When your home becomes a haven for spirits – part3

Amongst the more disturbing activities that have taken place at our home, one of them had taken place back in September of 2005 when two of our very healthy cats, both younger but still very healthy (checked out by the vet, given their shots, given nutritional food…not the low end junk on the market) and had no signs of infections, illness etc. The deaths were not back to back. One took place about the first week of Sept., the other in the third week. We always keep anything poisinous in cabinets out in the garage. So there had been no way those cats could have gotten into anything like that. Why does this seem so mysterious? Because those cats were checked out very closely and they should not have died like this. Later on, as in this year, my wife asked these entities via a digital recorder to capture a few EVPs if the spirits had anything to do with those cats dieing…the answer was yes.

We also have a small dog who refuses to stay in the cellar by himself. We don’t keep him down there of course, but whenever he goes down there, he simply refuses to stay there by himself. Now this is a dog that has chased a full grown german shepard down the road from our driveway…so he’s a brave little thing! This cellar is a prime spot where I have felt this “thing” standing next to me and then giving me this impression that I need to get out of that cellar right away (this happens randomly and not every time I go down there). It’s the one place where the more aggressive EVPs have been captured. My wife and I both have sensed anything from real fear being directed towards us, to feelings of despair and depression in this cellar. My wife has captured many unusual sounds on her digital recorder. Some of these sounds range from growling type sounds to walking (only once has that been captured) and sounds of a child giggling and saying that it liked to play down there. When asked if this child entity was the reason why our washing machine just died for no good reason…it said yes!

It’s normal for any cellar to be cool in the summer. There have been more than a few times when we have both felt colder than normal spots in this cellar. Cold spots that would slowly move from one end to the other. Now these same cold spots have also been felt out in the yard too. On warm summer nights out in the open where there’s no way for any tempature variations to set in because of being close to the woods and all. The EVPs are captured in conjunction with these cold spots, whether it’s outside or inside.

Focusing on the EVPs for a minute, these EVPs again are of a child and what sounds like 3 or 5 seperate adult voices. I’ll post some of these captured EVPs later on. Most every one of these EVPs have not been nice ones either. There have been more than a few times where these EVPs have been threatning. These threats haven’t been about any bodily harm, but as in claiming this entity will never leave and will continue to watch and will not allow us to ever banish this thing. So I guess we won’t be calling in the ghostbusters then huh? lol. When asking this thing its name, several have come up, among those names it has used legion. A demonic name signifieing there are many of its kind. Now maybe this entity is merely being playful or perhaps this entity is demonic in nature. Remember, this land we are on was the site of a lot of misery, bloodshed etc., because of the history of the settlers and Indians in this area. So that in itself lends to the reasons why there has been so much activity here.

Now as far as some of the other recent activity at this house…there have been many nights where my wife was in the back room useing the computer and she has felt something touching the back of her neck, touching her feet, her arm and shoulder. None of these incidents have been harmful, just noticable touching. She has witnissed itmes in that room move by themselves for a short period of time.

I’ll be wrapping this whole thing up in part 4, which is soon to come. So stay tuned!

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