Dimension Shifts?

By Charles M.

So this is my story. I don’t know whether not this counts as paranormal, but it was October 28, 2011 in Baker City, Oregon. I was watching a football game at the school. I spaced out for a bit, and then a few minutes later I realized nothing felt right. I felt like I was there at the game… but in another dimension. All the people that I know where there, but they just looked different. A few minutes later, everything was back to normal.

This happens frequently at the football games at that stadium. It makes me wonder if there’s a portal to a another dimension there. The experiences varies: some of them are good, but it happens at the most random times. One moment I’m sitting next to someone and the next moment they’re still there but their clothes are totally different.

I can’t explain it. This has been happening frequently during football games in that stadium. Can someone tell me if I really do travel to another dimension that is like ours but not ours — a duplicate of our dimension, I guess what I would say.

One thought on “Dimension Shifts?

  1. Fanny 08/25/2014 / 8:35 AM

    I’ve heard that the din of a football or music stadium can trigger a kind of euphoria that is a bit like being on drugs. In some people, I think this effect might not be so pleasant. It could be that the situation just triggers some chemical reaction that doesn’t agree with you, and it translates into a kind of short-lived ‘bad trip’.

    What you describe sounds a bit like dissociation, too, which all people experience at some point. it’s triggered by stressful moments. Do you tend to be quite an introverted person? Possibly you just need to externalize your feelings more, and you won’t have these side effects from extreme situations.

    the only time I’ve ever experienced what you describe is when I was on Salvia divinorum so that’s why I tend to go for the explanation that this is being caused by brain chemistry, not time slips or dimensional shifts.


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