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“The fate of the paranormal is to become the normal as our horizons of understanding expand.”

~ Michael Shermer

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  • Earth is some kind of experimental nature reserve or farm owned by aliens who control the development of mankind, says a controversial theory that has a surprisingly large following. So who are the real masters of the Earth? And what are their plans for Homo sapiens? Charles H. Fort (1874-1932) – American writer and journalist, […]
  • A mystery object has crashed into the moon creating two large craters. NASA astronomers are baffled, they don’t know where the object came from and why the impact was spread over two distinct areas, reports NASA and The astronomers discovered a rocket(?) body heading toward a lunar collision late last year. The impact occurred […]
  • Experts have long speculated about the true nature and whereabouts of the Loch Ness monster, and now one of them has stated that the legendary beast can live in a parallel universe, reports Since its first sighting in Scotland in May 1933, when the Inverness Courier newspaper reported that locals saw “a huge animal […]
  • Al Worden was an American astronaut and engineer who was the Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 15 lunar mission in 1971. He is one of only 24 people to have flown to the Moon. The former Apollo 15 member said that not only were aliens real, but they had come to Earth in the […]
  • Mobile phones are our lifeline in today’s world and we cannot live without them. And there is nothing more frustrating when the battery runs out at the most inopportune moment. But how long does a cell phone battery last? Battery life is affected by many factors such as usage, weather, charge cycles, etc. For example, […]
  • When Akbar (only his name is known) was 37 years old, he quarreled with a friend. The man could not endure the insults inflicted on him, so he later broke into the offender’s house and committed a brutal murder. This crime is one of those punishable by death in Iran. For reference, the death penalty […]
  • The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) telescope has given astrophysicists a new way of looking at the universe, and quite accurately. According to scientists, the universe is flat. A telescope in New Mexico has mapped 1.2 million galaxies in the universe, pinpointing their locations to within one percent. This map is a tiny piece of […]
  • This mysterious object was spotted during one of astronomer Ruben Ariza livestreams from his home in Armenia in Quindío, Colombia on May 8, 2022. In the footage, we see the UFO fly into view, leaving Ruben absolutely delighted with the sighting. When a UFO passes by the moon, it appears to cast a shadow on […]
  • An event known as the Great Dying unfolded across the planet over 250 million years ago. Scientists have found that the mass extinction was caused by extreme, rapid global warming. This catastrophic event killed over 80 percent of marine species, as well as 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrates and the vast majority of insect species […]
  • A dark triangle craft was seen a few days ago near the ocean area of Fort Myers, Florida. The area is right along side the Gulf of Mexico where many UFOs have been seen over the past few decades, reports UFO researcher Scott C. Waring. “The water is dark and deep, perfect for aliens to […]


  • Christine Schiefer and Em Schultz from the smash hit podcast And That’s Why We Drink join us to talk all about haunted and spooky sites across the USA! That’s the subject of their New York Times Best Seller which you can […]
  • Elton Castee and Corey Scherer are hugely popular YouTube superstars who take viewers along on their wild paranormal investigations. The talk about how they got started, why they love the paranormal and what adventures are coming up. Elton and Corey are […]
  • The old hag? Shadow People? What explains these and other strange entities? G. Michael Vasey joins us to talk about his concept of “Liminal People” which, in part, explains them. We talk all about these weird beings this edition of The […]
  • UFO expert, author, TV personality and podcast Ryan Sprague joins us to discuss the recent UFO Congressional Hearings and more! You can find Ryan’s podcast and other info at Thanks Ryan! -EVERLYWELL- (THE PARANORMAL PODCAST SPONSORSHIP) Everlywell at-home lab tests […]
  • Barry Fitzgerald has delved deep into the world of the paranormal for decades. He warns that we may all be the subject of a colossal deception and shares that warning on The Paranormal Podcast. You can find his recent book on […]
  • Can humans be married to other worldly spirits and have intimate relationships with them? Our guest, Dr. Megan Rose, says the answer is yes! We explore the subject on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast! You can find Dr. Rose’s book […]
  • We talk aliens, history and the paranormal on this week’s Paranormal Podcast. Journalist Melissa Tittl talks to us about the upcoming Alien Endgame documentary streaming this Friday, May 20th on Discovery+ Diane Student and Kelly Rang join us to discuss their […]
  • Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., joins us to talk to us about his amazing experiences while researching the UFO phenomena and how many others in the military experienced strange encounters that seem to be inexplicable by conventional means. You can find the […]
  • Minnesota is home to ghosts, monsters, UFOs and much more weird stuff. Chad Lewis joins us to talk about weirdness in The Land of 10,000 lakes…and there are water creatures too! You can find Chad’s recent book on the subject at […]
  • Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess of Astonishing Legends join me for a wide ranging conversation. We talk about Charles Fort, remote viewing, the reality or non reality of Bigfoot, In Search Of, The Night Stalker…and that’s just a sample. Check it […]
  • The creepiest, strangest and best stories of 2022, so far, are the focus of this week’s Campfire! -EVERLYWELL-  Everlywell at-home lab tests give you physician-reviewed results and personalized insights […]
  • A nice ghost, a walk in the woods that turned weird, shadow people and more on this edition of Jim Harold’s Campfire! -STAMPS.COM- takes the pain out of […]
  • A young woman on holiday encounters something extremely weird, ghost hunting in Dublin and much more strangeness on this edition of Campfire! -CALM- We’re so happy to partner with […]
  • There are many hauntings on this episode of Campfire! -EARNEST- It’s time to break out of the student debt cycle. Earnest can help you by refinancing your student loan.Right […]
  • A caller who absolutely LOVES living in her haunted house. This and much more spooky stuff on this week’s Campfire! -NATIVE- This year up your personal hygiene routine with […]
  • Multiple hauntings, messages from beyond and much more on this edition of the Campfire! -RITUAL- Try Ritual’s new probiotic, Synbiotic+ Ritual is offering my listeners 10% off during your […]
  • A haunted radio, a haunted dorm and a haunted B&B highlight this latest episode of Jim Harold’s Campfire! -POLICYGENIUS- Policygenius makes it easy to get life insurance done (and […]
  • A strange visit at night, a story of missing time, a Ouija board story and much more on this new Campfire! -FRAMEBRIDGE- Framebridge makes it super easy and affordable […]
  • A listener is physically attacked by a haunt in her home. This and much more strangeness on this episode of Jim Harold’s Campfire! JIM’S SPRING BOOK GIVEAWAY & NEWSLETTERNever […]
  • A caller is visited by MULTIPLE shadow people, a paranormal investigator provokes and gets more than he bargained for, and much more on this edition of Campfire. JIM’S SPRING […]

Paranormal weirdness

  • A family in Portland, Oregon experienced a possible experimentation scenario at the same time. There is no explanation. Was this a military mind control & alien abduction incident?"Hi Lon. An incident took place on the night of April 15, 2013 and it has bothered my family and I since. We live in Portland, Oregon.That night, my […]
  • A report that describes encounters with black-eyed kids and other strange civilians while shopping in a local grocery store in Dulce, New Mexico. Very bizarre account!"My father and I were in Dulce, New Mexico one day. I've lived in New Mexico since 2000, but never been to this town, despite it having quite the history […]
  • An Alaska couple are walking across frozen Nancy Lake to their cabin when the come across enormous barefoot prints in the snow. They take photographs and recall their account.On Christmas morning in 2011, Dave and Elena Mabeus decided to head back to their cottage on Nancy Lake, Alaska. Nancy worked as a real estate agent […]
  • An Ojibwe man, living in Roseau River Indian Reserve, Manitoba, described a strange incident involving a missing autistic boy from May 2021. He believes the boy was in the presence of Bigfoot:“Last year, in May 2021 on the evening of the 14th, around supper time, a little boy, my distant cousin's eight-year-old boy, who's also autistic, […]
  • A 68-year-old retired real estate professional, named JR, recalled insectoid experiences that occurred when he was a young boy while living in northwest Louisiana. An implant was recovered.“When I was eight-years-old, I had a bad case of the measles, so my mother quarantined me in a small bedroom in the center of the house. It […]
  • A strange video, captured by a Canadian man, seems to show a pair of unknown beings stalking a deer in a forest. Some of the comments suggest that these could have been Bigfoot. The scenario was captured in early 2022 by Terence Leano, who was performing a live demonstration of his throat singing technique for […]
  • A elderly Minnesota man recalls his childhood encounter with a humanoid 'octopus' while at his favorite fishing spot. The entity would 'mind speak' with the witness, possibly continuing to the present.The following account was forwarded to me:"I've never told anyone this about this incident, not even to my wife of fifty years. I grew up […]
  • A young Alabama man had a harrowing encounter with a massive Bigfoot while hiking back to is truck after a day of fishing. The creature became agitated, warning the witness with a loud aggressive growl.The following account was forwarded to me:"I’ve never told anyone about a sighting I had when I was 18-years-old (about 5-years-old). […]
  • The Dogman / upright canine cryptids have been reported throughout North America. But many interesting sightings come from two states in the US Upper Midwest – Michigan and Wisconsin. Most of us are familiar with 'Beast of Bray Road' phenomenon that has captivated investigators and researchers for decades. And despite the fact that the infamous […]
  • A group of friends are walking their dog in a large wooded area in north Wales. They eventually approach a boy with a large dog. When he faces them, he is pale, has no mouth, and black eyes.The following account was recently forwarded to me:“Where I live, in north Wales, there is a expansive woods […]
  • Our Stamp of Approval goes to John Rimmer's review of Luis R. Gonzalez' An Alien in My Mailbox, a book about postage stamps with UFO and sci-fi themes. Rimmer calls it a "beautifully produced" volume. As to what's "New" in numismatics, Alice Gibbs says a Michigan Man Discovers 'Extraterrestrial' Coin in Roll of Quarters. This article also highlights a fascinating but little-known part of American history in "hobo nickels." UFOs and popular music could constitute its own field of […]
  • The ever-cryptic Susan Gough has responded to John Greenwald's attempts to tease away details about Dr. Travis Taylor's employment with the (still running, apparently) Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. Perhaps wisely, John presents his questions and their answers verbatim. John may have some slight clarification on another mystery in his DoD/IG Emails on Luis Elizondo — A Small Puzzle Piece Revealed. Bottom line: the Inspector General "evaluation" about "the DoD's Actions Regarding the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" does not appear […]
  • The question is: how "recent"? The scientists speculate that part of the Martian surface were covered with water up until approximately 3 billion years ago. Okay, but what about the evidence of water in the Martian atmosphere today? We have evidence of it in the form of noctilucent clouds in the Martian atmosphere. Earth has them, too. Noctilucent clouds are produced by water vapor in the mesosphere. But no one has offered a plausible transport mechanism to get that […]
  • Various world locations tout their UFO history. Here Japan's International UFO Institute Director Takeharu Mikami makes a bold "pre-revelation announcement." On the other hand (and other side of the world), in England there's The 'Sleepy' Derbyshire Village Which is a UFO Hotspot. Joseph Ash says "Hollywood and NASA know about the quiet community" of Bonsall, remarking its "weird affiliation with UFOs." On a more personal level, an Alien Hunter Living in 'UFO Hotspot' Releases Strange Video of 'Flying Dolphin'. […]
  • The author of Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation has a new presentation about those geometric flying puzzles. Center for UFO Studies Board Member David Marler's recent acquisition of the CUFOS case files has added scores of new, "older" triangles sightings to his datasets. They confirm the patterns and characteristics he noted of these UFOs in his 2013 book. The perception that the "takeoff" of equilateral, isosceles, boomerang, and other triangular-shaped stuff only happened in the late 1970s […]
  • We've long maintained that some of the most unsupernatural events are among the weirdest things we've ever encountered. Case in point: The rain of fish in Texarcana last year. Perhaps you remember that scientists blamed the phenomenon on a waterspout sucking up fish and depositing them on land. Further research indicates it's far more likely that a flock of cormorants disgorged a recent meal of fresh fish while in flight—perhaps after being startled by something similar to UAPs? UFOs? […]
  • Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell tries to "ratchet up" discussion with new information from anonymous sources. Corbell seems pivoting away from that "otherwordly" term in Josh Boswell and Chris Sharps' title, but emphasizing mundane threats makes sense. It's hard to sort out reported performance characteristics and locations of the suspected Bass Strait "Marine Mothership" from specific ship/UFO encounters, and it remains to be seen how Corbell's claims will be viewed. But if sailors' and others' allegations here are accurate, there's still […]
  • John Greenewald points out how the NRO's second negative response to FOIA requests "adds even more evidence to the reality of immense secrecy concealing UFO information from the general public." The UFO Chronicles cites one institution that at least promises more transparency, as NASA Announces Their UFO/UAP Investigation Will Focus on 8 Questions. Here's a copy of the guidelines for the supposed "preliminary sources study." Another government branch has dribbled out material, as the Navy Releases Videos of Mysterious […]
  • Our brains are an endless source of mystery, more so perhaps than any haunted forest or spook infested mansion.  For those of us who went to school in the era before learning disabilities were identified, the news that dyslexia brings its own set of gifts is vindication that (most of us) were not lazy daydreamers. We were evolutionary superheroes with special powers. In other brainy news, Eye Movements Could Be The Missing Link in Our Understanding of Memory. Apparently […]
  • Our Kevin "Randlefest" starts with Kevin interviewing arch-skeptic and Skeptic Magazine founder Michael Shermer. It's interesting to hear Shermer in action; he even offers/threatens to make Kevin an honorary member of the Skeptics Society! Kevin also interviews Michael Schratt about his book Dark Files: A Pictorial History of Lost, Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters. It's a gorgeously-illustrated compendium of 61 worthwhile cases, and Kevin and Schratt cover several of them. Other recent Kevin offerings include Editorial Comment and Recent […]
  • From ‘last orders’ to ‘last rites’, there’s been some spooky goings-on behind the bar at The Old Ferry Boat Inn in St Ives, England. It’s all reportedly the work of a teen girl who died more than 900 years ago. The ghost of a heartbroken young woman won’t let the owners of one country pub turn off … The post Pub ghost won’t let owners turn off […]
  • A UFO or UAP as they are now becoming more commonly called has been caught on camera flying out from the sea and into the sky during a fighter jet display at the Miami Air and Sea show. The video was shared on TikTok and went viral prompting many other videos to appear showing the … The post A UFO flying out of the sea […]
  • The offers for the haunted house came from around the world, from secretive buyers desiring to shield their intentions, and others who would pay any price to tear out “the evil” inside its nearly 300-year-old walls. Out of all of those seeking to buy the farmhouse that inspired “The Conjuring” movie, homeowners Cory and Jennifer … The post Rhode Island’s Conjuring house has sold for […]
  • If you are looking for something new to read then check out this book from author Lee Brickley, Skinwalkers: Real encounters with shapeshifters, UFOs and interdimensional beings. Skinwalkers have existed within Native American culture for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the phenomena has gained in popularity around the world thanks … The post Skinwalkers by Lee Brickley appeared first on […]
  • Top Pentagon officials told a House panel on Tuesday that there are now close to 400 reports from military personnel of possible encounters with UFOs — a significant increase from the 144 tracked in a major report released last year by the U.S. intelligence community. A Navy official also said at Tuesday’s hearing that investigators are “reasonably … The post The Pentagon have received almost 400 UFO […]
  • Horror fans shrieked with delight when Spyglass Media Group and Paramount greenlit the sixth installment of Scream a few months ago. And while we’ve known that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett along with writers James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick will be coming back after directing and penning (respectively) the fifth Scream movie, we’ve only … The post Scream 6 Movie News appeared first on […]
  • A self-proclaimed UFO expert has claimed to have found a ‘tomb entrance’ on the surface of Mars, which he believes is similar to the ones we have seen in Egypt, here on Earth. Scott C. Waring made these extraordinary claims after spotting an entrance like structure on the Martian surface. “Mars has so much proof of … The post A UFO hunter has found a Tomb […]
  • If you’re a fan of the Final Destination movies series, buckle up. Another installment of the series is heading to the HBO Max streaming services soon. Final Destination was good even when it got bad. The series which revolved around the inevitability of death’s design were constantly fun outings. Each installment gave us really fun … The post Final Destination 6 appeared first on Paranormal […]
  • Supernatural investigators who visited a psychiatric hospital described as a “vision of hell” claim to have captured a spooky image of a ghost peering out a window. Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSI) recently visited Our Lady’s Psychiatric Hospital in Ennis, Ireland, home to thousands of patients between its opening in 1868 and closure in 2002. The psychiatric hospital … The post Ghost of a child is spotted at […]
  • The Hunters Anthology is a five episode supernatural mystery/thriller that has recently been launched on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV. The first episode opens with a mysterious guy dressed like a cowboy walking along the streets of New York in a somewhat Clint Eastwood-esque way. He makes his way to the subway and onto the … The post The Hunters Anthology Review appeared first on […]

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