Lair of the Beasts

Nick Redfern is a renowned author in the Cryptozoology field. Here’s a great article I just came across. Enjoy!


Lair of the Beasts: Manipulating the Monster

By Nick Redfern

Few people, whether they have a deep interest in the realm of Cryptozoology or not, will be unaware of the strange phenomenon known as the Chupacabra: a vampire-like entity rumored to roam the island of Puerto Rico since the 1990s. I have been to this mysterious and fascinating locale on a number of occasions, and have collected a large amount of reports, data, and sightings of the blood-thirsty beast in the process. But, is the Chupacabra a real beast at all? You may well wonder where I’m going with this, so, I’ll tell you!

Most fascinating of all to me was the theory of a man named Orlando Pla, my guide while on Puerto Rico in late 2005. Orlando told me of a theory that the Chupacabra was actually some form of “social experiment” created by the government to: (a) act as a convenient cover to hide dark and dubious things that the Army was secretly doing on the island; and (b) determine how rumors spread, and the way in which those same rumors could be controlled and manipulated for psychological-warfare purposes.

Read the whole article here

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