Mass UFO sightings

An event about to happen in our lifetime?

We are on the verge of an event (perhaps connected to 2012?) that will reshape our lives. Cause us all to rethink all that we have come to know. Question reality as we know it. But…can we really accept the reality of such a life changing event?

UFO sightings worldwide!

Here’s where your input is needed…If this event happens, and your view of the world as you know it is changed because of this event, are you truly willing to accept the truth? Feel free to comment on this, or head over to the forum and discuss it there!

One thought on “Mass UFO sightings

  1. Ben vis 07/08/2011 / 4:54 AM

    Ok you need to stop fear mongering. Let the powers that be do that just dont buy into it.
    Your right this is happening and the frequency is growing but putting a fear spin is completly missing the point of what is going down. we are being given an oportunity to go from a terrestrial species to a galactic species, if we can handle it.
    Also the thing with art bell was a hoax google it if you dont believe me.


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