‘Miracle’ Blood of St. Januarius Fails to Liquefy — Is 2020 About to Get Even Worse? | Mysterious Universe

When looking for predictions on what to expect next year, some people turn to the writings of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga. Others turn to economists or Magic 8-Balls (same thing?). In Naples, Italy, many rely on St. Januarius – or more specifically, his dried blood. Every year on December 16th, a local Catholic leader removes a tiny vial purported to be the blood of this 3rd century martyr from its protective chamber in the Royal Chapel of the Naples Cathedral … and, with the anxious throngs assembled in the church and more watching online and on closed-circuit TV, waits. If the blood liquefies, all is good until the first Sunday of May (this ’miracle’ is said to happen three times annually – also in September). And if it doesn’t? Legend has it previous failures to liquefy preceded 22 epidemics, 11 revolutions, three droughts, 14 archbishops’ deaths (within a 30-day period), nine dead popes (within a few weeks), four wars, 19 earthquakes, and three religious persecutions. Oh, and it also failed to liquefy on December 16, 2019. Did anything bad happen shortly after that?

Source: ‘Miracle’ Blood of St. Januarius Fails to Liquefy — Is 2020 About to Get Even Worse? | Mysterious Universe

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