Top UFO sightings for 2011

UFO sightings for 2011. There’s even more sightings taking place world-wide now. The evidence is here and it’s very clear folks…someone in our universe has taken interest in us and there’s really something going on here! We’re past the point of this just being a sighting seen by someone who had a few to many. It’s now gotten to the point that it’s simply to obvious to ignore!

Here’s just a few of many, many videos taken of these UFO’s as seen all over the world:

Your feedback is wanted! If you have any sightings or encounters to share, this is the place to do it!

This book titled, Ufo Sightings: The Evidence is one I highly recommend on this growing trend! Want more info on our galactic neighbors? Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups is another book that will definitely capture your attention and feed your hunger for conspiracy theory as well. We are most certainly NOT alone!

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