Back to business

The hard part is now taken care of…paper work, lawyer meetings etc., and updates and postings will now resume. I do appriciate your patiance and understanding. Making a move from one end of the U.S. to the other, especially when you’re moving a housefull of furniture and all that can be time consumeing and frusterating when you’re dealing with a boat load of little things.

I’ll be posting new items, so once again, I apologise for the long time of no posts and updates.

Mike G

One thought on “Back to business

  1. rontowns25 08/15/2008 / 9:10 PM

    Thanks for the informative post. Something that may be of interest to you… neural science evangelist and entrepreneur John Assaraf from “The Secret” and author of “The Answer” is holding a free conference call August 20th about how to condition your mind to live a life of success, passion, and wealth. I’d highly suggest listening in. Go here for details and registration…

    John is also providing free chapter downloads from “The Answer” here…

    Thank you for the link and heads up on this site & conference call. This looks very interesting and just might be what the doctor ordered for a few situations going on in my personal life right now. Much appreciated!

    Mike G


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