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“The fate of the paranormal is to become the normal as our horizons of understanding expand.”

~ Michael Shermer

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  • From ancient times, the Great Sphinx excites people’s fantasies. This mythical creature symbolizes mystery in Egyptian culture. The prediction of the famous medium and esoteric Edgar Cayce is known that there is a secret room under the paw of a giant statue. The Hall of Records is a purported ancient library claimed to lie under […]
  • The “potentially dangerous” asteroid 2015 FF the size of a Blue Whale, which is between 13 and 28 meters in diameter, will fly past Earth on Friday, August 12, 2022, according to NASA. The asteroid is moving at the speed of 20,512 miles an hour, which is about 27 times the speed of sound. At […]
  • Planetary scientist Matthew Clement of the Carnegie Institution’s Earth and Planetary Laboratory and colleagues claim that aliens can alert us to their presence by moving the planets around, reports Experts say that an alien civilization can organize entire solar systems of planets. They can also bombard moons and planets with asteroids to change their […]
  • The space agency NASA announced the start of research into the phenomenon of “anomalous atmospheric phenomena”. This term has replaced the usual abbreviation UFO (unidentified flying objects). First, let’s define terminology. UFO refers to any atmospheric phenomenon, the cause of which is unknown. Researchers have carefully avoided calling them flying saucers, alien spaceships, or alien […]
  • At the current rate of activity, humanity will inevitably lead the planet to a catastrophe. By the year 2500, the earth is threatened with a warming of 9 degrees (48.20 °F), which will lead to the mass death of all life. Scientists have analyzed climate change caused by human activities, and came to the conclusion […]
  • Something strange was discovered on the surface of Mars – the Curiosity rover stumbled upon an object that resembles the “face of an Egyptian statue.” The Techneblog portal writes about the discovery of the Martian rover. In one of the images that Mars transmitted to Earth, you can see what looks like the “face of […]
  • Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have carefully studied the structure and characteristics of well-studied silicon and found the signs of the “fifth force”. According to the published press release, this discovery will help us expand our knowledge about nature. Simply put, we need to understand that the world is three […]
  • Pre-Columbian America gave the world a lot of mysteries hidden in impenetrable forests. Researchers are literally bit by bit assembling a puzzle from ancient artifacts of the indigenous people of America. Another secret was presented to scientists by the world-famous Olmec stone sculptures found in the forests of Guatemala. The study of physicists from the […]
  • Neanderthals and humans were engaged in brutal guerrilla-style warfare across the globe for over 100,000 years, evidence shows. It is known that Neanderthals and modern humans descended from the same evolutionary branch. Our genome is 99.7% similar. About 600 thousand years ago, our ancestors split into two parts. Those who later became known as Homo […]
  • According to an artificial intelligence expert, virtual children who can play with you, hug you and even look like you could help fight overpopulation. In her book, Catriona Campbell, one of the UK’s leading artificial intelligence experts, predicted that “computer babies” will become commonplace in 50 years, as fears of overpopulation will encourage society to […]
  • “ A very tentative working theory was expressed by the scientific members of the inspection team that pilot-aerodyne interaction may occur via electronic-nonword symbols perceived through the tactile manipulation of the fingers, feeding impulses to the brain and visa versa … a product of artificial intelligence.” – Page 0020131 Crash Retrieval Report from CIA to MAJIC, […]
  • “Flat panels of unknown metal have been suggested as a device associated with the operation … It's mode of operation and purpose is unknown. …Viewing may have been achieved by a form of television imagery. Symbolic notation appears to be the form of flight and control indicators.” – Page 0020128 Crash Retrieval Report from CIA to […]
  • “Autopsy information obtained so far suggests that the occupants mimic the features associated with Orientals … autopsy notes mention a rarely observed    BLACKED OUT   present which supports the premise that these beings originate from another planet.” – Page 0020126, “PART I  PROJECT WHITE HOT INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATE (PRELIMINARY)” from CIA to MAJIC, September 19, […]
  • "Numerous sighting over military installations in the state of New Mexico were investigated by Army and Navy intelligence officers. Reports were forwarded to Military Intelligence Division…" –Top Secret government report   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: […]
  • “On 7 July 1947, Lt. General Nathan Twining arrived at Alamogordo AAF for a secret meeting with AAF Chief of Staff Spaatz and to view recovered remains of craft from LZ-2 (Trinity site).” – War Department TOP SECRET Interplanetary Unit Memorandum dated July 22, 1947   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. […]
  • “It is the collective view of this investigative body, that the aircraft recovered by the Army and Air Force units near Victorio Peak and Socorro, New Mexico, are not of U. S. manufacture.” – Lt. General Nathan Twining, Commander, Air Materiel Command, Wright Field, Ohio, July 1947   Click here to subscribe and get instant […]
  • “The NSC felt investigations of UFO sightings and incidents had to continue in secrecy without any public knowledge. …the fact that an Alien was captured alive and survived for three years under secrecy cannot be released to the public for fear the information would be obtained by SHIS.” – Page 7, “Executive Briefing, PROJECT AQUARIUS (TS)”   […]
  • “Missile Maintenance examined the missile and warhead and found the nuclear components missing from the warhead.” – Ellsworth AFB Complaint Report, November 16, 1977, HELPING HAND and COVERED WAGON UFO Security Violations   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: […]
  • Page 004, MJ-12 briefing paper for American President-Elect Dwight David Eisenhower, Nov. 18, 1952.   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing members, login below: Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot Password
  • “This Headquarters has come to a determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence sources, they are in all probability of interplanetary origin.” – George Marshall, Army Chief of Staff, March 5, 1942   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to […]


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Paranormal weirdness

  • A north Georgia resident describes various strange incidents around his home in the mountains near Hiawassee. This description is very similar to Bigfoot activity, like mimicking, throwing stones, etc.The following account was forwarded to me:"My family has owned this lot of land near Hiawassee, GA since the 1980s and my dad and his family would […]
  • A woman and her boyfriend were on their nightly walk around Redmond Reservoir in Bensenville, Illinois. A bat-winged humanoid is clearly seen taking off, near a screaming woman.The following account was received by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:Date of Sighting: August 2, 2022Time of Sighting: Approximately 2030Location of Sighting: Bensenville, […]
  • A Romanian soldier, on guard duty, hears the guard dogs growling. He then observes a huge black mass, shaped like a giant hyena, leap into the bushes. He has a later encounter as well.The following account was forwarded to me:"I am from Romania, and I don't know if you will read my post. My English […]
  • Sightings of Winged Crypto humanoids and UFOs in Aguadilla, Puerto RicoBy Jorge Martin Miranda C. 2022 (Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research affiliate)One of the most interesting and unusual aspects of the UFO casuistry of the Puerto Rico archipelago is the synchronicity that occurs between the manifestation of UFOs and the appearance of anomalous humanoid creatures […]
  • A southern Louisiana man described his encounter with a Bigfoot while delivering newspapers on the back roads of Washington Parish. The creature was chasing a herd of cows across the road.I recently received the following account:"Yeah, Bigfoot do exist. I saw one in southern Louisiana near Bogalusa, Washington Parish in 1978 while on the back roads. […]
  • An Alberta, Canada experiencer describes their encounter with Bigfoot, and how it communicated with them. This was in reference to an article I recently posted about Bigfoot and lost time.I recent received the following account:"Hello,I just read your article on the man who had missing time. I found it interesting because my Bigfoot encounter up […]
  • A young woman was driving home from work late at night, when she encountered an unknown creature digging through someone's trash by the road. She slowed, then realized that it was not a bear, but something more hideous.I recently came across the following account:"One night in September 2005 I was driving home from work at […]
  • The following trail cam photo was forwarded to our team by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Thomas Carroll. What do you think this is? (Photo included)."I hunt about 3 miles west of Jennerstown, Pennsylvania at the base of Laurel Mountain. I recently put up my trail camera beside my ladder stand. I caught this […]
  • A 73-year-old Canadian-Brit wrote about his various experiences. A semi-retired nuclear physicist, he relates his amazing personal Bigfoot encounter that still deeply affects him:“Over many years, travelling to visit and work in many different countries, I’ve seen Sasquatch and Bigfoots many times, always, however, on the screen of some CCTV system or other. For whatever […]
  • In 2018, Mentor, Ohio Police Officer Mike Malaney was called out to investigate an incident involving a strange woman captured on a baby monitor in a family's home. (Photo included)While sleeping, the parents were alerted to something in their daughter's room. Upon checking the monitor, they observed a strange woman dressed in white clothes, with […]
  • We who mostly know Brandon Fugal only from his involvement with the "Skinwalker Ranch" reality TV series will find the man more complex (and successful!) than we'd imagined. Meg Walter sketches the multi-faceted and literally fast (as in Lamborghini!) business and lifestyle of the man, and one knows not whether to be somewhat jealous of or rather concerned for him. The Skinwalker part of the story may be familiar to many, but one who's read Skinwalkers at the Pentagon […]
  • At the risk of making the conspiracy crowd go wild, it seems that the Mandela Effect is a real and scientifically proven phenomenon. When multiple individuals mis-remember something simultaneously, it's possible that collective consciousness is sharing the "memory." Or someone, somewhere has their fingers in our reality and is playing us all like puppets on strings. And if that keeps you up at night, instead of sleeping you can ponder The True Meaning Behind Your Weird, Strange (Possibly Unsettling) […]
  • Jack Brewer tells a curious story about a response to an FOIA request he made at the request of Erica Lukes of the podcast UFO Classified. Jack doesn't say exactly why he was requesting records on Coast to Coast AM, but he does perhaps make some allusions. Jason Colavito gets John Greenewald, Jr.'s name wrong, but does aptly ask Why Did a Vice Cop Report Crashed Saucers and Dead Aliens to the FBI in 1950? Jason's construction of the […]
  • The "tug-of-war" between traditional and more remote assumptions of the peopling of the Americas has experienced its latest yank backwards. So says Kambiz Kamrani, reporting upon a find—wait for it—in the backyard of the principal author of the new study in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution! Tim Brinkhof educates us upon a less-sweeping but still fascinating part of past mobility, namely The Forgotten Voyagers of Ancient Greece, China, and Scandinavia. Ancient texts may pose their own special interpretation issues, […]
  • Creepiness is in the eye of the beholder (or the mind of the experiencer) and never was that more true than with these two reports of so called spooky goings on. The first story involves a recording by a home security system, so the witnesses may be excused on the basis of perhaps not being too tech savvy. Ghost cat? More likely time to get the camera serviced. Then there's this next story of an Eerie Figure Encountered in […]
  • The diversity of UFO history shines in these articles. John Greenewald presents and comments upon his attempt to learn the identity of an unidentified NSA employee who reported on a 1978 MUFON International Symposium. This reader knows the outstanding person suspected of being the report's author and has no idea either way. John complains that some government UFO documents "are 'lost' and unable to be reviewed for further release." Nick Redfern discusses this last matter in Interplanetary Intrigue: A […]
  • Anthony Bragalia boldly asserts that To The Stars…Academy of Arts & Science (now known as To The Stars) entered into a fraudulent materials analysis deal with the Army. Bragalia assembles most of the known data and adds a piece on the Government-military end to make his case. Though some background may not be directly relevant and his sketches of the principals stem from his perspective and emphasis (last we knew Luis Elizondo has not for some time been "listed […]
  • Another John Greenewald FOIA success has elicited an unredacted version of a memo possibly connected to a famous UFO hoax or even less surely to a real New Mexican UFO crash event. And yet, to quote from the 2013 FBI memo explaining the redacted version (previously in the public eye), still "The mystery remains…". The redactions were relatively few, but veiled a strange twist to the story of three downed saucers, each holding three small, presumably dead bodies. Specifically, […]
  • Here is an interview with a fellow who has been casting Bigfoot prints and having encounters for most of his life on his property near the Meramec River. Reporter Doc Holliday finds the evidence "compelling and time will only tell if this is enough to cause a large investigation of his area to happen." There is more "track" evidence in 'Shocked' Snowdonia Walkers Report Cluster of Big Cat Sightings and 'Massive Pawprints'. As this national park in the UK […]
  • Reporter Shola Lee takes readers to the great outdoors where a long walk on a beautiful trail might be your last. In Mount Shasta National Park in California, 11 hikers have gone "poof!" without a trace in the last decade, and there's a cold case team in the neighboring county dedicated to finding out what happened them. Moving north we have a Giant Figure Filmed Atop Mountain in Canada? Given the distance from which the figure atop the mountain in […]
  • Jack Osbourne’s third instalment of his ‘Night of Terror’s’ series sees him hunting UFOs at Skinwalker Ranch. Jack is taking viewers to the edge of the unknown in the new, two-hour special, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs, launching Saturday, September 3rd on discovery+. In his latest quest, Osbourne teams up with his actor friends … The post Jack Osbourne goes UFO hunting with friends […]
  • A new office, called the ‘All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office’ (AARO for short), has been created to ‘detect, identify and attribute objects of interest… and, as necessary, to mitigate any associated threats to safety of operations and national security.’ The AARO will become the central hub for collecting, investigating and managing reports of UFO sightings around … The post All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office is America’s new […]
  • A video of what looks like a creepy white figure walking around a backyard in Kentucky, US, has been shared on twitter and caused somewhat of a frenzy as to what it could be. The video was posted on Twitter by Paranormal Magazine and it went viral on social media. Here's the video of the … The post Creepy creature caught on camera walking around […]
  • The search for the Loch Ness Monster has gone on for decades with the true identity of the legendary beast as much a mystery of how it came to live in the loch. One expert though, claims it could spend most of its time hiding in a parallel universe like in the hit show Stranger Things. The creature … The post Loch Ness Monster may live in a […]
  • From ‘last orders’ to ‘last rites’, there’s been some spooky goings-on behind the bar at The Old Ferry Boat Inn in St Ives, England. It’s all reportedly the work of a teen girl who died more than 900 years ago. The ghost of a heartbroken young woman won’t let the owners of one country pub turn off … The post Pub ghost won’t let owners turn off […]
  • A UFO or UAP as they are now becoming more commonly called has been caught on camera flying out from the sea and into the sky during a fighter jet display at the Miami Air and Sea show. The video was shared on TikTok and went viral prompting many other videos to appear showing the … The post A UFO flying out of the sea […]
  • The offers for the haunted house came from around the world, from secretive buyers desiring to shield their intentions, and others who would pay any price to tear out “the evil” inside its nearly 300-year-old walls. Out of all of those seeking to buy the farmhouse that inspired “The Conjuring” movie, homeowners Cory and Jennifer … The post Rhode Island’s Conjuring house has sold for […]
  • If you are looking for something new to read then check out this book from author Lee Brickley, Skinwalkers: Real encounters with shapeshifters, UFOs and interdimensional beings. Skinwalkers have existed within Native American culture for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the phenomena has gained in popularity around the world thanks … The post Skinwalkers by Lee Brickley appeared first on […]
  • Top Pentagon officials told a House panel on Tuesday that there are now close to 400 reports from military personnel of possible encounters with UFOs — a significant increase from the 144 tracked in a major report released last year by the U.S. intelligence community. A Navy official also said at Tuesday’s hearing that investigators are “reasonably … The post The Pentagon have received almost 400 UFO […]
  • Horror fans shrieked with delight when Spyglass Media Group and Paramount greenlit the sixth installment of Scream a few months ago. And while we’ve known that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett along with writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick will be coming back after directing and penning (respectively) the fifth Scream movie, we’ve only … The post Scream 6 Movie News appeared first on […]

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