Demons, angels or something more?

There’s something more than just odd about these black-eyed people. Those who have encountered them sense an air of evil, of malevolence. Doubters say they are just posers with black-tinted contact lenses, but people who have met them face-to-face say that their strangeness goes much deeper. The feeling is of darkness, demonic… not human. Never let them in your house if they come knocking. Here are some true stories.

Below is a collection of links about these mysterious black eyed individuals.

Black-Eyed Man in Kansas Walmart

Here is yet another sighting of a black-eyed person in a Walmart; this one walked funny, too.

Black-Eyed Knocker

A creepy black-eyed woman asks to be let in.

Freaky Black-Eyed Man

Another black-eyed man seen in Wal-Mart.

The Marine and the Black-Eyed Kids

A marine’s instincts go on the alert in an encounter with black-eyed children.

Black-Eyed Man at Walmart

A creepy black-eyed man is spotted in line at Walmart.

Black-Eyed Businessman

After a woman pays for gas, she encounters a man in a business suit, but with no eyes!

Black-Eyed Couple

Two friends encounter a young couple that seem “zoned out” and with totally black eyes.

Black-Eyed Shopper

Another black-eyed person is spotted at Walmart, this one a young woman.

A grocery store employee is freaked out by a weird, black-eyed man.

Black-Eyed Man vs. Angel

Is there a war going on that we don’t know about? This takes place in Indianapolis.

Black-Eyed Man in Car

A girl, eating cookies in her car, is stared at by a strange man with eyes cold and black.

Black-Eyed Man in the Elevator

A banker encounters a man with pitch-black eyes who was going “nowhere.”

Black-Eyed Waitress

A customer is unnerved by a black-eyed waitress in a coffee shop.

Black-Eyed Woman

She was encountered in a woman’s restroom at a highway rest stop.

Black-Eyed Thing

KJ is confronted by a tall black-eyed thing in his own living room.

More Black-Eyed Kids

At 11 at night, two black-eyed children knock on Adele’s door and ask to come in.

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