Dimensional shifts and time doppelgangers

Have you ever had someone tell you that your twin was just seen uptown when you were downtown at the same time, and you don’t even have a twin? Eight years ago I made a trip down to the deep south of the United States to meet my then soon to be wife. I had never been to the deep south before (being a northerner, or a yankee as I was called there, and having no twin, the following is impossible…) and upon going to one of the local gas stations there, I was asked how I liked a certain shopping mall I had just been seen at shopping the week before. I had not been in that region the week before, I was still in the north preparing for my trip down south. This person (a total stranger to me) said that he spoke to me for about ten minutes or more and that it was good seeing me again! Again, I have no twin.

As in the true tales story from the paranormal.about.com site that you’re about to read, this also happened to me…an experiance with an time displaced/doppelganger time warp situation. The universe we live in is filled with so many things we simply do not understand, yet that is. Time displacement, time warps being only theory (so far anyhow), is one of them, and a personal favorite subject of mine.

On with the doppelganger story which originaly was posted at paranormal.about.com:

Doppelganger Time Warp
by Robert F.

I have a doppelganger / bilocation / time warp story for you — I swear this really happened to me. I do not really know what happened, but I do have a few theories…

In the late spring or early summer of 1992, my younger sister (who was 9) and I (11 years old) were living with our parents in a house in rural south-central Pennsylvania. She and I had just returned home from the store. It was the early afternoon on a Saturday, and the day was uncommonly misty and cool. I challenged my sister to a game of “hide-and-seek”. She agreed, as long as she could go back in the house at 2:00 p.m. to watch her favorite cartoon show on television. I looked at my watch; it was 12:30 p.m., so I figured we had plenty of time to play a few games.

She decided to hide first, so I went to the front door of our house and counted to ten. “Ready or not, here I come,” I shouted, and started around the front of the house toward the carport on the north side of the house. My parents had just bought a new refrigerator a couple days before, and had left the large box it came in out in the carport. I figured my sister would want to hide in there. I quickly rounded the corner to the carport, and looked at the box laying on the floor. I saw a shock of blonde hair enter the box from the open side, which was opposite me — the box even moved a little. I laughed, knowing that I had caught her so easily.

I ran over to the box and looked inside. The box was empty! Perplexed, I stood around for a minute, wondering how I could have missed her. Had she been there at all? I reasoned that I had just imagined seeing her and continued walking through the carport toward the backyard. I stood there scanning the spacious backyard for a few moments, thinking of where to look next. I returned my gaze to the middle of the yard, and saw my sister — plain as day — standing about 50 feet from me, smiling in her typical way. But there was something creepy about it. Then she waved at me! I thought that she had given up the game because she wanted to go in the house. Strangely, she was wearing a yellow T-shirt, different than what she had been wearing when we started playing.

Something was strange about her. Somehow, I was afraid to go tag her. I started walking out to talk to her. I must have looked down briefly, but when I looked up again, she was gone. The closest thing for her to hide behind would have been a couple of apple trees standing about another 50 feet behind her. I knew it was impossible for her to have run back there that fast.

I was amazed — and very scared. I got a chill. Something was not right. Was I seeing things? I literally stood there for a few minutes trying to make sense of it all. Twice she had been there, twice I was wrong. At this point I was feeling impatient to find her (and anxious, I imagine, to prove that I wasn’t losing my mind!) So I walked around to the south end of the house where a large maple tree stood. In our frequent “hide-and-seek” games, I would often hide up in the limbs of that tree, but either way, I was running out of places to look.

I walked around the corner and looked at the tree, then scanned the area around it. Looking back at the tree, I saw someone standing behind the tree trunk. Whoever it was wore a purple shirt, which stuck out the side from behind the tree. Taking care not to look away for one second, I fixed my gaze on the tree and ran at it. I went behind the tree, fully expecting to find her. She was not there. I looked frantically all around the area, even in some shrubs at the very edge of the yard to no avail.

At this point, I went back in the house to tell my mother that I couldn’t find my sister, and that I thought something strange was going on. And there, on the living room couch, sat my sister, wrapped in a shower robe with a towel around her head, casually watching TV. I gasped in disbelief and asked her where she had been. She said that she had been hiding in the box, but I never came by, so she went to the backyard and, not seeing me at all, she hid behind the maple tree for awhile. She told me that she must have waited an hour without seeing me, so she got tired and went inside, almost expecting to see ME inside as well. And that she had taken a shower before sitting down to watch her cartoon. It was already after 2:00 p.m.! I told my sister that I had seen her wearing different shirts that she indeed owned. She thought it was strange, since she had just been thinking earlier about what to wear when she got out of the shower.

I can only theorize about this experience, during which I seem to have had the power of psychic perception. I have a few theories:

  1. I somehow walked into a “time warp”, where I could see all my sister’s earlier movements, and that somehow she could not see me.
  2. I was witnessing her “doppelganger”.
  3. An entity that I would describe as a “spirit impersonator” appeared, just to taunt and confuse me.

I must mention that no tragedy had befallen my sister or myself around that time or later, so the apparitions did not serve as a harbinger of doom. Though my sister and I considered the possibility that the old house next door was haunted, we cannot be sure as the homeowners always denied that it was.

One evening, a month or two after the “doppelganger” experience, my sister and I thought we saw a small white, misty-looking face looking out from the attic window of that next-door house. On going home that night, I felt paranoid that the face’s entity followed me home.

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