Notable quotes

‘If we could take a material man and dissolve away his physical constituent without interfering with the sense-data by means of which we perceive him, we should be left with, exactly, an apparition.’

G.N.M. Tyrrell (Apparitions, 1953)

‘Everything that relates, whether closely or more distantly, to psychic phenomena and to the action of psychic forces in general, should be studied just like any other science. There is nothing miraculous or supernatural in them, nothing that should engender or keep alive superstition.’

Alexandra David-Neel (Magic and Mystery in Tibet, 1932)

‘Men are apt to reject reports of  very improbable occurrences. Persons of good judgment think it safer to distrust the alleged observer of such an event than to believe him. The result is that events which are merely very extraordinary acquire the reputation of never having occurred at all. Thus the highly improbable is made to appear impossible.’

G. Wald (Quoted in The Indefinite Boundary – Guy Lyon Playfair, 1976)

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