Hauntings, demons, ghosts & more!

  • Psychic healing is a tough subject to research, but some very interesting progress has been made along the way and it may eventually lead us to beating some forms of cancer.
  • An hour east of San Francisco, CA, sits the long-forgotten relics of five mining towns. Now a preserve, the entire 6,000 acres north of Mt. Diablo has many hauntings attached to it. The old towns of Nortonville, Somersville, Stewartsville, West Hartley and Judsonville sit sandwiched along the rolling hills, between the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta […]
  • Many people who have psychic experiences feel confused about what to do next. Here are four critical steps to take next.
  • Mediumship research is a less well known area of parapsychology. Yet it has produced one of the most innovative and well designed studies to be found anywhere. It didn't happen overnight. It was the evolution of a process that started in 1999.
  • When one lives esoterically from the impulses of the Soul, the occult will reveal itself in full.
  • Back in 2008 when I first began writing about psychic ability online, I encountered a lot of skepticism which led to arguments about the Million Dollar Challenge for psychics, created and managed by none other than the late stage magician and skeptic, James Randi. This challenge was certainly convincing to skeptics at the time, so […]
  • The fun just never stops in Parapsychology. This is the story of a significant experiment that got published in 2011 and the absolutely enormous tsunami of skeptical idiocy that followed. It was entirely predictable. Lies, distortions, character attacks and shady attempts to discredit research is just another Tuesday for this field of science. The Experiment […]
  • The division between possession, insanity and mental imbalance is a very thin veil.
  • Parapsychology, the science of psychic ability, has progressed over the years and a clearer picture of what it is, what makes a psychic, and how this fits into our universe has evolved.
  • This is the story of the the Ganzfeld; the flagship experiment of parapsychology. It has so thoroughly demonstrated the existence of telepathy that among researchers in the field, there no longer exists any doubt. Even hard core skeptics, -those few who have taken the time to actually understand the science- know this and one has even admitted it. It meets any sane standard of scientific evidence, and there’s the gotcha. The […]

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