regular weekend article. There won’t be mysterious creatures. There won’t be Bigfoot, UFOs, or lake monsters. This is a cry for help. This is a call to action and compassion. Australia needs your help. We have seen the horrifying images of Koalas, Kangaroos and other animals suffering the devastating effects of […] The post A Cry for Help: […]

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