Creatures that have little or no explination

Another subject that fascinates me is cryptids…creatures or animals that are not categorized in any conventional manner. Amongst many, many of the cryptids that have been showing up all over the web and in regular news print less than recently is the subject of the Mothman. As fantastical as the Mothman may sound, one of my personal theorys is that just maybe this creature is a true alien type beaing that had either found its way here via some type of transportation (a UFO) or perhaps it had been brought here accidently by some type of rip in the fabric of the space/time continuum. Yes, I know how borderline crazy that sounds, but just maybe there is some truth to it.

All of those bizarre stories that were told about over the last 120 some odd years about people just vanishing in thin air, some right in front of other peoples faces, others where the footprints were found and those footprints just stop in the middle of nothing. Now given the fact that our universe is larger than one can perceive, and knowing that the proven fact is that we’re one amongst millions and millions of other galaxies…how could it be that we are the only inhabited planet in this vast universe? Not a chance I say! I say that on pure faith alone. So yes, the Mothman could be some kind of alien semi-sentient beaing that found its way here by accident or by purpose. A brief explanation of the Mothman is as follows…

In “1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, after a large number of UFO sightings, this mysterious creature was sighted.  The creature is described as 5 to 7 ft tall, gray in color, winged and headless, glowing red eyes on it’s torso.  The creature was seen flying across the sky at speeds estimated at 100 mph.  As it flies by it emits a high pitch shrieking sound.  The deaths of small animals and pets have been attributed to this creature.”

Being winged, it perhaps suggests it had came from an environment that might be anything from jungle type to maybe traditional forest setting where the winged attribute is needed for various functions as well as being an evolutionary attribute. The headless comment suggests that due to this perhaps evolutionary aspect, this more compact body type was/is needed to almost streamline its efficiency in hunting. No extra mass means better response times, or just that its particular species developed that way. The glowing red eyes almost certainly suggests an low light type of setting or nocturnal in nature. As for the high rates of speed…as with birds, the hollow bones for having efficient flight capabilities sounds fitting here. The more interesting part of this as people have witnessed this creature as having done, was to emit a high pitched shrieking sound. A form of radar, as bats do to locate their prey etc.?

The last confirmed sighting was back in 1966, and since not much of any credible reports were made about any other sightings after that year, it appears that the Mothman had just disappeared from the face of the planet. Hm, maybe the mothership picked the Mothman up from a picnic trip here to Earth? lol. No one knows.  Seriously though, perhaps this creature had died due to not having an environment to live in that was compatible? Maybe it was captured by some private collector and kept a secret? There’s no one good answer so far. But the whole idea of some exotic , other-wordly creature is fascinating. If this creature was really some semi-sentiant creature from another planet/dimension so on and so forth, than the first witnesses had truly been the first to have contact with a real alien life form and prove that what others like Micheo Kaku, physicist, who claim that life is indeed teeming throughout our universe, were right all along.

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