UFO Flap in Kansas City, Missouri

An unusual amount of UFO activity in the Kansas City area in April and May, 2011, has prompted a serious investigation by the Missouri Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

MUFON Missouri Assistant State Director Margie Kay has received reports from multiple witnesses who saw UFOs, orange orbs, and an entity.

The following press release was issued by Missouri MUFON.

May 18, 2011 Kansas City, Missouri

A large number of calls were received at the MUFON office by Margie regarding orange orbs and a large silver UFO on the evening of May 14 and the early morning hours of May 15. The sightings occurred during a 9 1/2 hour period from 7 p.m. Saturday until 4 a.m. Sunday. Some of the reports were filed at mufon.com.

A 7-year-old was riding in a car with his mother on Highway 635 headed south in Kansas City North at 7 p.m. on May14. He told his mother that he saw a large, round orange colored UFO moving in the clouds. The mother is a UMKC University professor and a member of the Kansas City chapter of MUFON.

Orange balls of light were spotted East of I-435 southbound at Gregory Boulevard (Raytown) low in the tree line, going from north to south at 9:30 p.m. on May 14. Witnesses pulled over to the side of the highway to watch. The objects appeared to be shooting out of something at about 90 mph, then slowed to about 50 mph. All then rose into the clouds and disappeared. There were approximately 125 of these orbs appearing in a half-our period, according to a local insurance agent and a friend who witnessed the objects.  Another witness, who was called by one of the men watching the scene from I-435, claims to have photos taken from his house.

A woman saw a lighted craft just above the clouds on Saturday night, May 14 at approximately 10:32 PM over Independence, MO, South of 39th Street and Lee’s Summit Rd headed in a NW-SE direction. It was not defined and difficult to see – only the large bright circular white light was clearly visible.

A very large Grey metallic saucer-shaped craft with a dome and one large horizontal long light and two smaller lights on the side was sighted in Lee’s Summit, MO at 4:00 AM Sunday morning, May 15. Seven witnesses reported a similar craft. One witness to the event also reports seeing Apache helicopters, fully armed, circling Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs for 7 days before this sighting. None were in the area at the time of the sighting.

Additionally, several reports were received in the month of April, including a sighting by a retired Raytown, Missouri police officer who saw a 50-foot triangular craft hoovering over his back yard in the early morning hours, and a 4′ tall green color entity standing 50 feet away from him near a fence.  The witness had two hours of missing time.

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