Hauntings, demons, ghosts & more!

  • Practically from the moment that scientists began to look into psychic ability, the main questions were “What is the mechanism? How are they doing it?” Is it radio waves? What about Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves? Does Psychic Ability Use Radio Waves? Quite expectedly, people assumed that radio waves were responsible for psychic ability. They […]
  • Boyd, Minnesota Image: Google Maps There’s a remote and sleepy hollow cloaked in a dark past; a force drawing you back in time with an invitation to explore its eerie existence. The historic Boyd House once filled its walls with the sounds of children’s laughter is now filled with secrets. Imagine being transported back in […]
  • Time To Conjure Up Some Facts I decided to buy a book about Freemasonry after conflicting cyberspace claims caused me to ponder if they were good guys, bad guys or a strange brew of both. I settled for The Key to Solomon’s Key: Is This The Lost Symbol of Masonry? Second Edition, written by Lon […]
  • The exorcism of Janet Moses is another story where someone suffering from mental health issues suffered a so-called exorcism that caused their death. Unfortunately, this story is just as horrific as some others. It leaves many people wondering if a lack of access to mental health services is breeding more of these incidents across the […]
  • At Paranormal Daily News, we regularly provide you with the best haunted places. Those of you interested in the paranormal, and like to go ghost hunting from time to time, have an increased chance of seeing a ghost in one of these places. The most haunted place we are going to discuss today? Raynham Hall! […]
  • Even as a child, Dickens had a fascination with ghosts. His Nanny, Miss Mercy would tell him stories which fed his interest in otherworldly matters and indeed seemed to influence his thinking in adult life. Dickens appears to have considered greatly the importance in taking notice of the lives of those around us.
  • Rev Lyn Gibb de Swarte was involved in the last official Harry Houdini séance of the 20th century. It was filmed by an Italian production company but never ever aired.
  • With the sad decline in the standards of mediumship the most important aspect is how good is a development teacher. This all important aspect cannot be emphasised enough. Not all great mediums make good teachers. Not all good teachers are great mediums. It is not good enough to study aspects of mediumship, throw that together with a few years experience and decide that you are able to teach to a sufficient […]
  • Georgia’s rich history, beautiful landscape and inviting southern charm make it an excellent pick for anyone wanting to visit. And if you’re looking for historical haunted landmarks, you won’t be disappointed. From graveyards to museums and civil war battlefields, the local haunts around the state are plenty, some of which are hidden right in the […]
  • The United Kingdom is packed with ghost stories and haunted locations, but none has spoken to the imagination of the local population more, than 50 Berkley Square. In the late 19th century, the spot was named as the most haunted house in London. Since then, locals have only added to the legend. But what are […]

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