The passing of knowledge

A close friend and god-father to my wife had passed away today. A man who had invested many years of his life to the pursuit of knowledge of the human mind. He had been a psychologist, addictions specialist etc., and a person who had researched and studied major religions and the relations to our past and present. A man who had a great deal of knowledge of the paranormal and much more.

I had planned on doing an interview with him on his past experiences (and there were many!) and posting a podcast of that interview  here at the site. I will regret not doing that a lot sooner than this. So much experience and knowledge will never be shared now.

Here’s in memory to a good friend, a loved family member and a person who now is able to gain answers to so many questions, gain truths about many mysteries as he has now transitioned from our mortal life, into true immortality.

In memory of

John Crosby


May your journey be forever filled with answers & truths to the greatest questions we have dared to ask.

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