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“Recognizing the connection to All Things, even in creepy moments, keeps me true to my animistic perspective. Finding growth from them is my choice.”

― S. Kelley Harrell, Real Wyrd : A Modern Shaman’s Roots in the Middle World

The News For Today:

  • If we trip across life that’s not of this world, do we blast it or befriend it? What impact would it have on our society? This was the topic of a two-day symposium held at the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress this month. Several dozen researchers — astronomers, philosophers, theologians, biologists, […]
  • American billionaire Robert Bigelow, who is also involved in UFO research, is willing to pay about $ 1 million to anyone who can find evidence of life after death, reports “Daily Star”. Robert Bigelow founded the Institute for Consciousness Research (BICS) in June 2020 to support research aimed at finding out what happens after a […]
  • The most popular theory about Nessie is considered to be the version with the ancient aquatic plesiosaur, and the theory of a huge eel is most often mentioned among modern ones. But biologist Henry Bauer has his own point of view. Retired chemistry and biology professor Henry Bauer claims that after years of researching the […]
  • On January 16, 2004 at 3:15 A.M. Leonardo Samaniego, a police officer from Guadalupe, N.L. Mexico was attacked by a mysterious flying humanoid. Officer Samaniego had been making his usual patrol in his patrol car around Colonia Valles de la Salla when some large black object appeared to leap from a tree next to the […]
  • A resident of the Bronx (New York) on January 16, 2021 saw three UFOs above the houses in his area, moving synchronously in the form of a huge triangle. The brightly shining points were very clearly visible in the night sky. The man managed to capture a triangle slowly floating in the sky on video […]
  • Phantom black dogs are well known in ghost lore all over the world. They lope about lonely country roads, along seashores, in graveyards, and in remote forested areas and fields. In some areas it’s bad luck to see one; they are omens of misfortune and even death. Black dogs are huge—bigger than even the largest […]
  • The terrible legend of the atrocities that the conquistadors committed in Mexico on the orders of Hernan Cortez found archaeological confirmation – scientists discovered the remains of women and children from a city allied with the Aztecs, who were killed by the conquistadors, who thus decided to avenge the murder of their comrades. The report […]
  • Early in the morning, at 06:30, anomalous magnetic field behavior was recorded over Norway – pulsations that occurred for two hours every 2.14 minutes. The phenomenon occurs a maximum of several times a year. The pulsations were recorded by various magnetometers, for example, from Abisko and Kiruna. They are located in the same area of […]
  • A strange creature resembling a Bigfoot scared the inhabitants of the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is reported by the Canadian newspaper The Star. On the evening of December 25, 2020, four friends driving along the highway near the city of Silverton noticed a huge figure on the side of the road. According to […]
  • The renowned theoretical physicist and professor at the City College of New York Michio Kaku believes that although our planet is not so close to the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, we can become a victim of any other massive space object that turns out to be nearby and captures […]

Paranormal Podcast’s

  • The Minister's Alien Abduction
    by Rev. Michael Carter
    Tonight, my special guest is Rev. Michael Carter here to share with us his alien abductions that have continued for years.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on Twitter @mysteriousradioFollow us on Pinterest us on Facebook […]
  • The Truth About UFO's & The White House
    by Bill Birnes
    My special guest tonight is the UFO Hunter Bill Birnes here to discuss what U.S. Presidents really know about the White House.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on Twitter @mysteriousradioFollow us on Pinterest us on […]
  • Wondery Presents: The Apology Line
    by Wondery
    If you could call a number and say you’re sorry, and no one would know…what would you apologize for? For fifteen years, you could call a number in Manhattan and do just that. This is the story of the line, and the man at the other end who became consumed by his own creation. He […]
  • When The Darkness Follows
    by Shane Sirois
    My special guest tonight is Shane Sirois who is a paranormal investigator and says that he has a 100% success rate of removing entities from homes. Visit his websiteWanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Like us on Facebook us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow […]
  • Ghosts of Bloody Battlefields
    by Mark Nesbitt
    My special guest tonight is author and researcher Mark Nesbitt here to discuss his book about civil war soldiers that remained on the battle field after their deaths. Get his book.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Like us on Facebook us […]
  • The Alien Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill
    by Kathleen Marden
    Tonight, my special guest is Kathleen Marden here to share the alien abduction event that made her aunt and uncle Betty & Barney Hill world famous.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on Twitter @mysteriousradioFollow us on […]
  • The Bell Witch – Part 2
    by Pat Fitzhugh
    Part two of my interview with  special guest tonight is author and researcher Pat Fitzhugh here to talk about the infamous true haunting of The Bell Witch. Get his book.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on […]
  • The Bell Witch – Part 1
    by Pat Fitzburg
    Part one of my interview with author and researcher Pat Fitzhugh here to discuss his book about the infamous Bell Witch.  Get his book.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on Twitter @mysteriousradioFollow us on Pinterest […]
  • True Crime Chronicles – Baby Farmers & More
    by Mike Rothmiller
    My special guest tonight is author Mike Rothmiller returning to discuss his book called True Crime Chronicles.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on Twitter @mysteriousradioFollow us on Pinterest us on Facebook our website: https://www.mysteriousradio.comTRUE […]
  • Channeling The Life of Jesus
    by Barry Strohm
    My special guest tonight is author Barry Strohm who's here to discuss how he says he was able to channel the what Jesus and other disciples did in their lifetime.Wanna listen to the shows without the ads? Become a 'Mysterious Radio Truther' to enjoy every podcast "AD-FREE" right now!Follow us on Instagram @mysteriousradioFollow us on […]

Paranormal weirdness

  • 3 separate Bigfoot encounter accounts in Colorado, Texas and British Columbia. The scenarios include wood knocking, strange howling and predation.These accounts were recently posted on various social media sites:"I've lived around the Rocky Mountains all my life. I have also done a lot of camping. I’ve always been into Bigfoot shows and heard the stories, […]
  • After 30 years, a Wisconsin man now believes that he actually experienced an alien Grey encounter and possibly an abduction while on a hunting trip with his father."This incident happened in October 1988 and I am beginning to recall what happens in recent years. I once thought that it was a vivid dream, but now […]
  • The following account was sent to me by an associate who was once a MUFON FI. They had been a part of this investigation, but no conclusion was ever reported. I may contact the experiencer at some point. Very bizarre encounter."I was up on the roof of the hotel watching the 2015 eclipse of the […]
  • An Elk Grove, California painter heard sonic booms from above, then eventually encounters a 'reptile-human' entity in the bushes. They later investigate the sewer and come face-to-face with the creature.The following information was recently forwarded to me:"I had been in empty field in Elk Grove, California getting some painting done. It was in October 2015 […]
  • A witness in Rock Creek, Ohio encounters a tall glowing white humanoid one day in 2011, which they believe may have been a alien being.The following account was recently posted on social media:"Back in 2011, a group of friends and me were hanging out on my family friend's property in Rock Creek, Ohio. I just […]
  • A Kentucky resident is driving late at night when they observe a huge translucent manta ray shaped entity flying above them.Burnside, Kentucky – 11/22/2014:My daughter called me around 1:20 AM to inform me that she was in the ER with a kidney stone. She requested that I come to the hospital to take her home […]
  • Everyone remembers the bright spots on Ceres, the detection of phosphines in Venus, martian microbes in ALH84001, and the sheer strangeness of 'Oumuamua. Or at least we remember the excitement and three-ring circuses surrounding those announcements. Where are these discoveries now? Mostly forgotten with a shrug, and Dan Falk has a few things to say about publish-or-perish can work against the noble causes utilizing science when major discoveries wind up being glitches or merely hype. Rather than ruin your […]
  • We agree with Paul Seaburn that it takes a retail magnate with designs to build a spaceport to do something completely unexpected, reintroduce the Eurasian lynx to the British Isles. There's plenty to digest on the rationalization to bring back wild moggies after a 1300 year absence, and its impact on the environment and cryptozoology. Meanwhile, Down-Under, it seems to Tim Binnall that a Black Panther Photographed In Australia may be the real deal. See the photo for yourself […]
  • Back in 2014, cryptozoologists John Carlson and Adam Davies joined Dr. Matthew Johnson atop a forest ridge deep in the wilderness of southern Oregon to interact with a group of Sasquatches that "Dr J" alleges to have habituated to human visitors over decades. The terrible tale of what followed over the course of the next few nights among the moonlit trees would become a controversial touchstone of the ongoing debate in Bigfoot circles: flesh and blood primates, or other-dimensional […]
  • We're constantly reminded that the "UFO Phenomenon" is largely the story of human reactions to a stimulus, whatever that source may be. Dr. Michael Grosso, author of the recent book Smile of the Universe: Miracles in an Age of Disbelief (Anomalist Books), argues that "As our minds change so does our world." He then offers some new "points that for me represent new ways of looking at the world"–examples of "high strangeness." David Halperin premieres an upcoming academic publication […]
  • An essay contest has been announced by the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS). Prizes for the winners total $1 million, and all you have to do is prove the existence of life after death. Sounds like a big deal, but we can't figure out how an essay could possibly add to the already existing library of books on the topic. But Robert Bigelow is a man whose life has been marked by the tragic loss of family members, […]
  • Curt Collins here describes two important sources of UFO report history and their backgrounds. Not only that; Curt also embeds the recordings themselves. The author of the J. Allen Hynek biography The Close Encounters Man compliments Curt and figures in Bill Chalker's UFO Witness: Jennie Zeidman, Mark O'Connell, CUFOS & the Legacy of Allen Hynek. Chalker covers the new discovery+ television effort, reproduces the series promo of its Season One episodes, and, having seen the first two installments, calls […]
  • Three Bigfoot reports today, all from Lon Strickler. First up is a typical family drive made far less than typical as a family notices two young bears and an adult bear just off the highway. A few seconds later they realize they aren't looking at bears but at bipedal hairy hominids. They kept driving and stayed out of trouble, unlike this next story where Hiker Experiences Rock-Throwing & Wood Knocks in New River Gorge, WV. And follows the rock […]
  • "Roswell" has an amazing capacity to generate completely alternate explanations. Author of one of those "other Roswells" himself, Nick Redfern describes additional "maybes." Two of these are detailed in works published by Anomalist Books: Mac Tonnies' The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us, and Nick's own Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife. Nick follows with The Rendlesham Forest "UFO": A Handful of Theories, showing that "The British […]
  • Every few minutes, the powerful Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii takes a dazzling picture of the entire Andromeda Galaxy so astronomers and physicists the world over can analyze it for unidentified and theoretical objects. The Primordial Black Hole, or "PBH," is a bubbling blossom of a baby universe (rather than a conventional collapsed star) forged in the ultra dense heat of the Big Bang. A new study of light signatures in the telescope data suggests PBHs […]
  • Gene Steinberg and Randall Murphy welcome UFOs Northwest Administrator William Puckett to discuss Matters Past and Current both in the overall ufological world and in cases his website features. Puckett has unique information on Roswell and several rather spectacular recent reports, if a few possess some "problems." Note especially the Audio Recordings section on the UFOs Northwest website. Also intriguing is the January 7th Video of Glowing Object behind Outer Banks Lighthouse Sparks UFO Debate. What was it? Mark […]
  • Recently I was given the opportunity to read a new paranormal horror book by author Bryan Hutchinson call The Wee-Jees The story is a true account of Bryan’s paranormal experiences from the time he lived in Germany as a child during the late 1970’s. The story is told the through eyes of a young Bryan … The post The Wee-Jees – a true horrifying tale […]
  • You most likely have already heard or read about this story recently but I though I would still share. The former head of Israel’s space security program has made an astonishing claim about the existence of aliens. According to Professor Haim Eshed, extra-terrestrial intelligence very much exists but only the United States and Israel have … The post Former Israeli space security chief says aliens […]
  • A Paranormal investigator believes to have caught evidence of ghostly activity at a Dorset church. Jeff Higgins, 52, part of New Forest Paranormal Investigators, was visiting Knowlton Church in Cranborne on Saturday November 21 when he and his son Stephen caught what they believe to be a ghost on camera at around 10.30pm. They were using a … The post Ghost hunter believes he caught a ghost […]
  • A man who has spent years researching close encounters has claimed he saw singer Robbie Williams aboard a spaceship after being abducted by aliens near Bradford, UK. UFO investigator Russ Kellett, 57, claims he caught a glimpse of the former Take That star after being taken aboard an alien craft while riding his motorbike in … The post A man said he saw Robbie Williams […]
  • Are you on a spiritual path? Are you fascinated by questions of consciousness, the afterlife, UFOs, ghosts, meditation, alternative medicine, paranormal, and mysterious insights? Do you wish there was just one place where you could find the kind of films, television series, lectures, conferences, interviews, and documentaries that focus on the unseen world? Path 11 … The post Path 11 TV – A new TV […]
  • Ghost hunters believe they may have captured the spirit of a cutlery merchant's wife who is thought to have hanged herself over 130 years ago. The Retford ghost hunters were left stunned when they noticed the ghostly apparition by the graves at Sheffield General Cemetery. The "floating lady in white" was captured by a viewer as … The post Ghost hunters capture the spirit of a […]
  • UK Haunted are live with the 'Worlds Largest Live Streamed Séance'. Streaming live on Really TV Facebook Join Eammon Vann-Harris, Alex Duggan and Miki York from UK Haunted from a secret location and help try to set a new Guinness World Record and speak to the dead while doing so. #WorldsLargestSeance   The post Watch Live – The Worlds Largest Séance appeared first on Paranormal […]
  • Happy Halloween!. If you are looking for some live Halloween video streams to keep you in a spooky mood then check out the streams below. There may not be many this year due to Covid restriction but hopefully there will be some we can watch. If you are streaming live this Halloween and would like … The post Live Halloween night video streams appeared first […]
  • This Halloween is going to be a little bit different for most of the world due to Covid-19. No gatherings, no fancy dress parties, no trick or treating, it looks like we will be spending this Halloween in our own homes. So if we are going to be stuck indoors this Halloween night I though … The post What to watch this Halloween night appeared […]
  • Halloween is almost upon us and this Halloween weekend Really Channel are teaming up with British paranormal team 'UK Haunted' in an attempt to set a paranormal Guinness World Record. The World's Largest Live Séance will be taking place on November 1st from a secret location. The séance will be led by Eammon Vann-Harris, Alex … The post UK Haunted to host the World’s Largest […]