2012: Ancient myth or a very real end of us all?

We’re so close, yet far away from what may be an end to all that we know. Do you truly believe that 2012 will be our last year of all that we have come to know on this planet, or the start of a very real and very new way of life?

Let’s face it…many of us have become very tired of the daily struggles of maintaining a life that is filled with imprisoned bonds to a society that cares for very few things: greed, wealth and power. We live in a world filled with darkness and yet so much beauty. A distant way of life long ago that had been filled with discovery seemingly exists no more. The “golden age” of mankind has passed. Strife, war and desolation of the human soul prevails over that now extinct era of discovery.

“Wow, this person sounds so depressed and gloomy!” you must be thinking. No, not really. I see so much beauty in the world, but at the same time, so much darkness. Simply the balance of existence from the very start of life itself.

So the question of the day is: Does 2012 herald the start of a very new way of life we all will have to learn to live by, or is this the actual extinction level event many scientist believe happens every 5,000 years or so?

Watch the video below & leave your thoughts about the 2012 event. If you truly believe the end is near…are you preparing to be a survivor or will you quietly sit along the sidelines and let it happen? As for me…I plan on being a survivor!

Dec 21, 2012 – End of the World?

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