A reader had pointed out something very important!

Comment from a reader:

Ok you need to stop fear mongering. Let the powers that be do that just dont buy into it.
Your right this is happening and the frequency is growing but putting a fear spin is completly missing the point of what is going down. we are being given an oportunity to go from a terrestrial species to a galactic species, if we can handle it.
Also the thing with art bell was a hoax google it if you dont believe me.

From the webmaster:

In response to the reader who suggested a taint of “fear spin” was added by me, in regards to certain UFO posts made here… no, I am NOT suggesting we all cower in fear at an impending “alien invasion” etc., I am simply pointing out the rising frequency of sightings worldwide leading to a possible landing/contact event.

You (reader) however are very correct in pointing out that we need to be prepared to become “galactic citizens” if need be!

So yes, I apologize for ANY misconceptions and DO advocate a willingness to accept a place amongst the stars, so to speak, with other sentient races out there.


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