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“The fate of the paranormal is to become the normal as our horizons of understanding expand.”

~ Michael Shermer

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  • A former NASA consultant claims he saw staff from the US space agency editing “UFOs” out of images of the Moon before they were released to the public, reports Dr Ken Johnston Sr was a consultant employed by Brown & Root in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, of the NASA Johnson Center in 1971. He […]
  • In an interview for a renowned Spanish magazine, a man of law from the US spills the beans about a Martian intraterrestrial society of advanced being and other secret governmental projects. While for some of us it’s undeniable that extraterrestrial beings exist somewhere in the cosmos, there are others who claim these beings are already […]
  • A wild camper was shocked to catch the ‘ Loch Ness Monster ’ on his 4k drone footage, reports Richard Mavor couldn’t believe the video he had taken after eagle eyed viewers spotted a mysterious creature in the water. The 54-year-old pilot was filming footage for his Youtube channel, Richard Outdoors, when he accidentally […]
  • Where does the soul go after death? Several scientists have said that death is not the end and that people have a soul that leaves the body after death. British physicist Sir Roger Penrose believes that consciousness is a package of information that is stored at the quantum level. He claims to have found evidence […]
  • Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence? Paper published in the eminent Soviet Journal ‘SPUTNIK’ by Russian scientists Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, 1970s Although people long ago began to wonder whether the “canals” on Mars were the creation of cosmic engineers, for some odd reason it has not occurred to look with the […]
  • You prefer to stay up late, your house is a mess and you swear like a sailor. All your life you have been told that these are bad habits, however new studies are showing they are signs of your high intelligence! Staying up late It has long been believed that the most successful people are […]
  • As explained by Tesla himself, the Earth is “…like a charged metal ball moving through space”, which creates the enormous, rapidly varying electrostatic forces which diminish in intensity with the square of the distance from Earth, just like gravity. Since the direction of propagation radiates from the earth, the so-called force of gravity is toward […]
  • Humanity has been sought after our entire existence due to a little thing called human DNA. Our DNA has been damaged and we have been dumbed down to the point that we’ve never known how incredible we really are. Our DNA is being activated meaning, those two biological strands of DNA (in 1st photo) are […]
  • Do covert space programs utilising extra-terrestrial technology exist? Are we being subjected to a massive psychological operation? The following examines alleged cover-ups on a huge scale, two vastly different interpretations of unusual aerial phenomena – UFOs – connected to ‘secret space programs’. The so-called facts of these cover-ups are hard to fathom but if true […]
  • On August 28, 2021, during an international air show in Thamesford, Ontario, Canada, a fast UFO flew past the Blue Angels and now on September 19, 2021, a similar incident occurred when the Red Arrows performed an air show in Chorley, England. As with the UFO in Canada, this UFO in England also has no […]
  • “The lava flow has already buried over 350 buildings and submerged more than .64 square miles of land. … The 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius) hot lava is expected to reach the Atlantic Ocean on September 23, 2021.” — Volcanic Ash Advisory Center, Toulouse, France “Now the most amazing thing, which I’ve never experienced […]
  • “F-14 pilots were not used to any other craft outrunning them, let alone (a UFO) moving at what appeared to be light speed.” — Former 1970s U. S. Navy Commander, USS Enterprise (CVN-65)   Click here to subscribe and get instant access to read this report. Click here to check your existing subscription status. Existing […]
  • “We’re dealing with some sort of unknown phenomena.” — Police investigators, Clarksville Police Department, Clarksville, Tennessee — September 5, 2021, ABC news affiliate headline, Clarksville, Tennessee     September 5, 2021  Clarksville, Tennessee  –  Clarksville, Tennessee, residents throughout most of Montgomery County from Sango to Old Russellville Pike to Woodlawn Drive called the 911 […]
  •   “On August 14th 2021, the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office in Oregon confirmed that a bull owned by Michiel Brown of Greenbar Ranch, had been killed and mutilated on his private property. The mutilation occurred on the night of August 11 to 12, 2021.” —  Wheeler County Sheriff's Office press release, Fossil, Oregon, August 18, […]
  •       August 18, 2021  Catania, Sicily –  Mount Etna in Sicily has erupted in its southeastern crater at least 50 times since February 16, 2021, and has grown to 11,013 feet (3,357 meters) above sea level. That is its greatest volcanic height in recorded history, according to the National Institute for Geophysics and […]
  •   The Honorable Paul Hellyer Canada’s 16th Minister of National Defence 1963-1967 Born August 6, 1923  —  Died August 8, 2021 Paul Hellyer was the 16th Minister of National Defence from April 22, 1963, to September 18, 1967. Originally from Waterford, Ontario, Paul was first elected to Parliament in 1949. He was only 26 years […]
  • “It’s been a severe and dangerous summer, some of the heatwaves have been devastatingly hot. … I don’t think anyone anticipated temperatures would be so hot right now. I don’t think we could have expected so many heatwaves in the same general region in one summer. These sort of events are completely unprecedented. You expect […]
  • “This study is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It took scientists hundreds of years to measure Earth’s core. Then after the Apollo missions, it took them 40 years to measure the Moon’s core. Now InSight took just two years to measure Mars’ core.” —  Simon Stähler, lead author of the core paper, Swiss research university ETH Zurich, […]
  • “The COVID Delta variant is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of and that I have seen in my 20-year career.” — Rochelle Walensky, M. D., CDC Director, Atlanta, Georgia July 23, 2021 Atlanta, Georgia –  CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, M. D., yesterday told reporters at a  news briefing about the COVID-19 […]
  • “I have lived in Zhengzhou all my life and have never seen such a heavy rainstorm as today, July 20, 2021…” where passengers were trapped in waist-high water.” — Wang Guirong, restaurant manager in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China “I am scared that it seems to be happening so quickly. There have been seriously record-breaking events […]


  • Good buddy and prolific podcaster/writer Micah Hanks joins to talk about what UFOs actually are, his thoughts on the government and the phenomena plus much more on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast! You can find Micah’s articles at and […]
  • He’s investigated haunted locations across the US, Rich Newman talks to us about his travels, his philosophy on the paranormal, and his new book! You can find it at Amazon: Passport to the Paranormal: Your Guide to Haunted Spots in America […]
  • Do we live many lives, not just one? Podcaster Simon Bown has dedicated a big part of his life investigating this mystery. He is the host of The Past Lives Podcast which you can find HERE. Thanks for a great discussion, […]
  • Hollywood movies are chock full of occult symbolism says our guest Robert W. Sullivan IV. We talk about The Lego Movie, Twin Peaks, and more! You can find all of his Cinema Symbolism books HERE at Amazon! Thanks Robert! -PARABOX- ParaBox […]
  • Black Eyed Kids are the subject of today’s podcast. In this special to The Paranormal Podcast feed for this week ONLY we are replacing our usual show with the first episode of our new podcast, Unpleasant Dreams. The Paranormal Podcast will be back […]
  • Kat and Dan Eckhart are seance hosts, mediums and occultists. We talk to them about their fascinating world of metaphysical journeys.  You can find their website at Thanks Dan and Kat! -MADE IN- Made In produces professional-quality cookware and knives for […]
  • Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess from the smash hit podcast Astonishing Legends join Jim to discuss ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and more! RAYCON- Raycon earbuds are my wireless earbuds of choice! Great sound at a great price! Raycon’s offering 15% off all […]
  • Psychic medium Kristin Lee joins us to talk about the terrifying Bellaire House and its EXTREME haunting! You can find her new book on the subject at Amazon: Paranormal Confessions: True Stories of Hauntings, Possession, and Horror from the Bellaire House Thanks […]
  • Stories of divine intervention highlight this episode of The Paranormal Podcast. Longtime broadcaster and successful podcaster Trapper Jack joins us to share these inspirational stories. FOLLOW THE PARANORMAL PODCAST ON APPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcasts! You can find Trapper’s […]
  • Dave Schrader of The Holzer Files and Darkness Radio joins us for a wide ranging discussion of ghosts, UFO and a discussion on what is reality anyway? What a fun conversation! FOLLOW THE PARANORMAL PODCAST ON APPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS or wherever you get […]
  • A most haunted house plus much more spooky situations on this edition of Campfire! Enjoy! -SHUDDER- You need to get Shudder, a fantastic video streaming service! Get started streaming […]
  • A man has a ghastly experience that would make anyone swear off of sleeping on the couch plus much more strangeness on this edition of Campfire! –NATIVE– Don’t stink! […]
  • A woman sees a terrifying vision and you won’t believe what happens next! This and more on this week’s Campfire! –HelloFresh– Jim Harold’s Campfire is brought to you by […]
  • A phone call that what not what it seemed, premonitions of death and much more on this all-new Campfire! -EARNEST- It’s time to break out of the student debt […]
  • Imagine seeing a shadow person while you’re in the shower. Yikes! Our caller didn’t have to imagine. Also, we get an all-new report of a saloon that is a […]
  • A young child keeps seeing a mysterious man with green eyes, a young man has an encounter that sounds like a Twilight Zone episode…this and much more on a […]
  • Black Eyed Kids are the entities with solid black eyeballs that are reported to demand that people let them in their home and cars. When they are let in? […]
  • A haunted flat in the UK, a young boy says “Hi” to a man who isn’t there or is he? This and much more strangeness on this edition of […]
  • Strange synchronicities, doppelgängers and glitches highlight this edition of the Campfire! FOLLOW JIM HAROLD’S CAMPFIRE ON APPLE PODCASTS – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcasts! -PolicyGenius- Policygenius makes it easy to […]
  • UFOs are the topic on today’s Campfire. We’ve compiled a treasure trove of classic UFO stories from our Campfire callers over the years. Enjoy! FOLLOW JIM HAROLD’S CAMPFIRE ON APPLE […]

Paranormal weirdness

  • A hiker / camper was in the Olympic National Forest, deep into a hike when he encountered what seemed to be a unusual man crouching in the dark tree line. Was it a feral human?I recently came across this older account:"I was hiking in the Olympic National Forest a few years ago, by myself and […]
  • An archery hunter, along with his brother, were in the Ozarks in Newton County, Arkansas waiting in their stands for the sun to rise. Then suddenly, unexplained continuous 'screams' emanate all around them.I recently received the following account:"I have been an archery hunter for 20+ years. We usually go into the woods a couple of […]
  • An experiencer relates late night encounters with sharp-tooth grinning entities that cause paralysis and trepidation. Are these beings dangerous? What are they?I recently received the following account:"I've been reading your blog since 2005. I have been a ufology / paranormal researcher and gnostic since the late 90s. I never thought I would become a victim/witness. […]
  • A couple and their dog are in the Lime Creek Canyon in Colorado when they run into trouble while hiking. They then encounter a 'man' who kills their dog while they are asleep. Bizarre story!I recently came across this disturbing account:"This may be very disturbing to some of you. I could never tell this story […]
  • The Patapsco River Valley in central Maryland has seen a lot of history and high strangeness over the centuries. I have included just a few descriptions of known events, as well as links to personal encounters. The general region remains one of the most haunted in the United States, (ex. Ellicott City & Baltimore):On Wednesday, […]
  • A teen, along with his father and uncle, are spending time hunting and fishing in the Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana, when they encounter the infamous monster that is said to inhabit the swamp.I recently came across the following account:"My uncle Bobby spent all his time in the Honey Island Swamp, as so my father, […]
  • An increasing acceptance of UFO discussion in academic, scientific, and particularly engineering circles comes out in Christopher Plain's extensive article about the initial "Alternative Propulsion Energy Conference" held virtually on November 10, 2020, and attended by some NASA and DARPA people. Plain makes clear the origins and purposes of the now-regular gatherings, and how UFOs have achieved an increased emphasis in this cutting-edge activity. Matt Dupuy's US Congress Ponders Setting Up Permanent UFO Investigation Office compares the House and […]
  • The era of Big Brother surveillance which plagues our planet is not without some useful outcomes. Thanks to the Loch Ness live cam, this year's sightings are now up to twenty-one, thanks also to a watcher in Shandong, China. Nessie has definitely gone global. And to emphasize that point, "an intrepid Aussie cryptozoologist" sent Glasgow Boy (i.e. Roland Watson who is interviewed here on the The Mysteries of Loch Ness) information on A Poacher's Frightening Encounter at the Loch […]
  • Stories of individual contacts with the UFO subject feature this review of Jimmy Carter's famous sighting. There's some information here we'd not known, but the House Armed Services Committee did have a one-day hearing on UFOs, though not the extensive examination Ford had wanted (see Unidentified Flying Objects). Then Sammy Hagar Tells His Alien Abduction Story from not long before Ford became involved with UFOs. Hagar's tales just might make one want a drink. Bryce Zabel sets the record […]
  • Jocelyne LeBlanc leads off with this absolutely bonkers tale of a UFO that rained liquid upon some prisoners in Dorset. In this case, a "rash judgement" for cause seems possibly justified. Brent Swancer contributes The Weird Case of Dr. Reed, a Strange Encounter, and His Screaming Alien Body. Points for and against this surpassingly weird story of a captured ET are offered, and Brent lets the reader decide. Paul Seaburn may give the reader too much to ponder in […]
  • A photographer snapping pictures for a realtor in Tennessee recently was surprised to discover a white garbed figure in the background of one of his photos. As the area formerly served as a field hospital in the American Civil War, it makes sense, as these things go, that a long-deceased nurse or nun might still be around waiting to assist with the next round of casualties. This next Ghostly Photo Captured at Ireland’s Haunted Moore Hall doesn't have as […]
  • The X Files creator Chris Carter sits down with Toby Ball to discuss how the series started, how it developed, and its hold upon audiences. Toby Ball is an excellent interviewer, asking good questions and letting his guest form full answers before moving on. Carter dwells upon the dichotomy between FBI agent "Believer" Fox Mulder and "Skeptic" Dana Scully, and this fundamental juxtaposition and contest is noted in Ball's next interview with David Halperin. Halperin unrolls his nuanced Jungian […]
  • This stunning suggestion at least quadruples the antiquity of human art, and removes that laurel from "Homo sapiens." That's at least the contention of a group of scholars publishing their findings in Science Direct. Ashley Cowie has the story about two unnamed Denisovan kids who may have been responsible for this groundbreaking discovery. Cowie colleague Nathan Falde reports another surprise as Giant Camel Sculptures in Saudi Desert Found to be Incredibly Ancient. New analysis shows that these reliefs, only […]
  • In an article "being republished due to reader interest," David Axe imagines an Independence Day scenario and what the two most-likely-involved superpowers would do about it. This, now, in the shadows of Alleged Tic Tac UFOs Recorded Near Space Force Base. Jason Suraci's been photographing odd stuff doing exactly what Axe predicted ETs might do, and for their own reasons. Such alien frolics themselves would be A Plausible Reason Why UFO Disclosure Won't Happen, and why Paul Seaburn was […]
  • The strange doesn't necessarily require cryptids or the paranormal. Simply finding something well out of its usual environment can be enough to leave us scratching our heads. This first example is from 2013 and involves a couple of college kids on a long road trip late at night, and a very large stag sauntering onto a dark highway. No collision thankfully, although the incident leaves the impression of something unnatural/otherworldly in the exhausted, road weary eyes of the witnesses. […]
  • Impressed by the testimony of military, police, and Other People Of Importance, Daniel Lavelle attempts an even-handed treatment of the UFO/Alien Close Encounter scenario in particular. Lavelle of course has the Expert Opinions and makes one or two unfortunate characterizations of those who consider seriously the possibility of ET visitation. But in sum maybe some of us more common folks are having more than sleep-deprived, drug-aided hallucinatory, or mentally wrought experiences. One who works with such people is the […]
  • If you are looking for something new to read, something weird and terrifying, then check out this new book from author Lee Brickley. Ghosts of Cannock Chase: Terrifying reports of paranormal activity from the UK’s most haunted town. The book is out now just in time for the Halloween season. Cannock Chase is home to … The post Ghosts of Cannock Chase appeared first on […]
  • Zak Bagans and his crew return to Goldfield, Nevada, in ‘Ghost Adventures: Goldfield Hotel,’ streaming Oct. 1 on discovery+. The two-hour special will show the GAC’s final attempt to unmask a vengeful presence that only grows stronger and more menacing by the day. Bagans teases in the trailer, ‘This hotel scares the hell out of … The post Ghost Adventures return to the Goldfield Hotel […]
  • There is a a new scary looking alien abduction horror game called “They are Here: Alien Abduction Horror” due for release in early 2022 and you can try the free-to-play demo right now over on Steam. The game is a first person horror story which follows a journalist who witnessed an alien abduction at the … The post They Are Here. An alien abduction horror […]
  • If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to then I would recommend checking out Homespun Haints. Homespun Haints is a podcast that celebrates the oral tradition of storytelling as an art form – with ghosts. Co-hosted by Becky Kilimnik and Diana Doty. In each episode they interview a different guest who has … The post Homespun Haints – A podcast of real […]
  • A retired United States Intelligence official has conducted a news conference in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washing D.C. to say that she has met aliens at a secret base in the United States. Angelia Lynn Schultz explained that she had been in contact with aliens at their base in the Mojave Desert. She … The post An Intelligence Official says she met with […]
  • In an exclusive interview with ZWT Jameson a witness has exposed a potential First Contact event linked to NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity. Anna, an archivist who worked on various dig sites in the North Peten region of Guatemala, spoke under the condition of anonymity and claims that she and her colleague, an archaeologist known only … The post Hacked NASA Mars rover beamed alien signal […]
  • Sorry that it’s been well over a month since I last posted. I felt like I just needed to step back from a lot of things lately and just to reset. I think your mind needs that once in a while, but I’m back and I have a good few emails to catch up on, … The post Bright Green UFO spotted by passengers and […]
  • The filmmaker who leaked footage of UFOs swarming a Navy battleship off the coast of California in 2019 has released a pixelated clip of three mysterious lit-up objects flying above the USS Omaha. The footage, posted by Jeremy Corbell Tuesday evening, was purportedly filmed by military intelligence officials in a restricted warning area off the coast of San … The post New leaked video of UFO’s buzzing a […]
  • Earlier this year, an American Airlines pilot encountered a UFO whilst flying from Cincinnati to Phoenix. This incident took place in the skies of Albuquerque which is known as something of a UFO hot spot. The audio was recorded as he gave feedback to Albuquerque air traffic control roughly halfway through the flight. Here, he … The post American Airlines pilot records audio footage of […]
  • If you’re clued up on your ufology then you will be well aware of the tales of Skinwalker Ranch. In short, it is a paranormal hotbed based in Utah and has had a grisly reputation dating back to tribal Indian times. These days, it is perhaps best known for the History Channel’s TV show, ‘The … The post What is the Skinwalker Ranch? appeared first […]