Woman’s Nightmare Leads to Discovery of Secret Door to a Haunted Hotel | Mysterious Universe

A woman had a nightmare about a secret door hidden behind a mirror in her Waxahachie, Texas, salon and it actually came true. The woman’s daughter, named Miranda, posted videos on TikTok that showed the mirror being removed and tearing a hole in the wall, revealing the hidden door. They also discovered that a room… Read more »

Source: Woman’s Nightmare Leads to Discovery of Secret Door to a Haunted Hotel | Mysterious Universe

Mississippi Family Plagued by ‘Haunted’ Baby Carriage | Coast to Coast AM

A family in Mississippi claims that their home was been plagued with unsettling paranormal activity ever since they received a vintage baby carriage, which they now think is haunted, for Christmas. According to a local media report, the eerie antique was a gift that Whitney Merritt’s daughter had gotten this past holiday season. Shortly after the carriage was brought into their home, however, weird events began to take place, beginning with an inexplicable knocking sound which occurred over the course of a few days and soon turned into a series of booming thuds heard a few nights later.

Source: Mississippi Family Plagued by ‘Haunted’ Baby Carriage | Coast to Coast AM

Watch: Ghost Filmed at Abandoned Asylum? | Coast to Coast AM

A paranormal investigator exploring an abandoned asylum in Wales believes that she filmed a brief glimpse of a ghost during her investigation. The potential spirit encounter was reportedly captured by Kayleigh Love as she was visiting the Mid Wales Hospital in the community of Talgarth back in September, but only decided to share the footage late last month. Although she and a fellow ghost hunter did not notice anything out of the ordinary as they were walking through the building, a subsequent examination of their footage from the investigation yielded a chilling detail…

Source: Watch: Ghost Filmed at Abandoned Asylum? | Coast to Coast AM

The Ghostly White Lady of Stow Lake – Stranger Dimensions

“Park Ghost Holds Up Automobile Party,” read the headline. The story that followed recounted a peculiar incident in which a group of visitors driving through Golden Gate Park encountered a glowing spirit wearing a “luminous white robe.”According to their account, one of the passengers noticed the strange sight first: a tall, ethereal woman standing in the middle of the road, barefoot and holding out her arms toward the automobile…

Source: The Ghostly White Lady of Stow Lake – Stranger Dimensions

Story Of Haunted Teddy Bear ‘Mr. Ted’ Finds New Life On TikTok

The story of Mr. Ted, the haunted teddy bear that once sent a TV producer to the hospital, recently went viral thanks to a popular TikTok video.Canadian YouTuber Jessii Vee shared a snippet of the strange tale on TikTok last week, and since then the haunted bear has wound up pulling in 3.3 million likes and at least 58,000 comments…

Source: Story Of Haunted Teddy Bear ‘Mr. Ted’ Finds New Life On TikTok

Horrifying ‘ghost’ in hospital gown claimed to have been captured on camera at creepy old Welsh asylum – Wales Online

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder – a woman claims she has captured a creepy paranormal figure at an abandoned hospital.Kayleigh Love, from Swansea, filmed the footage during a walk-through of a former mental asylum in south Wales around two months ago….

Source: Horrifying ‘ghost’ in hospital gown claimed to have been captured on camera at creepy old Welsh asylum – Wales Online

The Dormant Horrors of Beach Army Hospital

Those in the paranormal community are a thorough bunch. They leave no stone unturned, no forest unsearched, and no dark corner of any state unexplored. They’ve outed every ghost, documented every haunt, explored every rumor and shrapnel of mythical lore, and yet, here I find myself, alone in the damp and crumbling halls of a building for which no record exists and no investigator has ever truly set foot in. Here, on the periphery of the Mineral Wells city limits, abandoned in the barren fields of this dreary town; I am alone in the Beach Army Hospital…

Source: The Dormant Horrors of Beach Army Hospital

Hauntings, demons, ghosts & more!

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Attacks from the paranormal side

Have you ever encountered an attack from an entity that was nearly pure hatred and evil? My venture into the paranormal started that way when I was 11 years old, by an entity that did try and attack me in the house I grew up in. Since that event, it has led me down the road to paranormal research and more. This episode is all about that…attacks from entities of an evil nature.

Paranormal Survivor Encounter With Creatures From Hell

Haunted Paranormal Videos

NY State ghost hunting organization

For the serious ghost hunters among us, here is a well recommended organization to check out: Shadow Chasers

The Shadow Chasers Paranormal Investigations & Research Organization were founded at the University of Potsdam in 2002 as a study in anthrolpological field research. As a result, the team are CITI certified social sciences researchers following the professional protocols of in-field psychology and anthropology researchers.