New look and more to come!

Yes, for some time I let this site go down. No updates, stories and all. I have a renewed interest in the Paranormal. Particularly with Cryptids. Cryptids have been my point of focus for some time now. It started in 2002 when at my old home that was located on a road with a lot of forest area, I had heard the howl/screech of what I believe was a Sasquatch then followed by two gun shots. Was it being hunted, did it invade a local persons home or?

I will be revamping pages as the days go by. I still work a regular job, so my time is spent wisely. If you any suggestions etc., contact me at: Please do share your thoughts and more. Thank you all!

A shout out

My apologies for the lack of updates. Working and juggling life takes a lot out of a person! A shout out to Eric from Camden, NY. Eric is also a “Paranormalite” and a very intelligent person whom I had the time to meet due to the nature of my job and discuss things of a paranormal nature and get to share views etc., with in many other things.

To Eric and everyone who lands here at The Paranormal Effect, your experiences with the paranormal can be posted right here in the true stories section, so send them on in.

More updates are on the way, so stay tuned!


Share your paranormal experiance here at TPE!

Have you had an experience recently or in the past? Your accounts are wanted here at The Paranormal Effect. Ghosts, UFO’s, cryptids…whatever you have experienced, your account is welcome! None of your info will be shared for any other reasons. Please click over to the report an experience page and within 24 hours your experience will be posted.

Thank you!

Hello to all! It’s the year 2012, the dreaded (or not) year that is supposedly to be our final year on Earth and the ushering in of a new era of reality, destruction or perhaps just a calender that was misinterpreted?

Personally, my views and beliefs are that we as a culture are prone to expecting the worst perhaps all or in partly due to the corporate media news always exposing the worst that goes on in our society…crime, extortion etc., etc.

Now, as far as what’s new…much has changed in the last four months alone. Personal as well as publicly…hence with the lack of any actual updates. But all that has formally changed and a renewed dedication has been brought back to this site. There will be a few very welcome additions that will be added to this site…a guest blogger (I won’t spoil the surprise just yet!) with some very well researched, exciting information on a topic that many of us in the paranormal world will welcome.

Now is a great time to add The Paranormal Effect to your bookmarks if you haven’t already done so! 2012 May be a year of destruction for some, but this year is the start of something new and captivating here at TPE.

A belated happy new years to everyone!

-Admin of The Paranormal Effect

What have you seen in the sky lately?

With the increase in UFO sightings lately, it’s a good bet someone, somewhere reading this blog has seen something in the skies and have a story to tell about it. Your sightings are wanted for the true stories section of this site! No names need to be involved, just your true stories about what you had seen. Guest authors are wanted as well. Have something to share and want to share it on a weekly basis? Then email me at: and let me know what you want to share, and I’ll set you up as a guest author here at The Paranormal Effect.

Whether your interest/passions are about the metaphysical realm, UFO/Alien life, Cryptids and so on…email me and you can contribute as a guest author here at The Paranormal Effect.

The passing of knowledge

A close friend and god-father to my wife had passed away today. A man who had invested many years of his life to the pursuit of knowledge of the human mind. He had been a psychologist, addictions specialist etc., and a person who had researched and studied major religions and the relations to our past and present. A man who had a great deal of knowledge of the paranormal and much more.

I had planned on doing an interview with him on his past experiences (and there were many!) and posting a podcast of that interview  here at the site. I will regret not doing that a lot sooner than this. So much experience and knowledge will never be shared now.

Here’s in memory to a good friend, a loved family member and a person who now is able to gain answers to so many questions, gain truths about many mysteries as he has now transitioned from our mortal life, into true immortality.

In memory of

John Crosby


May your journey be forever filled with answers & truths to the greatest questions we have dared to ask.

More updates to come

As you noticed, there haven’t been many updates recently. Life has been keeping me pretty busy, but I’m now able to set aside some free time for new updates to this site.

Thanks for your patience!

If you have any stories about UFO sightings, encounters, cryptid sightings etc., to share, send ’em in and your submissions will be posted as soon as possible.

A new direction of travel

Hello all. As you’ve noticed, this blog has not had any updatates in awhile. This blog was intended to document our personal experiences we had with our former “haunted” house. It’s now been one year and one month since leaving, and one hell of a hard struggle to get back to a near normal life!

I want to focus on a personal favorite from now on….Cryptozoology. Of course, I will add in UFO’s and ghosts from time to time, but Cryptids have always been my main passion.

If ANY one has a real life Cryptid experience to share, comment here and I will post it! Bare with me for a whole new direction of travel…it’ll be worth it!

Thanks to all 🙂

New life, new start

We arrived down south late Sunday after a very exhausting drive down to our new home. We’ve left behind all of the problems we had been going through and are concentrating on a fresh start.

We drove pretty much 11 hours streight and it was a punishing drive! I’m personally wore out beyond belief right now.

I’ll be working on some new updates and posts just as soon as we’ve had a chance to get a little more settled in. A shout to a buddy of mine, Jay F. We’ll catch up on old times soon enough. Stay strong!

Stay tuned all, new stuff is on its way.

To my readers: About our move & updates

ImportantHi everybody, as you all most likely know from reading through the personal posts about our “haunted house” situation here, we (my wife and I) are moving out of state and back down south where it’s not only warmer, but the economy is stronger as well.

We are leaving the morning of the 7th of this month (Feb.), on a Saturday. Which means our trip will be lasting for at least 2 days and some odd hours in which there will be no updates except for the various news feeds, to this blog for a good week or less. We’ll be unloading for at least a day and settling in.

There won’t be any of this, “months on end” no updates stuff, I’ll be back to posting by or around the day of the 14th of this month or hopefully before…depending on how things go move-wise.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience. This blog has become pretty important to me and my wife because it has allowed us to have an outlet to share all the paranormal related incidences that have happened to us…we NEVER asked for all these problems and huge amount of stresses. This whole situation has caused us to lose a large amount of money (due to the legal problems involved in this and so on.), many, many sleepless nights, stress and just an over all crappy way of life to be lived because of all this. BUT, throughout all this, both my wife and I have become and more educated in and about a face of reality that many really don’t get to be apart of or experience.

I’ll be updating and posting for a short amount of time today (Feb. 6) up to the point where I have to tear down and pack away the computer equipment.

A new look for a new year

Nope, it’s not flashy and dazzling. It’s not loaded down with all the latest flash media goodies. Since this past year of ’08 has been a living hell of a nightmare for my wife and I, it’s time to get going in a fresh direction for the new year.

I do want to however start adding in your real life paranormal experiences. So please feel free to start sending in your experiences by clicking on the link found below in the menu section.

Thanks again and I apologise for the lack of ANY updates for so long.

A long time between updates!

There’s one sure thing in life that can always be depended upon…change. And that is exactly what has been going on in our lives, change! Which is why there have been no recent updates as of yet. That will be changing soon enough though. There simply has been too much going on in life to afford the simple luxury of time right now.

I did however manage to add a new link to the Para Link area. A site called Spirit Paths. Go and check out this site, well worth the time to do so.

Updates and articles will resume soon enough. Thanks for stopping by!

What to do next?

This post isn’t paranormal related, well maybe it might be because of all the unussual problems associated with it. I have been trying to sell a house and land that was left to me by a family member passing away. I have been through four lawyers who have just up and excused themselves from this case. Two family members whom were appointed executors of this case are now being uncooperative. My wife and I are are now having a very hard time because of this situation.

What would you, the reader, if you’ve experianced anything simular to this, do about this situation?

I am now in contact with yet another lawyer who is very interested in this case and is asking all the right questions. I suspect there is a sum of money in the inheratence that was never disclosed to me, but should have been by law, and just maybe a family member knows this and is trying to stall this case to get to it.

What do you think? Any input to this would be valued!